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January  2017

In Colonial America,  news was literally shouted from the street corners.  Newspapers were scarce and many people couldn't read.  Communication has changed just a mite since those times, but we still want to know what's new, and are drawn to activities which bring people together as in earlier times.  And what better way than to travel together?  The tour schedule for 2017 offers many such opportunities.  See you on the trail!

SD's Lewis & Clark Rest Stop Offers New Appeal
There is a great new addition to the Lewis & Clark Trail since we last followed  it:  "Dignity" is a heroic-sized sculpture of an Indian maiden overlooking the Missouri River in South Dakota.

Read about this amazing cultural tribute by South Dakota Artist Laureate, Dale Lamphere.

Photo by South Dakota Tourism

Tap into Travel
Calling all past Lewis & Clark Trail Participants:
Show Me Missouri!

It's hard to ignore the legacy of Lewis & Clark when touring Missouri, but the state has other stories to tell as well, and we're going to explore them this summer.  Join us as we discover Harry Truman's Independence, Mark Twain's Hannibal, and Daniel Boone's last home - to name just a few.  Share new experiences with old friends on our first ever reunion tour, personally led by Shebby Lee.  Book now!

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TR and horse

Meet another Legendary North Dakotan who strode across the stage of the northern plains in the 19th century.  Teddy Roosevelt came to rebuild his life after suffering the losses of his mother and wife (on the same day) and left three years later a changed man, ready to take on the challenges of military combat, and American politics.  Join us in August as we explore the land that made an American President.

Along the Lewis & Clark Trail:  Fort Union on the ND/MT border
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We look forward to seeing you on the trail this season.


Happy Trails! 
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