Foster Pet Outreach is a local non-profit organization whose main focus is to help provide for the well being of animals in our community

January 2020 NEWSLETTER

Out with the Old and in with the New 
2019 was a great year for FPO family.  We found homes for 244 dogs and 15 cats.  It is not always an easy task.  This past year we were faced with many obstacles.  We took in almost 20 dogs that were heart worm positive, a couple new moms and babies, a few dogs with happy tail, and many with respiratory issues like kennel cough.  We worked with local shelters, local people who surrendered their pets for various reasons, as well as some other Illinois shelters like CACC.  We welcomed many new volunteers,  260 new FPO families, and new initiatives.  We teamed up with Live Like Roo Foundation and welcomed Dora into a foster home.  Because of Live Like Roo and our supporters, Dora was able to experience love and many experiences in her final months in a home instead of a shelter.  We held different events throughout the community to support those who support us.  One of our biggest events was hosting the first CIPetPalooza event.  2019 was full of success in our eyes.   
FPO is not done yet.  We have even more in store for 2020.  We are kicking of our Pup Dates program where you can hang out with a foster dog without the long term commitment.  This will allow for socialization of some of our pets while they are waiting for a forever home.  We also will continue our work with Live Like Roo.  Brownie is our current foster in the program.  We began over hauling out website and will continue to add resources to it for you.  Our planning committees are already working on CIPetPalooza and other events such as our Tito's and Tails, Easter Egg Hunt, Santa Paws, to name just a few.  We are also hoping to bring back our Disc Golf event as well.   We will also be experimenting with a permanent online shop where you can purchase gear.   This will be a joint effort through a local organization, RISE.  Honestly, with a team of great volunteers, there will be many more new things happening.  Be on the lookout!
How can you help?  Well we always need volunteers, donations, and  folks like you to spread the word.  Every time you share our posts, every time you talk about our rescue you are helping.  So please keep it up.  If you want to do more, reach out to us on our website or one of our social media sites.  We will happily invite you to join our crew or share ways you can donate so that we can continue to make this new year the best yet.  Thank you for all you have done for us!
FPO Board and Directors and FPO Family

New Years Resolutions for you and your pet.
Upcoming Events

Come meet some of our pets looking for homes on Saturday, January 11th.  We will be there from 11-1pm at the Peoria store.  Please remember that we do not do same day adoptions.  To be considered, you will need to have an application on file.  Those can be found on our website.

We are very excited about our 1st Paint your Pet Night we are hosting at Kickpoo Winery on January 24th.  It is currently sold out, but we hope to host another one soon!

Breaking News!
Just in case you did not hear the news.  Our date is set and we already have 30 booths signed up.  Missed out last year?  There is time if you act quick.  

In the past couple years we have been asked to bring our pets to several area businesses.  While we have not been able to go to all, we try hard to work with local businesses that want to support us.  If you have an idea of where we could visit this year, please reach out.  Some of our events are already in the planning stages for next spring/summer so if you have an outdoor venue, we book quickly.  Please reach out to us with your thoughts and ideas.  Our event coordinator would love to hear them!  

Congratulations to all our furry friends who were adopted this month.   We wish all our new FPO families a happy trail!  


Every donation, large or small, helps us to continue our mission.  A receipt will be sent with your tax deductible donation.  Donations can be made here or mail to FPO, 10206 W. Dubois Rd., Edwards, IL  61517
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