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January 2018 News & Reviews
Happy New Year, Friends of Tattered Cover!

The start of January is a time for reflection on the year just ended and contemplation of the year just begun. 

To us, 2017 felt tumultuous outside the walls of Tattered Cover. It seemed, at times, that the amount of cynicism in the world, along with the level of distrust in one another, was reaching a fever pitch. The relentless news cycle, the anonymity of social networks, and a seemingly deteriorating human attention span, left us wanting to catch our collective breath. 

But still, we're hopeful for the future. Here's why. 

First and foremost, we get to come here everyday. 

Bookstores -- especially indie bookstores, and very especially Tattered Cover -- are, in our admittedly biased-opinion, magical places. We don't see that cynicism in our stores. We don't hear that level of invective. People from all walks of life, representing a wide diversity of values and viewpoints, come together to immerse themselves in the experience that only a store like Tattered Cover can provide. Whether it's losing yourself in the aisles of books, hearing a debut author or meeting one of your heroes, or sitting with a computer and a cup of coffee while you write the next great novel, our stores provide a break from the insanity. 

This was brought home for us by a recent visit from seventh and eighth graders at Dunstan Middle School to our Colfax Avenue store. After the students heard talk about the inner workings of publishing and bookselling, and after they received a tour of the store (including behind-the-scenes), they held their own open mic. Many of the kids shared poems, short stories, and essays. 

We. Were. Blown. Away. 

The level of creativity, thoughtfulness, and maturity was astounding. Our favorite was a poem from a seventh grader named Amanda. It begins:

I tell myself all the time
One of these days,
You better do something. 

The poem was sad in the sense that the darkness of the outside world had clearly made its way into the seventh grade. Amanda recounted how people told her what she could not do (Someone told me I couldn't be president because I would be too moody), and how the world was a terrifying place (I hear scary stories about shootings at least once a month). But in the end, she delivered a message of defiance and hope (We need to stand up and say that we've had enough) that really inspired us. If these kids -- they were ALL wonderful -- can find hope and strength, so too can we. Hearing the Dunstan middle schoolers has, quite frankly, made us very bullish on the future. 

And yes, this is the kind of thing that's going on at Tattered Cover pretty much all the time. (Okay, that's a slight exaggeration... but only slight!)

We invite you to come experience Tattered Cover, to find that place where the frenzy of the outside world is kept at bay, for at least a little while. You can see a listing of upcoming events (and not just author events, but lectures and storytimes and more), here: Tattered Cover Events.

We also invite you to  contact us to inquire about having your child's school take a field trip to one of our stores, and about all the myriad ways we work with schools, including bringing published authors into classrooms. 

As always, we thank you for being a customer, and for your support of all that we do. We feel fortunate and honored that Tattered Cover holds such a special place in the community of Metro Denver, and that is entirely thanks to you. 

Warm wishes for a healthy and happy 2018. 

Len and Kristen 
We are delighted to present numerous author signings and other special events throughout the month of December.

Book Clubs!
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TC LoDo Book Club
1/8: Dreamland

Aspen Grove 
Fiction Book Club

Aspen Grove Non-Fiction Book Club
1/16: Misbehaving
Travel Lovers'
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Third Thursday Book Club
1/18: Dead Souls

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Event Photo of the Month: December
Hillary Rodham Clinton greets a young girl and her mother at her booksigning for What Happened at Tattered Cover Colfax Avenue on Monday,
December 11.

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Featured Events!
Monday, January 8, 7:00 pm, Colfax Avenue

Jessica Shattuck, author of the  New York Times  Notable Book The Hazards of Good Breeding , will discuss and sign  The Women in the Castle   ($16.99 William Morrow & Co.).  The Women in the Castle , a  New York Times  bestselling novel and a #1  Indie Next Pick , is set at the end of World War II in a crumbling Bavarian castle that once played host to all of German high society. This evocative and utterly enthralling novel is the story of three widows whose lives become intertwined. 
Sunday, January 14, 2:00 pm, Colfax Avenue

Chloe Benjamin, author of the Edna Ferber Fiction Book Award-winning  The Anatomy of Dreams , will read from and sign  The Immortalists  ($26.00 Putnam).  The Immortalists
is a dazzling family love story that probes the line between destiny and choice, reality and illusion, this world and the next. It is a deeply moving testament to the power of story, the nature of belief, and the unrelenting pull of familial bonds. Benjamin will be in conversation with Eleanor Brown, local author of acclaimed novel  The Light of Paris .
Sunday, January 14, 2:00 pm, Aspen Grove

New York Times bestselling author and certified nutrition consultant Diane Sanfilippo will discuss and sign  The 21-Day Sugar Detox Daily Guide: A Simplified, Day-By Day Handbook & Journal to Help You Bust Sugar & Carb Cravings Naturally  ($29.95 Victory Belt Publishing). Sanfilippo will be joined by special guest and fellow paleo author Juli Bauer, author of the bestselling book   The Paleo Kitchen: Finding Primal Joy in Modern Cooking .
Sunday, January 21, 2:00 pm, Colfax Avenue

Please join Tattered Cover for a special afternoon with  New York Times bestselling science fiction author Pierce Brown in honor of his eagerly anticipated new book  Iron Gold  ($28.00 Del Rey Publishing), book four of the  Red Rising Saga .  Tickets available NOW!
Thursday, January 25, 7:00 pm, Colfax Avenue

Melanie Benjamin,  New York Times bestselling author of  The Swans of Fifth Avenue, will discuss and sign her new novel  The Girls in the Picture  ($28.00 Delacorte Press).  The Girls in the Picture is a fascinating novel of the friendship and creative partnership between two of Hollywood's earliest female legends--screenwriter Frances Marion and superstar Mary Pickford.
Tuesday, January 30, 7:00 pm, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, Littleton

James Dashner is the author of the #1  New York Times bestselling  Maze Runner series. Dashner will give a book discussion on  The Death Cure ($10.99 Delacorte Press) and  The Fever Code ($10.99 Delacorte Press), in conversation with Tattered Cover owner and YA author Len Vlahos, before a screening of the new movie  Maze Runner: The Death Cure.  Tickets available NOW!
Save the Date!

Saturday, February 3,
all day, The Hangar at Stanley Marketplace. More info below!

Monday, February 5,
7:00 pm, CU South Denver, Tickets on sale now!

Wednesday, February 21, 7:00 pm, Davis Auditorium, Sturm Hall, Registration available now!
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New Year's Day.

Last day of Kwanzaa.

TC stores observing holiday hours, 10:00 am - 6:00 pm.

1/15: Monday
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.
This month in
literary history

T.S Eliot, British essayist and poet, dies at the age of 76.

The first literary character licensing agreement is signed by A.A. Milne

Victor Hugo finishes The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Arthur Miller's The Crucible premieres

Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice is published

Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven is published
From the pages of TC history
Tattered Cover currently has 42 employees who have worked at the store for more than 20 years! Out of those employees, 17 have worked with Tattered Cover for more than 30 years.
Saturday, February 3, 8:45 am - 5:30 pm, The Hangar at The Stanley Marketplace

We are thrilled to welcome  Min Jin LeeHari KunzruApril SmithCarrie La Seur, and  Thomas Mullen, as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of our signature literary event! Guests will spend the day with this extraordinary roster of award-winning, bestselling, and break-out authors, in the company of fellow readers and fans.

Each ticket includes a buffet breakfast with coffee and tea, a full day of author presentations, a discount on books at our on-site bookstore, and an afternoon reception & signing with sweet treats and a complimentary drink.

Happy Birthday to You!
Send us an  e-mail  with your birthday month, and we'll send you a special discount certificate for your birthday!

Author Birthday : J.D. Salinger was born on January 1, 1919. He would be 99-years-old.
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Dom Testa is an author, advocate for children's education and the host of Dom in the Morning on Mix 100.3. He loves reading and we love sharing his book reviews with you. Check out  his blog and happy reading!

This month's selection is  On Becoming Fearless: In Love, Work, and Life   by Arianna Huffington.   Mention Dom's Book Club when making your purchase in-store to receive 20% off the current selection.
Meteorologist Lisa Hidalgo not only knows the weather, she knows great books, and is an avid reader! Check out her picks each month and read along with Lisa!

This month's selection is The Immortalists   by Chloe Benjamin.   Mention the 7News Book Club when making your purchase in-store to receive 20% off the current selection.

Every now and then we encounter a new book that we’re so excited about we want to shout it from the rooftops, so we've created the Tattered Cover V.I.B. That means it’s a true stand-out in a season of many excellent and compelling new books. Check out all our recent picks for 
vib green
adults' pick...
by Jane Harper

"Federal agent Aaron Falk returns to his estranged home town after a twenty year absence only to find himself embroiled in a murder investigation. The town and its cast of shady characters are hiding secrets, but so is Aaron. The setting -- a small, drought-ravaged farm community in rural Australia -- is so beautifully and hauntingly described, it's almost a character itself.  The Dry, a brilliant debut that has me eager for Harper's next book, will appeal to readers of literary fiction, mysteries, and thrillers." -- Len Vlahos, owner
kids' pick...
by Julie Fogliano, illustrated by Christian Robinson

"Each person has a birthday every year but WHEN IS MY BIRTHDAY?? The spare singsong text and the whimsical collage art is so fun for everyone. There are animals in party hats, a pinata, and excellent treats.  Time for cakey wakey wakey happy happy day to me! I love this book because it's about one's special day -- even the endpapers feature one special candle!" - Kate Brasch, Children's Book Buyer

"This doesn't need to be a birthday gift; it's the right book to read  any day of the year. Every child can find themselves in this book, both in the pictures and in the title question. So fun to read out loud, and so fun for kids to join in!" -- Bethany Strout, Incoming Children's Book Buyer
What else are we reading?
On shelves 1/2
by A.J. Finn

"There's too much to say about how I love this book. I'm not usually a big mystery reader, but every once in a while one finds its way to me and it's all I can talk about for weeks. I read this book over the course of a weekend, staying up until the wee hours of the morning, because I needed to finish it. The Woman in the Window follows former child psychiatrist Anna Fox around her home because she's agoraphobic and physically cannot leave her house. She spends her days mixing wine with her medication and spying on her neighbors with a camera. Then she witnesses something she shouldn't have, but everyone around her insists she made it up. Anna is forced to come to terms with her own demons in order to prove what she saw really happened. This book is perfect for Rear Window fans, Gillian Flynn readers, and lovers of the unreliable narrator." -- Ashley Lyons, Marketing Communications Associate
On shelves now
by Stephen King & Owen King

"King has done it again! Yet this time he pens his famed horrors with the help of his son Owen King.  Sleeping Beauties  plunges headfirst into action from page one. A strange sleeping sickness begins to steal all the women of the world into slumber. When it hits the states, it's dutifully coined "Aurora" after the much loved fairy tale Sleeping Beauty. The epidemic grows even stranger as the comatose victims grow shrouds of white gauze, which, when removed, turns even the most kind woman violent. The story revolves around the chaotic unraveling of events in a small Appalachian town called Dooling. Chalk full of pleasantly flawed and endearingly human characters, the King duo takes the reader for a wild ride in this epic tale of love, survival, and haunting terror. A fun and surprisingly quick read and my favorite of 2018! " -- Chelsea Debret, bookseller
On shelves 1/16
by Steven Yarbrough

"Heartbreaking and redemptive,  The Unmade World  kept me enthralled, as two strangers’ worlds collide on a snowy Polish road, both men’s lives irrevocably altered. Richard, an American journalist is left with bottomless grief and Bogdan, a down on his luck Pole with a conscience forever plagued by guilt and a future tainted by more bad luck. Grim as that may sound, The Unmade World  is a beautiful novel, thought provoking and moving and, for added pleasure, embedded with a murder mystery. Deeply satisfying, it stayed with me long after I read the last word, leaving me to muse about what the hapless Bogdan would so eloquently call the imponderables." -- Cathy Langer
Indie Next List Picks
This month's #1 on shelves 1/9...
by  Chloe Benjamin

“In 1969, four siblings visit a fortune teller, who tells each child the date of their death. We follow the Gold siblings both separately and together over the next four decades and see how these revelations affect their choices, their behavior, and their relationships with one another. Apart from raising the obvious question (would  you  want to know the date of your death?), Benjamin brilliantly explores how family members can be both close to and distant from one another, and ponders the point at which our actions cease to matter and fate steps in. I LOVED  The Immortalists , and if there’s any justice in bookselling, this book will find the massive audience it so deserves.” — Erika VanDam, RoscoeBooks, Chicago, IL
New in paperback on 1/9...
by Matthew Sullivan

“Still reeling from witnessing a tragic event many years ago, Lydia is thrown headfirst into yet another tragedy after one of her favorite bookshop patrons commits suicide in the store and mysteriously leaves all his possessions to her. As Lydia follows the thread that he leaves her, she finds out more about him, her town, and even her own past. Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore is a great book that keeps you guessing. Highly recommended for fans of a good mystery.” — Will Bason (E), Book People, Austin, TX
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