April 2021

How FULL Is Your Stress Container?
We all have different sized “stress containers.” Sometimes we can handle life's challenges with resilience and compassion. And other times we are at our capacity to manage stress, and that's when we experience tension, judgment, and difficulty managing. We have more space inside our stress container at different points in our lives, depending on what else is going on in and around us.

We have been talking about stress with students a lot this year. We have been also exploring tools that can help us understand how we experience stress and how to address our stress levels. This article dives into some simple evidence-based techniques to alleviate some of our stress. For more on this click here.

Brain Smoothies

Join Kate Rive with Right from the Start to feed the mind with ART! Let the mind unwind with an introduction to Brain Smoothies.

You will walk away from each session calm, relaxed, and ready
for the day ahead.
See our poster for details!

How can you set your child up for learning?

Some kids move through their school years handling the learning and the inevitable challenges life brings. They are interested and engaged. Meanwhile, other kids are disengaged and it’s a daily battle. Often, there is no difference in ability, so what’s going on?

Kids are like us… complicated! They take their experiences, expectations, and emotions to school. Those three ‘Es’ can be holding them back or propelling them forward. Understanding this, parents are not powerless; you can set your children up for more successful learning.

Right from the Start has Summer Programming?
We are planning to connect with our students, families, and communities this summer! Stay tuned for a menu of summer opportunities to connect with our Success Coaches in Banff and Canmore. Some things to look forward to: weekly evening bonfires with stories and connections, art and activity kits, pop-ups in the park with fun games, mindfulness-based Walks of Wonder (WOW's), yoga in the park, and drumming. There are registered or drop-in opportunities for all.

Watch for more info about these opportunities. Info will be sent home in your child's backpack. Like and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or our Website for updates as well.

Our Bow Valley community has some unbelievable resources!
The Family Resource Network has a TON of parenting resources, for parenting babies to teens! Check out their website for more information.
To register for programs and services, please contact frnadmin@canmore.ca.
Join the next (virtual) Community Conversation Thursday, April 18th 7:00-8:00 pm via Zoom. Topic TBA. Community Conversations are co-facilitated by passionate individuals from supportive agencies across the Bow Valley. Find more info on this by following us on Facebook

Support for Parents of Teens
Parenting is challenging at the best of times, not to mention during a pandemic! Canmore FCSS is offering an opportunity for parents of teens to come together to network, ask questions, share strategies and support one another. Register by calling 403-609-3743.

Right from the Start is a Mental Health Capacity Building Program. We are a team of Success Coaches at Banff Elementary School, Lawrence Grassi Middle School, Alpenglow School and Elizabeth Rummel School. We offer universal mental health education and support to all children, teachers and families. For more on our program and to see what we do, visit our Website Information page or connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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For inquiries contact Mary Weighell
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