Promote Farm Events, Earn Money, Help Your Friends
Dear Riley's Farm Promoters,

So we had 21 People interested in our "5&5" program and two have sent in their paperwork so far. Those two are out saving their friends 5% on any purchase they make on our website, and earning a commission. (Another interesting number: when I announced the end of our relationship with Facebook, over 600 people signed up for our email list in one day.)

Over the years, I've paid Mark Zuckerberg tens of thousands of dollars to share our links. I would much rather pay you to share them.

A few things to remember..

  1. You can use the coupon code for your own farm online purchases, so you save 5% right off the bat and you earn a commission on your own purchases.
  2. Whenever you share your coupon code, make sure your friends know you get a commission on the sale, as this will increase their likelihood of using it.
  3. When you share a Riley’s Farm event on your social networks or email lists, try to tell a personal story about attending that event if you have, or a general story about the farm itself. The more you personalize the story, the better.
  4. The coupon is applied at the end of the transaction, when the user goes to their shopping cart.
  5. If you haven't emailed us the agreement, here's a copy.
  6. We have TWO Great events coming up. Revolutionary Evenings on Saturday July 10 and Red Riding Hood Goes West at the end of July.
  7. School tours are coming back to the farm, even though the "1619 Project" weirdos would like to ban American history. Just think how much you could save those groups if they book online. One Jr. High booked yesterday for a Revolutionary War Adventure. 300 students at $22 a piece. If that were your coupon, they would save $330 and you would make $313.50 ((6600-330)*.05).

Happy social networking! Someone has to do it. Mark won't let me anymore. :)

James Riley
Riley's Farm

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