April 2020
Right from the Start is still HERE for you! Please reach out if you need help, have questions, need a referral or just need someone to listen. We are putting together weekly mental health resources that will be available starting next week.

We also have a NEW Website . This is full of information for children, families and community partners. We have some great resources, like this link. Please have a PEEK!

Some of the information you will find is:
One of our weekly activities is to take part in our Mental Health Bingo. Get a full blackout and enjoy doing something for your mental health. Have a challenge with your family, friends or coworkers.
Often when we talk about mental health we are talking about problems with mental health. That isn’t the full story. Mental health also includes the development of habits and practices that promote positive mental health.

Employing positive mental health strategies will not make us immune to down days, nor will it guarantee that we don’t experience mental health issues at some stage in our lives. However,it will make us more resilient and able to cope with the natural ups and downs of life.
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Right from the Start is a Mental Health Capacity Building Program. We are a team of Success Coaches at Banff Elementary School, Lawrence Grassi Middle School, Alpenglow School and Elizabeth Rummel School. We offer universal mental health education and support to all children, teachers and families. For more on our program and to see what we do visit our Website Information page or connect with us on Facebook , Instagram , or Twitter.

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For inquires contact Mary Weighell
RFTS Program Manager