Ringer Digest
April/May  2018 
A Charter of the NHPA
Official Publication of the Minnesota Gopher State Horseshoe Pitchers' Association
         State holds "Summit" Meeting

      The Officers and Directors of the MGSHPA held statewide organizational meeting on March 24th at the Forest Lake VFW.  Eighteen of our twenty six clubs were represented. Activities included group discussions, lots of information sharing, and also a little fun. The VFW set up a nice taco lunch table to enjoy on break. The meeting lasted about 4-1/2 hours, and folks were saying that they were happy to have attended and learned many things.
     Many thanks go out to all of the officers and directors for gathering the information, printing and preparing folders full of information, and sharing their time to make this a successful event. We hope that this meeting has made the whole system more efficient and smooth, and that all the promotional ideas get implemented and yield a gain in membership. The main message to our membership for 2018 is the title of this article, "TIME TO GIVE A DAMN"

Minutes of the 2018 Summit Meeting
Forest Lake  VFW  3/24/18
       Officers / Directors in attendance: Rick Wright, Jerry LaBrosse, Gordy Schmidt, Josh Olson, Janet Larson, Joe Mueller, April Lynch, Ann Hagman, Marlys Timm.    Robin Constance was unable to attend.
A nice folder was assembled for all Clubs containing:
 MN Bylaws, Media Suggestions, 2018 MGSHPA Tournament schedule, Junior promotional materials, all MGSHPA forms, RGS book, NHPA Bylaws, NHPA Redbook (sanction leagues). Thank you Ann Hagman for making up the folders.
President Rick Wright spoke first: He started with a statement that all Club leaders need to show initiative in finding new membership.
He declared the new slogan for 2018..."Time To Give A Damn"
Rick stated that Ann has updated the club contact list.  It will be posted on the state website. He asked that all clubs review the list and notify Ann of any changes.
Rick then stressed the importance of attracting new members to your club, and also got the group discussing how to retain the members we have.
Rick took a moment to announce that Jerry LaBrosse is being inducted into the NHPA  Hall of Fame at the World Tournament in Florence , SC. He has done a lot for horseshoes at the state and national level.
Ann Hagman  reported that our state funds are currently at just under $13K.  Ann requested that all new members be submitted to her on the state membership form, and also any renewing members that have changed info. Directors were reminded that for each League member the league secretary should send in $1, this money goes towards junior activity fees. For each open tournament, $1 should be sent to Ann for the state tourney prize fund.  She stated that all clubs send in their spring rosters and dues within two weeks after your league play begins. New members can be easily added when they sign up. Ann will return the cards to the league secretary along with a member list for review/confirmation that renewals were completed correctly.
Rob Hagman attended. He is currently the 4th VP for the NHPA. He explained that the NHPA is also brainstorming on ways to get, and keep, people interested in HS pitching. Rob explained that the NHPA website is currently being re-written, not only to update it, but also to appeal to a non-HS pitcher.
Another current project is new banners for clubs in every charter. These are for clubs to display at their courts. There was good group discussion, and Rob will bring questions and feedback to Laurie Lampkin, NHPA promotions director.
        Marlys Timm  reviewed the print out from the folder with news media and promotion suggestions. She started a lively discussion that brought out several suggestions and ideas.
         April Lynch reviewed the 2 print outs about why play HS and how to attract kids.  She stated that it is a constant and ever changing challenge to attract new people. She feels very passionately that kids are a key to growth. Getting kids involved will, by extension, also involve their parents and make this a family event.  April wants it known, if anyone wants her assistance, she is willing to help out with anything to get kids involved, "I am really invested in this. I can look around the room and see a lot of people I have known since I was a young kid, and I want to get that for other kids." April announced that she and Rick are planning a new tournament called  Generation Doubles. An adult  would partner with a junior. Details forthcoming.
Joe Mueller, Nominations Director
            Joe reviewed the list of nomination deadlines handed out in the club folders, and discussed each one. He stated that all forms are available on the state website.
Door Prizes
$100 prize = Dick Dvorak
WT entry = Tom Prokop
State entry=John VanRyswyk
Josh Olson announced that he has assumed the responsibility as the new state Webmaster.  A lively chat ensued, and  Josh agreed to add a last updated date to the club contacts list. Question: are we going to add non-sanctioned club information on the website? The premise here is to promote HS as a whole, not just sanctioned. Josh said he could do this, details forthcoming. Two clubs asked about websites, Josh suggested making a facebook page. Using Facebook Live, you can post updates with videos. Tournament results are often posted on the MGSHPA facebook page.
Josh then discussed the procedure for submitting tournament and league results. All tournament results get sent to Josh Olson, all league results get sent to Jerry Smith, NHPA Sanctioned League Director. Problems with reporting can be avoided by using HSMaster. If you would like help, there is a website www.HSMaster.info.
Gordy Schmidt told a story about retaining juniors in the sport. His story was about his kids and how he got them interested in pitching when they became adults, he made it a family sport.
He stated that the current Bylaws file on the website is from 2016, and that he will get the correct file to Josh. He reviewed the simple rules that state Constitution and Bylaw change proposals need 30 days  advanced public notice, and vote by membership. Guidelines can be changed by officers.
Jerry LaBrosse asked if everyone was receiving the  Ringers Digest and Newsline, and that anyone can sign up online.
 He said that the Digest goes out the 1st of the month of the issue, and that the deadline for submitting materials is two weeks prior. Things to submit: Any spring meeting notices, club/league stories, send pictures with the story, player profiles (pick a newer member, say something about them). Jerry initiated a discussion about tournament procedures and reporting.
He stated that 2019 is a court sanctioning year. One of the proposed rules is to remove the requirement that a sanctioned tournament needs to be held on sanctioned courts. Jerry stated that any court problems will be resolved on an individual basis.
He gave a recap of the 2018 World Tournament in Florence , SC.
 Elections: President and 5th VP positions are up for vote. President candidates: Stu Sipma, Roger Vogel and Dalton Rakestraw.  The only declared candidate for 5th VP is Coyce Allen , TX ,  the incumbent.
There will be 9 Rules changes to be voted on at the annual convention. These proposals are posted on the NHPA website for review, and will be shared with our MN membership soon in a special Eblast for review and discussion.
 Jerry ended his presentation by stressing the 2018 slogan
"Time To Give A Damn".
Janet Larson, North VP, started by jokingly sharing the following quip,
I found out, I am not as famous as I think I am, being 6 time state champ. I joined the Upsala League this year. 5 of the players had no clue who I was, it's good to branch out and try new places and get to know new people. I have 2 clubs that do not have e-mail access. I will work on that.
Rick closed by announcing his new tournament called the Minnesota Mixer . He explained it will be a doubles event and that each team will consist of a current member and a non member, to make him/her a new member. He will then offer to have them play in the Bud Nelson Open the following day.  The details are still being fine tuned, so watch for special announcements. Variations of this idea have been used around the country with varying degrees of success. He said again that it is time for all of us to "give a damn" to grow our membership.
Meeting adjourned 2:30 pm
Thank you to Ann Hagman for taking the meeting notes

Spring Meetings

Morrison County League Spring Meeting
Red Rooster Bar  7:00 PM Thursday April 12th
Sylvia Burggraff  320-468-6776

West St Paul Horseshoe Club will be holding our annual spring meeting on  Wednesday April 18th at 7 pm  
 Wentworth Library  
  199 E  Wentworth  West St  Paul
Alexandria Horseshoe League will have their spring organizational meeting on Wednesday, April 18th at 7:00 pm in the U of M Extension Office, just down the hall from the Douglas County Library. Contact Gary Boots at 320-760-2383 or Janet Larson at 218-731-5987 for more information or with questions. 
Alexandria Junior Horseshoe League will start on Monday, June 11th and meet every Monday from 6:30 to 8:00pm through August 20th. You can sign up to participate through Lakes Area Recreation on their website www.lakesarearecreation.com. 

Litchfield Horseshoe Club will hold it's spring meeting on April 28th at 9:00 am at Precast Systems. Contact Mark Smith  320-693-5902

Forest Lake Horseshoe Club is holding their spring meeting at the Forest Lake VFW  on April 28th at 10:00 am.  

Isanti Horseshoe Club  is holding their spring meeting at Junction Bowl on Tuesday April 24th at 6:30 PM

From the Editor
Jerry LaBrosse
      First of all, Happy Easter to all of you reading this today. May you be blessed with good health, family, and love.
       I'd like to ask all of you to pray for the health and well being of everyone in our horseshoe family, and I have a special person that is in need of support. Many of you may know Bill "handlebars" Marvin from Illinois. Bill recently underwent a double lung transplant procedure. He is doing very well with no major complications. He is progressing steadily in a hospital in St. Louis . I have been posting updates of his condition on the NHPA Face Book page.
 Please keep Bill, Deanna, and the Marvin family in your prayers, thank you.
Happy Birthday 
Let's wish Harry Fillafer and Wally Runia  a happy 90th birthday !
Looking good fellas !

Harry Fillafer - Moorhead,MN
January 17,1928

Wally Runia - Balaton,MN
February 2, 1928

From the President
Rick Wright

Hey Everyone,
I have always said that horseshoes are about the people you meet and the friends you make. But wouldn't it be nice if you met someone new? For that to happen, we all must do our part and ask someone to join our association. I am not saying that I am tired of my old friends, but it would be fun to play against someone that you have never played before. All of our spring meetings are coming up so let's take the time and share our sport. With that being said, I hope that everyone has a great spring meeting and enjoy your league play this summer.

Summit Meeting
On March 24th, we had our state summit and I believe it was very successful. We had 43 in attendance and we had a lot of interaction between clubs. Every club received a packet filled with important information they can use in the upcoming months. I think the theme for our summit was "Time to give a Damn". It is time we helped our association grow. It is time we care about building our club up to what it used to be. It is time that we help out at a tournament, at league or simply the upkeep of the courts. The more that people help, the easier it is for everyone to relax and have fun. Another point that was stressed at the meeting was communication. The more you share with the board about changes with your club, the better we can serve you. Your club leaders, league directors and tournament directors are working very hard for you. This is the year to Make Minnesota Horseshoes great again, and we can do it together. "It's time we give a Damn together!"
See you on the courts

Minnesota Mixer
"The Tournament that Gives a Damn"  

I would like to tell everyone about a new tournament to be held at the Forest Lake Club this summer. The date is June 2nd followed by the Bud Nelson Open on June 3rd.
The Minnesota Mixer is where a member of the MGSHPA brings a non-member as his or her partner for a doubles tournament. The cost is $50 per team ($25 of that will go to making your friend a new member of the MGSHPA). The remaining money will be prize money for the tournament. You will be seeded in the tournament off the members Natsats. So help our association and enter the Minnesota Mixer by May 25th. We will be taking the first 24 teams.
The Bud Nelson Open is June 3rd, cost is $30 per person. We will have a class for any new member from the MN Mixer who would like to play in this tournament. All and all, it will be a fun weekend of horseshoes.
Hope to see you there!
Greenfield Horseshoe Club News
by Jerry LaBrosse

     The GHC  just finished their 16th year as an NHPA sanctioned league. Jerry Smith, NHPA Sanctioned League Director, has gone to the "perpetual" plaques and will issue tags every 5 years. It's a beautiful plaque and will solve the same issues as our MN State Tournament  perpetual trophies.
This year we have Bill Marquette as the Monday Night champion, and Mark Smith as the Thursday night champ.
I have some other exciting news to share. Three of our league members have been honored  with national "top ten" awards 

Mark Smith - 6th high ringer average of 64.17% and 7th high game - 80%
Sara Otto - 3rd high game - 82.5% and 5th high ringer average of 61.24%
Jerry Hokkala - 10th high game - 78%

Congratulations - well done !

Mark, Sara, and Jerry

South VP
Robin Constance

I was out of town and was not able to attend the Summit. I've heard that it went well and I am pleased to hear that. As always, anyone that has any questions or concerns about anything horseshoes, please don't hesitate to contact me. If I can't help you, I will find the person who can.

See you on the courts

North VP     
Janet Larson

    I would like to thank all the clubs that took the time to participate in the summit meeting, we had a great turnout. I hope you were able to take home something positive from the meeting. If there was anything you wish we would have covered that we did not, please let us know so that we can get that information to you in the future.
     I have attempted to reach all of the leagues that are north of I94 via email. If you did not receive that email, please check your spam. If it is not there, please contact me with an email that might work better. I did not have a working email for the Morrison, Upsala or Wright clubs, so again if you could please give me an email contact I would greatly appreciate it. I want to be your first contact person if you are having any issues that need to be addressed or questions about anything. If I cannot answer your question, hopefully I will be able to get you in touch with someone who can.
     Besides having an email contact for each club, I would love it if each league would appoint a media person who would be willing to submit articles for the Ringer Digest. Please let me know who this person is for your league. It will be great to hear what is happening in your leagues. I hope you are all getting in gear for your summer pitching season and I want to wish you all the best of luck in your games. Hopefully I will get a chance to see many of you on a court somewhere throughout the summer.
Janet Larson
From the Statsman
Josh Olson


Hello everyone, just wanted to drop a note, I am taking over as the MGSHPA Webmaster.

Just so everyone knows if you have any information that you wish to have put on the website, Pictures, Tournament information, corrections anything like that, please reach out to me at [email protected] or my personal email is fine also [email protected]

    The following chart is compliments of NHPA Statistition       Mel Yockstick - CO

News Media Jottings
By Marlys Timm

     2018, a new year of horseshoe travels, which is what my New Year's Resolution is this year. Since joining the MGSHPA 30 years ago I have pitched in many tournaments but this year I am making it a priority of entering ones that I have never pitched in before.
      At the Summit  Meeting  I shared some News Media and promotion suggestions for a successful season.
Spring is right around the corner and that means horseshoe season is soon to follow. I'd like to stress again how important it is to recruit new members. As you're ending your bowling leagues, invite them to horseshoe pitching.

Other ways include:
Contact local schools
Place league contact info in Comm. Ed. Brochure
Announce spring meeting in local newspaper
List contact name in city newsletter
Mention your league in church newsletter
Place fliers on community bulletin boards
Place fliers at work & at your horseshoe pits
If you see people pitching at local parks, invite them to your league
Host a "Pre-season Open House" at the pits
Participate in your annual city celebration by holding a horseshoe event for both sanctioned and non- sanctioned pitchers.
It is so important to reach out in your community as we want to grow our membership.
Most of all we want to make new friends and what better way to do this then by inviting them to your courts.
In 2017 we moved our Tuesday evening league to Tuesday mornings which worked out well.
Rockford gained 15 new members by waiving our $20.00 club dues for 2017.
Now we will see how many return in 2018.

Marlys Timm
MGSHPA News Media Director
Cell 612-751-1525
Regional Director
By Jerry LaBrosse

2018 MGSHPA Tournament Director Guidelines  
Scheduling and Sanctioning Your Tournament
 We obviously would love to have the tournament schedule prepared for the year as early as possible. There are many charters that do this, and Minnesota used to be one of them. I would like to see MN be there again!  All we ask is that you establish a firm date for your event. The details can be modified later, but at least we can make the quick glance list on the website reflect your dates. Pitchers sometimes want the ability to plan their events well in advance, and we need to have the tournament list ready for them.
So when the Regional Director contacts you for this information, please cooperate and comply with his requests for information. The RD will supply you with your sanction certificate and patches at least one week prior to your event.
State Tournament Prize Fund
Remember:  The state bylaws require that for every Open sanctioned tournament pitched in MN, one dollar per entry is to be sent in to our state secretary Ann Hagman. Please don't make her chase you down for this fee. This money goes toward our state tournament prize fund.
HS Master
It is our goal to have EVERY TD in our charter using the HS Master program to run their tournaments. I want to know if there are any of you who do NOT run their event on HSMaster. Please contact me to discuss, we can help you. The benefits to using HSMaster are plentiful.
If anybody is interested in advertising in the Ringer Digest, have them send their request to [email protected]  
Promoting Your Event!
Your tournament will be listed on the state website. There is a "quick glance" list with abbreviated information, and then there are detailed listings under that. It is YOUR responsibility to review the listing for accuracy, so please do that!!
Your tournament will also be highlighted in the Ringer Digest. I plan to add the detailed listings and also the results directly into the body of the digest, not just a hyperlink to the website.
Some tournament information will also appear on the MN face book page.
Final Notes:
1)  Get your tournament scheduled early. Make sure you provide the RD with your detailed information for the website and Digest. 
2)  Once you have your pitching schedule made out, send a copy of it to me, the RD. I will make sure it gets placed on the website. This should be posted a minimum of one week prior to your tournament. If you fail to submit your schedule, you will be responsible to let your pitchers know what their pitching times are.
3)  After your tournament, you must process and submit your results to [email protected]
If you run your event on HSMaster, you can send the natstats report to the NHPA yourself if you wish.
All tournament directors should send their results to our state stats man Josh Olson, and he will process them to natstats, if you have not. Send results to Josh even if you sent them to natstats.
Josh needs the results for the pitcher of the year program, and also for the website.
My contact info:
Jerry LaBrosse
8170 Fern Lane
Greenfield,MN  55357
Bloomington Club News
By Gene Gross

       Our club reached another new high in membership in recent years to 45, up 4 from last year, as we had 14 new members. The Wednesday Night Team League,
consisted of 8 three person teams(with teams having four and even five members
for subs). We completed our season with a playoff on Sep 20, much later than usual because of so many rainouts on Wednesdays. The winners were Maxine Abeln, Elaine Dupont, Mary Knoblach and Jeannie White. Jay Tumberg had the best personal win/loss record with 16.5 wins and only 5.5 losses. Larry
Miller had the High Average of 42.08%. Larry Miller and Kelly Reardon tied for the High Game of 52%. Kelly also won The High Game Over Average with his 52% game with a 24.73% average. Wendee Martin won the Most Improved going from 9.60 to 15.33%. The Rookie of the Year award went to Pat Martin. Bill Lundholm again did a great job of the league secretarial duties.

     The Tuesday Night Singles League is a three 50 shoe game league.
Jim David repeated as champion in this league with 26 wins and 9
losses. Sara Otto finished in second place with 20 wins and 8 losses as she lost her last game by a nose. Sara had the High Average of 60.59% and the High Game of 78%. Wendee Martin had the High Game over Average with a 36% game with a 18.06% average. Rookie of the Year Award went to Bruce Colvet. Dave Wetzlich won the Most Improved going from 22.48% to 27.33%.

     We had a great turnout at our Year End Club Tournament. Kelly Reardon
won the Class A beating Robin Constance, who finished second. Lauri Tumberg
won the Class B title beating Randy Anderson. Scott Chalmers won Class C
beating Jeff Walker who had edged out Mary Knoblach by a fraction to place
second. Because of a great turnout we had a Class D for the second year in a
row with Craig Johnson beating Ryan Bordwell for first and second place.

     At our Banquet we recognized Vern Bolduc with the Player of the Year Award.
Vern at the age of 92. He says this was his last year.

From the Nominations  Director
By Joe Mueller

    Here are the MGSHPA nomination deadlines:

Hall of Fame - May 1st

Junior Honor Roll - May 1st

MGSHPA Scholarship - June 15th

Edi Holland Sportsmanship Award - August 1st

Rookie of the Year - August 1st

        Click here for printable nomination forms          Forms

Please submit all nomination forms to me at       [email protected] 

Junior Promotion

April Lynch

Attracting Kids (and Parents)

Even though most Americans have pitched horseshoes at some point in their life, most kids (and parents) are surprised to learn that Horseshoes is also an organized sport.  Once they do, they are pleased to also learn it is one of the most affordable, fun, simple yet challenging, healthful, and engaging lifelong competitive sports.  Your key to attracting youth is taking the most productive steps to access potential participants and their parents, and then sharing how they can benefit from participating in a youth league or tournament.

Top Ways to Promote

1- Family.  The quickest and simplest place to find kids is among current horseshoe pitcher families.  Not only is Horseshoes a lifelong sport, it is also a family sport and promotes higher levels of family satisfaction.  If there is a horseshoe pitching organization in your area, the kids and grand-kids of that group should be your first target.  They are already familiar, if not experienced with the sport.  Give youth league information fliers/registration forms to the adults to take home to their kids and to share with others they may come in contact with.
2- Friends.  If there are already some youth in your area pitching horseshoes, give them youth league invitations to share with their friends.  As a highly social sport kids will have more fun and fulfillment if some of their friends are also participating.  Be sure the kids share a social media announcement about the league with their friends online.
3- Schools.  Ask your local schools if the youth league can be added to a send-home flier about sport activities in your area.  You may be able to provide a full flier to the school that can be sent home with kids as well.  Many high schools can use Horseshoes as part of their "Lifetime" sports curriculum.  Provide teachers of this class with promotional information about your youth league to pass out to their students (you may be allowed to personally present  to the class).  If there is a home school group in your area, you may find that they are very interested and supportive.
4- Community.  Most cities and towns have bulletin boards, social media pages, mailing and/or email lists, with the purpose of providing notice to community members about community events.  They should be very accommodating in publicizing your youth league.  Additionally, some communities provide after school and 4-H clubs and for youth and are regularly looking for opportunities for their participants.
5- Churches.  Some church groups are already pitching horseshoes, many others are always on the lookout for wholesome activities for their youth.  Ask the church leadership if they would allow you to tell their youth about your league, and/or provide informational fliers.
6- Doctors.  Because horseshoes provides safe, moderate, non-impact exercise it is perfect for kids who may have become sedentary who need to put down the video games, get off the couch, and start getting more active.  Family Doctors and Pediatricians who understand the immense benefit organized horseshoes can provide will be very supportive and can recommend joining a youth horseshoe league to their patients as a means to improve health.  They may also allow you to leave fliers or a poster at their office (don't forget to ask of sponsorships ).
7- Businesses.  Some business have public bulletin boards where you can post a flier about your league, or they may allow you to leave a stack of fliers at a checkout counter or other heavy traffic areas in their business (don't forget to ask of sponsorships).
8- Online.  You can create an online presence to attract potential participants.  Social media outlets such as Facebook may help spread the word about your league over the internet. A website or page that provides general information including registration is highly recommended.

NHPF Benefit Tournament
by Jerry LaBrosse
     The NHPF Benefit Tournament was moved from Upsala to Greenfield because of the low number of entries. There were two classes of 7 players each. It was a very fun day.

            (L-R) Dick Dvorak, Jerry Werk, Bill Marquette, Marlys Timm, Ray Volkers, Sara Otto, Mark Smith

Dick, Mark, Ray

   (L-R) Lowell Johnson, Brian Wipper, EJ Messa, Dave Borschied, Robin Constance, Jeff Thompson, Mike Littell 

"Always remember that you are absolutely unique, just like everyone else."
Margaret Mead

Robin, EJ, Jeff

Isanti Horseshoe Club News
By Shawn Warnamunde

Th e Isanti Horseshoe Club is located at the Junction Bowl in Isanti along US Hwy 65, very easy to get to. Shawn Warnemunde is the Director there, and runs multiple leagues and tournaments throughout the winter. They then play their summer league outdoors. Here are some photos of the winners of the last two events played there.

Ice Hole Tournament Winners

Dick Dvorak, Shawn Warnamunde, Jim Aleckson

Leslie Marquardt, Bill Crieghton, Bill Nelson

Bill filed a protest because he didn't get 1st place, but he was again denied.

             Spring Fling Winners

Marlys Timm, Shawn Warnemunde, Ben LaCoursiere

Coming Events
Rhubarb Rumble
Where: Becker, MN
$30 Adults/ Juniors FREE
Russ Girtz
20575  187th Ave NW
Big Lake MN 55309

Isanti Spring Fling

Where: Isanti Indoor, Junction Bowl
$25/ juniors $5
TD: Shawn Warnemunde
Contact Info:
414 11th Ave NW

Isanti, MN 55040
[email protected]
Limited to FIRST 16 PAID,

Upsala Spring
Where: Upsala, MN
$30 Adults/ Juniors FREE
TD: Josh Olson
Contact Info:
PO BOX 353
BERTHA, MN 56437

Alexandria Open
Where: Alexandria, MN
$30 Adults
Gary Boots
Barrett, MN 56311
[email protected]
Eight Person Classes,
40 Shoe Games,
Rain Location "Bertha Lions Building"

Minnesota Mixer
Forest Lake VFW, Forest Lake, MN
Entry Fee Undecided YET
TD: Rick Wright
Contact info:
50586 Shorewood Circle
Rush City, MN 55069
[email protected]

West St. Paul Open
West St. Paul Courts
$25 Adults
TD: Patti Oakes
Contact Info:
2138 Williams St.
Roseville, MN 55113
[email protected]

Bud Nelson Open
Forest Lake VFW, Forest Lake, MN
$30 Adults
TD: Rick Wright
Contact info:
50586 Shorewood Circle
Rush City, MN 55069
[email protected]

Brooklyn Park Open
Brooklyn Park, MN
$30 Adults/ Juniors $5
TD: Jon Von Rysky
Contact Info:
4215 Xenia Ave N
Robinsdale, MN 55422
No Email address
50-50 Drawing, Concessions On Site

Bertha Open
Where: Bertha Lions Building
$30 Adults
TD: Josh Olson
Contact Info:
PO BOX 353
Bertha, MN 56437
[email protected]
2 SHIFTS 9AM and 1PM

Moorhead Open
Where: Moorhead, MN
$30 Adults/ Juniors $5
TD: Sandra Carlson
Contact Info:
PO BOX 101
Moorhead, MN 56561
[email protected]

Hibbing Open
Where: Hibbing, MN
$30 Adults
TD: Ray Pierce JR.
Contact Info:
12029 Cory Tracts Rd
Hibbing, MN 55746
[email protected]

th Annual Santiago Open
Where: Santiago, MN
$30 Adults
TD: Jim Aleckson
Contact Info:
12340 44th Ave SE
Becker, MN 55308
No Email

nd Annual Kolacky Day's
Where: Montgomery, MN
$30 Adults
TD: Richard David
Contact Info:
13232 Lake Ave
Montgomery, MN 56069
[email protected]
8 Person Classes,
40 Shoe GAMES Handicapped if NEEDED,
 Dicks Cell #- 507-330-3300

North Mankato Fun Days
Where: North Mankato, MN
$25 Adults/ Juniors Free
TD: Erwin Tischer
Contact Info:
55903 174th Ave
Good Thunder, MN 56037
[email protected]

MGSHPA Executive Board       MGSHPA Directors

Rick Wright
50586 Shorewood Circle
Rush City ,Mn 55069

North Vice President
Janet Larson
22651Co Rd 82 NW.
Evansville,MN 56326

South Vice President
Robin Constance
18273 Emerald Trail
Farmington, MN 55024


Ringer Digest Editor
Jerry LaBrosse
8170 Fern Lane
Greenfield,MN 55357

Josh Olson
PO Box 353
Bertha, MN 56437

Josh Olson
PO Box 353
Bertha, MN 56437

Nominations Director 
Joe Mueller
2057 152nd Lane
Ham Lake, MN 55304

Constitution and Bylaws
Gordy Schmidt
5631 187th St. W
Farmington, MN 55024

Promotion/News Media Director
Marlys Timm
4210 Woodhill Drive
Loretto ,MN 55357

Junior Promotions Director
April Lynch
25679 Friesland Ct
Wyoming, MN 55902

Communications Director
Jerry LaBrosse
8170 Fern Lane
Greenfield, MN 55357
[email protected]

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The MGSHPA is a charter member of the National Horseshoe Pitchers' Assocation (NHPA)