WHIMS September 2017


Welcome Back to School
Welcome To Our New Faculty and New Families!

On September 5th, the Campus Potluck  kicked off the year. 
It was great to see s ome familiar faces and some new ones as well. 
If you were unable to make it, do not fret! 
We have gatherings like this a few times a year! 
Hopefully we'll see you at the next one! 

Have you met the new facilitators? 

Check out the Meet the Faculty page on our website and be sure to say hello on campus. 

Calendar Updates

September 2017 

Monday-Friday, 18th-22nd: Coastal Clean-up Week*

Friday, 29th: First Parent Coffee, 8:15-9:00am
                             All-school campus projects**

October 2017 
Monday - Thursday 2nd-5th:  Mtgs with Facilitators for NEW families

Thursday 5th: Grandparents Day (8:00am - 1:00pm)

Friday 6th: NO SCHOOL (Faculty workshop)

Monday 9th: NO SCHOOL (Columbus Day)

Tuesday 24th: Spanish Heritage Celebration

Friday 27th: All-school campus projects**

Tuesday 31st: Halloween

*Schools all over Maine participate in cleaning up the coast and Riley is one of those schools! 

**Students participate in keeping Riley school beautiful. Parents are welcome to join. 
     For more info: see page 19 of the Family Handbook. 

Grandparents Day
October 5th

Please be sure that Elisa has your updated contact info for grandparents and grandfriends so they will receive an invitation to Grandparents Day. They won't want to miss this opportunity to spend time on campus with their grandchild(ren). 
Even if they cannot make it, it's lovely to be invited! 

Reminders, random thoughts, and coming soon...

-We do not have a lost and found! Please label your child's clothing/belongings

-Please have your child bring a water bottle to school. 

-There is plenty of garlic and kale left in the greenhouse! Help yourself. There is a     
     donation  jar in the greenhouse, pay what you can to help fund further plantings. 

-If you have a donation, please bring it to the office. Please do not leave donations 
     without checking with the office.

-Be on the lookout for information coming soon regarding school photos. The talented 
     photographer (and former Riley parent) Amy Wilton will be on campus again this 

Join Us For COFFEE in the Gallery
Friday, September 29th
8:15am -9:00am

Bring your mug, bring your questions, bring your ideas, or just bring yourself 
and come to meet other Riley families. 
We meet once a month. 
**The next Riley Parent Coffee will be October 19th**

Friday Activities

Throughout the year on Friday afternoons, we gather for some fun activities. At the beginning of the week children are offered choices and they vote for their favorites. We do our best to accommodate and assign into different groups based on their votes. 

If your children are like mine, they will wait until Friday morning to tell you that they are in the baking group and need $3 for supplies or they are in the lego group and need to find those extra special legos to bring to school. 

We encourage you to ask your child mid-week (they'll know by Wednesday each week!) for the activity they are signed up to do. We also have the lists posted on campus in  the Office and  the Lower School. You are welcome to check these lists, but we encourage your child to tell you. It's a great way to encourage the development of executive functioning skills! 

Also, please let the office know if there are activities that you would prefer your child not participate. 

Campus Workday Happening Soon!
(preferably before Grandparents Day)

Keep a look out for a Doodle Survey coming your way to find out the day(s) that will work for most families to participate in a campus workday. 

Campus Workdays not only keep our campus looking great,  but we also build great relationships as we work together.  We fix things, we clean things, and we get to know each other.  We do not have a grounds maintenance crew or housekeeping staff.  It is our Riley families that keep our campus looking great! 

Current Needs: 
Weed the walkways
Fill in potholes
Cut back trees along driveways and porch
Build an accessibilty ramp (Arts Building)
weed and plant by the RileyRock
Sweep off decks
and more... 

FYI - Have a few extra minutes? 
Check out the clipboard in the office. 
It is full of ideas for you to help around campus. 
It will be greatly appreciated!!


A very special thank you to all who helped 
with various projects on campus this summer. 

Parents, families, and extended families 
are what keeps this school running! 

Families contributed in so many ways: mowing, cleaning, moving furniture, painting, getting Wade Acres ready, and so much more



Keep a look out for this section each month! 
We will regularly post items that facilitators or volunteers  may 
need to enrich your child's learning experience at Riley. 

- 3 ring binder paper (college ruled or wide ruled)
            Herb and Nan are facilitating a lot of writing this year!

4 Canvas Painters Tarps 
Burlap Twine
- Alicia (Natural History and Science facilitator) is working on a project to create Wigwams

Vacuum cleaners
- We could really use a new vacuum or two to help clean our school.

4th Annual Ragged Mountain Scuttle
Sunday, September 24 at the Camden Snow Bowl
Sign-up Now! 

Participate in the Scuttle or come to cheer the team on!!

Riley School Team 2016
Mike Blood, Todd Martin, Alix Martin, Amy Mitchell, Dan Guptill, and Donovan Guptill 

Please join Riley's Ragged Mountain Scuttle team. The scuttle is coming up in September and we'd love for you to be a part. You can join online here

Sign up today RSVP on Facebook.
Riley Community Corner

Remember, it's your Whims!

Get involved and communicate with other parents here... What do you need? What are you trying to sell? What are you involved in that other families might like to know about?

Here's a message from Todd, Lower School Facilitator and parent to Sparks and Wolfie: 

Please contact us with your news 
or to correct inaccuracies: 

Lice Prevention 

Not to worry, there are NO cases of lice reported. However, inevitably, it happens. There have been reports in local public schools. So we asked ourselves, could we prevent it? 

Well here are some links that share recipes for preventing the little critters. 
And a reminder to all: we do not share hats, combs, brushes, etc. 
Please contact the office asap if your child should get lice. 

These are just some ideas we found on the web. What do you use? We'd love to hear! 
Amazon Smile 

Do you shop via Amazon? Use the Amazon Smile program to benefit The Riley School throughout the year. 
Everything you order will help! 
Choose Riley as your charity through the Amazon Smile program. Riley receives .5% of every purchase with no additional cost to you!   Riley has received over $100 from Amazon. Every purchase helps. The Smile Amazon page looks and works the same and you can use it with Prime memberships too.
Simply go to the link below, register your account with SMILE and Riley as your chosen charity. Bookmark the page and  be sure to use it every time you shop .

Here is the link:  http://www.smile.amazon.com/
This link also appears at the bottom of all Whims. It is easy... please show your support and use this link. 

Amazon will donate .5% of every
purchase  to the Riley School if you go to 
and choose Riley as your charity,
at NO additional cost to you! 
 What a great first week of school! 

Community Event at Rockland Public Library 
Check this out! 

Make it Saturday!: Glow in the Dark Bouncy Balls
Saturday, September 23rd 
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The Riley School guides children to become independent, lifelong learners and innovative thinkers. Founded as a Progressive, ungraded elementary school in 1972, Riley recognizes each child's unique learning style. The individualized curriculum challenges children to express themselves and develop their own intellectual and creative capabilities through doing, questioning and by discovery. We foster a sense of responsibility towards our natural world, our community, and each other. We value cooperation over self and honor the balanced development of social, emotional and physical with academic growth.