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January/February/March 2020
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NHPA Members,

I am pleased to announce (with Council approval) that Blaine Scott will be our new Newsline Editor replacing Rebecca Sidles who decided to step down affective 12/31/2019. 

On behalf of the NHPA Council, we would like to welcome Blaine to our team and look forward to working with him.

The Council would also like to thank Rebecca for her years of service and wish her the best.
Stu Sipma

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Help Wanted
Promotions/News Media Director
We are still looking for a motivated individual to scoop up this fantastic opportunity to serve your fellow pitchers and be a part of a great team. Job description is easy, to help direct promotional ideas throughout the charter. Being proficient at social media would be very helpful.
If you would like to know more about this position, please contact President Rick Wright 


Nomination Deadlines

Hall of Fame - May 1st      (includes Junior Honor Roll )
Junior Scholarship Award - May 1st
Edi Holland Sportsmanship Award - August 1st
Rookie of the Year - August 1st
Achievement Awards - August 1st

Nominations Director: Joe Mueller     Jmueller0822@msn.com


Rick Wright
From The Prez

Happy Holidays Everyone
I hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season with friends and family. With the New Year, brings another season of fun and horseshoe pitching. Now is a good time to check out the upcoming winter tournaments to help qualify for the Mn State and World Tournament to be held in Louisiana . The 2020 tournament schedule has been included in this issue. I would appreciate if all league director's would please be sure that all your members who do not have computer access receive a copy of this seasons schedule. Or you may direct them to contact myself or any of the officers and we would be happy to help them.
I wish everyone a Safe and Happy New Year!
See you on the courts

From the Stats Man - R/D - Webmaster
  By Josh Olson

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

     I hope everyone enjoyed the Holidays and got to spend time with family and friends. By the time you are all reading this, Christmas will have come and gone, and the 2020 Season will have officially begun. The 2020 season will kick off with the NHPF Benefit Tournament held at Jerry LaBrosse's Barn on Saturday January 25th. I am sure some spots are still available, contact Jerry if you want to pitch.
I am still waiting for some information from some Summer Tournament directors for your Tournament Dates and information, please contact me if you are looking for a specific date that you would like to hold your tournament.

     Somethings to look forward to in 2020, the World Tournament is in Monroe, West Monroe Louisiana. Remember to make sure you have your 4 Tournaments in by beginning of May so you can qualify, we have a tournament each month leading up to May and Dakota Magic will also be running in January and March. Speaking of Dakota Magic, we should be seeing a schedule soon for the 2020 January Tournaments, I am looking forward to going to Dakota Magic again this year and hope to see a good Minnesota representation like always!

     Team World will be right around the corner isn't to early to let me know if you would be interested in playing on a Team, Minnesota Charter will sponsor our 2 Top teams again this year, selection for those teams will be by Ringer Percentage, although there are some restrictions for assembling a team, each team needs at least 1-40 foot pitcher on a team of 4, if you choose to have a team of 5, then you will need 2-40 ft pitchers, the max number of 30 foot pitchers you can have is 3 per team.

     Well that is all from me for now, be on the lookout on the website and Facebook page for an updated Pitcher of the Year standings.

See you all on the courts!

South Vice President
Jerry LaBrosse
     Season's Greetings to All, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your families. As I write this it is raining quite hard in Greenfield ! Doesn't seem right for late December.
     I'd like to take this opportunity to put in an early plug for the world tournament next year In Monroe, LA. The dates are July 13-25, 2020 . The tournament was held there in 2011 and was a great event. If you like Cajun food it's awesome! I'm going to try and coordinate a quick trip down to New Orleans for the MN people. If anyone wants to golf while there, let me know.
   Remember that you need 4 sanctioned events by about May 15th to qualify to enter the world tournament. We are offering some indoor winter tournaments in Isanti and in Greenfield , check the schedule for details.
   With our membership numbers in a slow steady decline, I'd like to toss out a few random ideas for you all to ponder. First of all, there are several other sports experiencing the same slow decline, bowling to name one, But there are many reasons for these declines. Society has evolved to the point where people both young and old have endless options for activities. Growing up on the farm is much different these days.
   That doesn't mean we give up the effort to recruit new members. But we do this for the right reasons.....we want to expand our sport and make new friends and acquaintances. How do we do this? Obviously word of mouth has always been the most effective way to introduce someone to horseshoes. One way that has been proven to be successful I have written about many times after watching Marlys Timm have great success with it. Have your club host an "Introduction to Horseshoes" night at your club courts. Get the event published in your small town's local community education schedule. The City folks create and distribute that soon, so contact them asap.
   I hope you all have a safe and healthy winter

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