WHIMS November 2016

Calendar updates
November 2016 

Tuesday, 22nd: All-school baking for community meals
Wednesday-Friday, 23rd-25th: NO SCHOOL. Happy Thanksgiving!
Wednesday, 30th: Portfolio review 3-6pm
December 2016 

Thursday, 1st: Musical Theater
Friday, 2nd: Parent Coffee 8:15-9am (Gallery) 
Thursday, 15th: Holiday Toy Collection Deadline 
Friday, 16th: Secret Santa, Finger Food Feast, Music Festival

ThanksGIVING Baking

Pies for St. Peter's Episcopal Church
Tuesday, November 22nd 

Pies from Riley's 2015 Thanksgiving event.

Dear Parents,

It is that time once again for our Thanksgiving cooking event. 

On Tuesday, November 22nd from 10:15-11:45 the children will be making pies with their reflections group, for the Community Thanksgiving Dinner provided by St. Peter's Episcopal Church, in Rockland. Last year St. Peter's served nearly 300 people who came to the church for their Thanksgiving meal, and delivered over 100 meals to homes. St. Peter's is thrilled to have Riley's involvement this year. Thank you for your contributions to purchase ingredients, and continuing the Riley tradition of cooking for the community. 

If you would like to help with pie baking on Tuesday, please contact the office or your child's reflections leader. Also n eeded: peelers, cutting boards, and paring knives! Please label your implements.

Please send along $4 to your child's Reflections teacher.   Thank you so much for supporting our efforts!

  • Please sign up for Riley After Hours (RAH!) by December 15th. (see below)
  • Please note that our fall musical performance dates have changed. Join us on Thursday, December 1st at 6:30pm in the theater. This new date was selected to accommodate Thanksgiving travel plans for families. If your child is performing, please remember to send along costume pieces with them. Please also label clothing and shoes to keep everything organized.
  • Gently used brooms or carpet sweepers 
  • Vacuum cleaner 
  • Small hand towels 
  • Aprons
  • Gently used trashcans for Recycling Center
  • 5-Gallon buckets
  • Mason Jars
Riley After Hours - RAH! 
Riley After Hours is meeting Monday-Friday for local children and
Riley families.

Join us. .. and help us spread the word. It is much more than "aftercare."
  • RAH! is offered from 2:45 - 5:30pm
  • $15/day for pick up at 5pm; $18/day for pick up between 5:05 - 5:30pm
  • Offering access to the Riley Campus for outdoor play, greenhouse and gardening
  • Offering Fine Art and Science activities, cooking projects, supervised quiet study time, private piano or flute/recorder lessons
  • Healthy snacks and water will be provided
What does YOUR CHILD need at the end of the day? What interests would they like to pursue? Program Director Dave Hirsburg has a life long passion for drawing and painting Rainforest animals.He uses it as a way to study anatomy and proportion through visual reference, to explore parts of the globe and to create exotic habitats for colorful parrots, reptiles and amphibians in both 2D and 3D using paint, wood and markers. He is loving exploring our pond life and is supporting children to produce a play. Join us any time. Pre-registration required. Flexible schedule and daily sign-ups available.

To register, please visit the Riley School website, email info@rileyschool.org, or call 596-6405! 

Thank you! 


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