WHIMS                 SEPTEMBER  2016

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JOIN US for COFFEE in the Gallery 
Friday September 29th 8 am
 Bring your mug, bring your questions, come relax  surrounded  by the childrens' art work and have a chance to meet some of the other amazing families who make Riley the special place that it is.  We will have copies of the updated handbook available for pick up. 
The next Coffee will be Friday Nov 4th and then scheduled for the First Friday of each month.

Most of Riley's office correspondence will be through email.   Whims which usually come out mid month  and Riley Notes at the end of each month are informative pieces of news about what's happening at Riley.  We do hope you take the time to read them.  If you prefer a paper copy, please let the office know and it can be printed for you to pick up.   Please confirm with a quick email to  info@rileyschool.org
that you have received this month's WHIMS.  Let us know whether you encounter difficulties or quirks... it is a work in progress and will be being coordinated by new parent and Riley alumnus, Kim Slawson and it will soon have a new look! Parents are invited to submit material to share with the community - services you offer, calls for help, community events you think will be of interest. Please submit via info@rileyschool.org  for now. This is designed to be a useful means of communication for you - please share your thoughts with Becky at director@rileyschool.org and let us know what you think.              

*  Emergency/Transportation forms must be returned to the office promptly.
   Children cannot leave  the school grounds without this signed permission form. If you need an additional copy one can be picked up at the office or emailed to you.  
* Newly enrolled children must also submit medical and immunization records or a letter of immunization wavier. Returning families, please update your information as needed. 

*  Friday Activities, September 29th will be  on campus if form is not on file. 

Arrivals, Dismissal, and Absences
*  This year arrival is between 8 and 8:10. Classes begin promptly at 8:15. If there is no greeter out front, please do NOT leave your child there but come along to the office. Any child who arrives BEFORE 8 will be asked to wait in the Gallery. This is not an early drop -off program; it is designed to support you only on an occasional basis in a special need or circumstance. Please be SURE that someone is in the office before leaving. 

*Middle and Upper School late arrivals (after 9:00 a.m.) are to check in with the office and then go to the Library to check in. Lower School children may go directly to Todd.  

*Early departures: children are asked to tell their Reflection Leader if they will not be present at the end of the day.    All children leaving early are to be picked up at the office.

* Late pick up: Dismissal is from 3-3:15. After 3:15 your children will be waiting in the Gallery. If you are going to be late please give us a call so we can let your children know. Any pickup after 3:30 will incur a $15 late fee. The Riley After Hours Program  ( RAH! ) runs from 3 - 5 pm for $15 a day with pre-registration. Please check out the website for more information. It is a pay as you go program after initial registration. In addition, private piano or flute or recorder lessons can be arranged. 

*  Office hours are 8 - 4. 

Tuition Payments  
We work hard to keep tuition rates low and tuition discounts available. However, that means that we count on and appreciate prompt payment of your tuition invoices. This year invoices will be being sent directly from the bookkeeper, Sheryl Carpenter. If you have any questions or know that a payment is going to be late, please let Becky or Elisa know  the office .  Payments 10 days overdue will incur a late fee of $15.  

Riley Family Handbook
*  Printed copies of the Riley Family Handbook are available upon request in the office.   It is full of information such as the Riley Calendar,  student/parent/faculty address list, events and policies.  An electronic version will be emailed to all parents.
Needed information 
*  Grandparents are important members of the Riley family and your children' invitations to them have gone out for Grandparents' Day on October 6th. Please be sure that they are aware of this and have received the invitation. If there is an email address that you can share with us we will be sure to add them to our email distribution lists. 

Questions or Concerns

*  Any questions or concerns small or large, please contact us or speak directly to a faculty member right away. If you have an after hours emergency communication or concern, Becky will happily take calls until 10pm on her cell. 508-944-7121. 

Friday, Sept 30th:  Parent Coffee 8:00-9:00   in the Gallery
Week of October 5th:  Newly enrolled families schedule a 3 week conference
Thursday October 8th: GRANDPARENTS DAY
Friday October 9th:  No School  Faculty Workshop
Monday, October 10th:  No School Columbus Day
Thursday, October 13th: Hispanic Heritage Celebration  10:00 a.m.

This spot will regularly have items that would make the faculty and children's days richer 
Please be on the lookout in the next few days for an email from returning parent  Staci Hoover, mother of Reina and Ryan who  is  helping us identify needs and coordinate parent volunteers. We have a running list in the office and encourage and invite you to stop in at any time you have a free 1/2 hour or block of time.  I am very grateful to the parents who gave their time over the summer to help make the gardens grow, the windows sparkle and gave the buildings and grounds some TLC. There is an amazing spirit of giving and caring that makes such a difference to the daily lives of the children. Everyone' s help is needed and deeply appreciated. 

Gently used brooms or carpet sweepers           Small hand towels      Aprons
Gently used trashcans for Recycling Center     A basic tool kit     5Gallon buckets  Mason Jars        
 DRIVERS for October 11th Field Trip to Orono ( see Kathy) 


The Riley School is a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit organization.  Riley School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, sex and/or national and ethnic origin in the administration of educational policies, administered programs and employment.

Rebecca Clapp
Head of School