WHIMS October 2017


Grandparents Day was a grand success!
It was wonderful to see so many extended family members on campus. 


Riley School Webpage update!! 

Check out the updated website and in particular, 
check out the Meet the Faculty  and Board pages on our website 
and the updated calendar
Riley School Webpage
Calendar Updates

October 2017 

Thursday 19th: Parent Coffee 8:00am with Becky

Friday 20th: School Photos by Amy Wilton

Friday 27th: All-school campus projects*

Tuesday 31st: Halloween

November 2017 

November 6th - 10th: Kite Week*

Friday 10th: Veterans Day (There WILL be school)*
11:00am  Flag Ceremony

Thursday 16th: Parent Coffee 8:00am (Topic TBA)

Monday 20th: Portfolio Review 2:45 -3:30pm*
Deadline for Thanksgiving Food Donations

Tuesday 21st:  All School Cooking for Community Meals*

November 22nd-24th: Thanksgiving Break (No School)

November 30th:    Musical Theater 6:30pm
     All School Potluck 5pm

Please refer to the Family Handbook for complete descriptions of special events.

*All-School campus projects: Come and join the children to help make the campus shine. We'll begin in the afternoon doing various projects all over campus. Keep an eye out for the sign up from Jessie for other volunteer opportunities if you can't join us. 

*Spanish Heritage Celebration has been moved to December 7th at 10:15am.

*Kite Week: children may bring & keep kites on campus during the week to fly when there is good weather and wind, at the discretion of each facilitator.

*Veteran's Day: school in session with discussions and a silent flag ceremony at 11:00; followed by lunch with graduates & alumni.

* Portfolio Review: An opportunity for children to show their school work to parents

*Thanksgiving All School Cooking: cooking for the local community is a long standing tradition at Riley.  Families contribute to purchase ingredients.  Children cook within Reflection Groups.

    School photos by Amy Wilton
 are scheduled  for this week, 
Friday, October 20th. 

Be on the lookout for more information to come home with your child. 

Amy Wilton is a very talented photographer
 and former Riley School parent. 
These are not your typical school photos. 

Reminders, random thoughts, and coming soon...

Reminder that tuition is due on the 1st of the month!
The 10 day "grace period" only applies with prior and direct communication. 
$50 fee will be applied on all late payments .
We now have the ability to set up ETF and ACH payments on a single or recurring basis.
Please contact the office for more information.


Are you missing a blue bowl w/lid & spoon that contained a delicious green bean & tomato salad brought to the family orientation potluck or blueberry Cove?  The bowl would like to go home and perhaps the owner would share the recipe for the salad!

A Riley School Parent Survey will be circulating soon. What do you think should be asked in the survey? Contact the office with your ideas:  Contact Elisa now

Join Us For COFFEE in the Gallery
Thursday, October 19th
8:00am -9:00am

Becky will be on campus to lead a discussion
focused on Middle School Natural History

Bring your mug, bring your questions, bring your ideas, or just bring yourself 
and come to meet other Riley families. 
We meet once a month. 
**The next Riley Parent Coffee will be Thursday, November 16th**
What would you like to talk about? 
Friday Activities

Throughout the year on Friday afternoons, we gather for  a wide range of mixed age activities. At the beginning of the week children are offered choices and they vote for their favorites. We do our best to accommodate and assign into different groups based on their votes. 

If your children are like mine, they will wait until Friday morning to tell you that they are in the baking group and need $3 for supplies or they are in the lego group and need to find those extra special legos to bring to school. 

We encourage you to ask your child mid-week (they'll know by Wednesday each week!) for the activity they are signed up to do. We also have the lists posted on campus in  the Office and  the Lower School. You are welcome to check these lists, but we encourage your child to tell you. It's a great way to encourage the development of executive functioning skills! 

Also, please let the office know if there are activities that you would prefer your child not participate in. If you are interested in leading a group let Becky know. We also support the children to design their own and bring their own ideas to the faculty. 

by Jessie Thompson
Owner of Village Ice Cream & Bakery in Port Clyde
Riley parent, baker and fundraiser extraordinaire!

 Take & Bake 
For those special family dinners, gifts to friends and family, 
or just because it's PIE!
$5.00 per pie goes directly to the Riley School.

Pies are available for pick up  every Wednesday  at Riley.
Orders should be in no later than Monday morning.
Text or call Jessie at 207-975-1947 to place an order!

Total $
Serves 4-6
$15.00 each
Serves 4-6
$15.00 each
         Chicken Pot Pie
Serves 4-6
$15.00 each
          Shepherd's Pie
Serves 4-6
$15.00 each
$5.00 per pie goes directly to the Riley School.
What better way to fundraise than with Pie!


To everyone that came out for the Campus Workday. 
It really made a difference!


Keep a look out for this section each month! 
We will regularly post items that facilitators or volunteers  may 
need to enrich your child's learning experience at Riley. 

- 10 x 12 rug for the Lower School Block Room

Art Supplies - 
Avis is working hard to build up stock for projects with your children. 
She has a lot already, but needs some specific items. 
If you have questions about the items, ask Avis (she's really super nice!) 

Links to the items on Amazon.com are below each item
for clarification and should you choose to purchase an item 
to donate, remember to use Amazon Smile!  

(1) Speedball 3700 Water-Soluble Block Printing Ink, 16 oz. Tube, Black
(2) Sax Safe N E-Z Printmaker Rubber Blocks - 9 x 12 by Sax
(2) Speedball Baren for Block Printing by Speedball
(1) Speedball Linoleum Cutter Assortment 1 by Speedball
(2) Melissa & Doug Scratch Art Printmaking Scratch-Foam Craft Boards - 30 Boards by Melissa & Doug
(1) Clearsnap Magic 8-Piece Stamp, Block Set by CLEARSNAP
(4) DECORA Stamp Ink Pads Water-soluble for Kids DIY Scrapbooking, Finger Printing and Card 
Making 15 Colors by Decora

Vacuum cleaners
- We still need a new vacuum or two to help clean our school.

4th Annual Ragged Mountain Scuttle
Sunday, September 24 at the Camden Snow Bowl

RILEY RUNS RAGGED placed 6th out of 26 teams!!! Whoop. Whoop
RILEY RUNS RAGGED PHOTOS. It was a beautiful day-----for a sail or to watch the Patriots Game but Alix, Susanna, Lindsay, Maria, Amy, Dan, Mike and Todd ran up a mountain to Scuttle over obstacles and it was a blast. Thank you for supporting us Riley School. 
Join us next year. If you see any other events in the area let RILEY know. 
The more Riley community gets together the better. 
Toboggan Team anyone?

Riley Community Corner

Remember, it's your Whims!

Get involved and communicate with other parents here... What do you need? What are you trying to sell? What are you involved in that other families might like to know about?

Please contact us with your news 
or to correct inaccuracies: 

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Choose Riley as your charity through the Amazon Smile program. Riley receives .5% of every purchase with no additional cost to you!   Riley has received over $100 from Amazon. Every purchase helps. The Smile Amazon page looks and works the same and you can use it with Prime memberships too.
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The Riley School guides children to become independent, lifelong learners and innovative thinkers. Founded as a Progressive, ungraded elementary school in 1972, Riley recognizes each child's unique learning style. The individualized curriculum challenges children to express themselves and develop their own intellectual and creative capabilities through doing, questioning and by discovery. We foster a sense of responsibility towards our natural world, our community, and each other. We value cooperation over self and honor the balanced development of social, emotional and physical with academic growth.