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Bob Dunn
NHPA Hall Of Fame
MGSHPA Hall Of Fame
NHPA Historian

Remembering Bob Dunn

Bob transitioned on September 26th, 2018 from injuries suffered in a traffic accident. 
Bob had a long and prosperous horseshoe career that spanned the local, state, and national levels. He was very active in MN charter activities during the 80's and 90's, serving as a vice president and other positions. He was the MN Historian for as long as I can remember, and was the co-creator of the MGSHPA Hall of Fame 
Bob wrote horseshoe history books as one of his passions. He has several published books documenting MN horseshoe characters and events.  He also had the world's largest and most complete collection of antique horseshoes in the world. Bob Dunn was one of the worlds foremost authorities on the history of our game and the pitching shoes.

I've invited folks to share stories or memories about Bob Dunn


Thoughts from Mel Yockstick, NHPA Statistician

I want to quote a famous hymn. You probably
know. It's called -I love to Tell The Story.
   I love to tell the story of unseen things above,  
   Of Jesus and his glory, Of Jesus and his love.
   I love to tell the story, because I know it's true,
   It satisfies my longing as nothing else will do.
Yes, God sent us Bob and he loved to write horseshoe stories. Bob was a master at writing books for us to enjoy and to reflect on our past horseshoe history.
Bob would call me now and then to provide him with pitching records on players he needed to insert in his books. One time he asked me to go to the Boulder, Co. library to the archives dept. and track down a story on a World Tournament Ted Allen pitched in the mid-fifties.
One project that he and I worked on together was the collection of
World Tournament Souvenir patches which are handed out each year.
He did create a board in the NHPA Hall of Fame building to display them. I hope to copy those and post them on the NHPA website soon. Bob also has displayed a large horseshoe collection in the HOF building.
The National Horseshoe Pitching Association will miss Bob's special presence and know that he will long be remembered as a driving force in presenting our past history.
Bob had a long journey while he was here. You can bet Bob
is typing away on the "Rest of the Stories". God Bless Bob!

Thoughts from Dick Dvorak

      I first met Bob Dunn in the late nineties.  I found him to be very enthusiastic about the growth and stability of the NHPA.  He was firm in his belief that the strength of the Association was with a solid and unified membership.  To that end I found him to be very committed to vigorously promoting the Association both for adults and especially for juniors. His early influence on me led me to understand necessity of a strong organization.  Even in terms of our own State Association  his presence and interest was   evidenced by his many contributions to our own Ringer Digest. His inspiring ideas, comments and suggestions that led Minnesota to the forefront of organized horseshoe pitching for so many years will be long remembered.


Thoughts from Mary  Matuke

This is from Steve and I. When Steve started playing, he will never forget that Bob always taught him proper pitching etiquette, Steve was always thankful for that. Bob was always congenial with people especially when they were new, and he was always a gentleman.
 Bob and I had many great games together. He would like his court as dry as can be, drove me crazy. My shoe would fly off courts but his would stay on.
One time I was out turning court, making it pretty and Bob just stood there laughing. I said what are you laughing at and he said thanks, that is the court I start on!!! You win Bob :)

 Thoughts from Jerry LaBrosse
     I have many good memories about Bob Dunn. We worked closely together on the Hall of Fame trailer years ago. Bob was also involved with many of the promotional events we conducted such as "Pitch and Win" and our Make a Wish Charity promos. He regularly visited my office to discuss various projects. Bob was a voice of reason in the horseshoe world and we had countless discussions on how to promote our sport. He passed the MN Historian title on to me several years ago as he became more involved with the NHPA Hall of Fame in Wentzville MO. I always enjoyed spending time with Bob while he was staffing his booth at the world tournaments.
If there's horseshoes in heaven, Bob will be writing a book about it :)

Meet Minnesota's Hall of Fame Members

(Back row L-R) Jerry LaBrosse, Bob Knudtson, Joe Mueller, Marvin Timm, Dick Dvorak, Harry Fillafer, George Nick, Erwin Tischer, Dick David, Rick Wright

(Front L-R) Al Larson, Janet Larson, Marlys Timm, Bonnie Holland, Lu Cave, June Nick, Rosie Tischer, Delores Preimesberger 

MGSHPA Annual Membership Meeting Minutes 

Sept 2nd, 2018
Attendees: 63
  1. Call to order
    1. Thank you to all the officers, ForestLake, PineCity, scorekeepers and judges.
  2. Minutes of last meeting; were approved
  3. Financial Report - Ann Hagman; report reviewed and approved
  4. Officer Reports
    1. South VP Robin
      1. Most of our tournaments are using HSMaster.
      2. We have lost a few members, but the clubs are running smoothly
    2. North VP Janet
      1. Junior leagues were well represented at state
    3. Media - Marlys
      1. Reminder, put articles into your local newspapers.
      2. Membership is dropping, we need to work together on growing
    4. Nominations - Joe
      1. Nominations are always needed, forms are on the website.
      2. We also have a scholarship, it's $200. Any member can submit for the scholarship, no age limit.
    5. By-laws - Gordy
      1. 9 proposed rule changes, 5 were passed. The next (after state tournament issue) will have a full write up of the new rules and what parts of our By-laws will need to be edited.
    6. Jr Director - April
      1. I made one call to a radio station to get them out to our tournament. It was that simple.
      2. The kids at state did awesome and had a great time.
      3. There is a national facebook page just for kids, just click to join and Aleena will approve you.
    7. Stats, website, facebook - Josh
      1. I encourage feedback on the website, my number and email are there for you to contact me
      2. I can track all the facebook activity on our page.
      3. Tournament directors, remember to send me the stats for results; pitcher of the year and posting results.
    8. Ringer Digest & Report - Jerry
      1. TD's did well sending in schedules, I want to get the schedule for next year settled by the end of the year
      2. Digest: special State Tournament issue coming out in the next 2 weeks. 4 digests plus 1 State tournament issue. Encourage members to sign up for the mailing list; this is free.
  5. State Tournament - 2019-2020; Hibbing will be hosting
  6. State Doubles; Ray Pierce Jr; kick off party Friday. Saturday run the tournament, Sunday we will have a breakfast. We have some local celebrities coming out for a tournament Sunday.
  7. Unfinished Business; None
  8. New Business
    1. Internet access: A lot of our elders do not have computers. Maybe we could put out a mailer at the beginning of the year with the tournament schedule.
      1. This will be discussed by the board.
    2. State tournament Labor day weekend: ND tried changing their state tournament to 1 week earlier with no increase in attendance noted
      1. Membership increase: we should reach out to established groups/leagues; bar leagues, bean bags, etc.
  9. Election of North and South VP
    1. Both North and South are stepping down. Interested and involved people are important. I have appreciated these two greatly. Appreciation awards handed out to Janet and Robin.
    2. Announcement: Jerry LaBrosse is stepping down from RD, Josh Olson has been appointed and approved to become our new RD.
    3. South VP: Jerry LaBrosse is appointed and approved
    4. North VP: Eric Dehkes is appointed and approved
    5. Secretary/Treasure: Ann will remain for the next 3 years
    6. Next year is the presidential election. I will definitely be stepping down next year. There are a couple of prospects, so we should be in good hands. I will still be around just pitching and not running anything.
  10. Open Forum
    1. George Nick: thank you to past presidents and VP's in the association, you have done a great job.
    2. Stan Barney: will the prize fund ever be raised?
      1. Rick: This is something we are always working on. We are open to ideas.
    3. Rick Wright: as a horseshoe player and TD.
      1. I see a lack of nominations for awards.
      2. TD's need people to send in money, they need the money up front, so we need to go back to the fundamentals and run things right.
      3. We need more people to step up, it's always a handful of people that step up. If people came forward more freely it would benefit us all
      4. Each club is run differently, but we can all pitch in and help with court maintenance.
      5. We need to step in and help each other so we can grow as a charter.
    4. Marlys: you can talk to local businesses for perks. We were able to give out $25 gift certificate for every entry.
    5. Robin Constance: I signed up online this year, and it was pretty easy.
    6. Jerry LaBrosse: Jukskei court is set up outside, come out and we will show people how it works.
    7. World Tournament this year: Rob Hagman received a presidential award and Jerry LaBrosse was inducted into the National Hall of Fame
    8. Janet Turner: asking for people to help out tomorrow. At the end of the tournament. It would be helpful to level off the pits and cover them.
  11. Meeting adjourned
Submitted by Ann Hagman

            MGSHPA Executive Board Meeting 10/20/2018                  
 Top left CCW: Gordy Schmidt, Jerry LaBrosse, Rick Wright, Ann Hagman, Marlys Timm, Eric Dehkes, Josh Olson, Joe Mueller

                            MGSHPA Executive Fall Board Meeting
                                         Saturday, Oct 20th, 2018
In attendance - Rick, Ann, Jerry, Eric, Josh, Gordy, Joe, Marlys and Rob

     Meeting was called to order by President Rick Wright at 10:05 am. Rick welcomed everyone and thanked them for giving up their Saturday. Motion was made to accept the minutes of the last meeting as printed in the digest. Motion passed. Ann gave the financial report. We have $8816.00 in the bank with all bills paid from the State Tournament except for the perpetual trophy expense. The new 2019 cards are here and when your new card is issued the number of years you have been an active member will be on it. Our final total of adult member is 622. Eric Dehkes, North VP had an idea for new members. Any new member can play any scheduled tournament (except for State and State Doubles) free for 1 year. Motion was made and approved. Eric will write something for the next digest. He also had an idea of a fun tournament (non sanctioned) to sell tickets to benefit the MGSHPA.
Jerry, South VP said that any and all tournaments have to be advertised, whether the website, facebook or statewide email. Recommendation at least 1 week notice. It was also proposed that if you are in a league and have 600 shoes that could get you into our state tournament. Jerry said he would draft a proposal to present it at the Spring meeting.
Marlys, Media Director proposed oval window stickers to hand out with the membership cards - 3x5. The idea was approved.
     Joe, Nominations Director said people are already talking about nominations. The Hall of Fame trailer will be done for spring.
     Josh, Statistician, Web Master, Regional Director talked about the Top Ten Awards do not include the World, State or Doubles. Rick thought they should be counted in the Top Ten. Proposal made that 10 pts each for World, State and Doubles. Motion passed. Josh is in the process of putting new pictures on the website. The 2019 Tournament Schedule is coming along good. He plans on sending the complete schedule to every league director. He also reported NHPA banners are available. There was discussion and the board decided to get every club their banner. He also mentioned this is court re-sanctioning year and that it is not required to have clay. Josh is working on ordering all the tournament patches for next year.
     Jerry, Digest Editor said that if anyone had something to say about Bob Dunn, he would print it in the digest as a tribute. He also said the digest for the year 2019 will be quarterly with a special State issue. And that if anyone would like to be our digest editor to contact him.
     Gordy, C & BL Director announced that the constitution and Bylaws were getting up to date with the new laws from the NHPA. He also said that he will work with Rick and Jerry to revise our C & BL to present it to the membership for approval.
In general discussion, the board wants to make sure we support Genola by having 1 or more tournaments to be held there. The board also passed a proposal to give $1200 to the prize fund for the State Tournament. This proposal will be reviewed on an annual basis.
Rick gave a report on the 2018 state tournament. Both clubs (Pine City and Forest Lake) made money on both tournaments. Rick also mentioned the State Tournament will be moving to Hibbing and that we should check out our portable courts and trailer to get it moved to Hibbing. After much discussion, a motion was made to do away with the Traveling Trophy at the State tournament. Motion passed.
     Rick made a proposal that the $1200 that we give the host club should be raised to $1500. Motion passed. As for the Doubles, we are looking for a host club and hold it in Genola. The host club can pick the date. It was also discussed that there should not be any special qualifications to play in the doubles. MGSHPA will continue to donate patches with the name change "Minnesota Doubles".
Meeting adjourned
Thank you Ann for taking the minutes.
From the Editor
By Jerry LaBrosse
We will once again be fine tuning the publishing schedule of the Ringer Digest  that was discussed and approved at the fall board meeting. The 5 issues will be :
Special State Tournament Issue

Another thing I would like to remind everyone about is making sure everyone is receiving the Ringer Digest, and the free NHPA Newsline magazine. Ask your fellow club members, especially the newer members, if they are getting these two publications. It's important to our overall success to have as many of our members on our distribution list. Here are the links to sign up for these fine magazines. It's free and very simple. Forward to future members and whomever you think may enjoy them.

As always, if you have any interest in learning how the Ringer Digest is produced and published, feel free to contact me any time.

One last thing......Happy and Safe Holidays to all of you !!!

Rick Wright
From the Prez

Hey Everyone,
Well another State Tournament is in the books and I would like to congratulate all of the winners. I would like to thank all the officers and directors for putting on another successful tournament. The competition was great, the food and drink was good and we had a very nice turnout at the banquet. Thank you   Cathy Ziemann for all the fun and entertainment all weekend during the tournament and the banquet. The scavenger hunt and the interactive team games were another fun way to compete and learn more about our fellow pitchers and friends.
The State meeting went well but there were a couple more things I wanted to say before we ran out of time. I would like to share a few thoughts in this letter. Like I said at the meeting, this upcoming year will be my 13th year as your president and in the last few years I have tried to figure out why our MN association keeps declining in membership. I feel the officers have tried various attempts to boost our membership. We have held membership drives, special events at the fair grounds, club incentives, newspaper articles you name it. I am thinking that as officers (and we have great officers) have pretty much exhausted our ideas. We as a board cannot grow our association on our own. We need you, the players, to step up with ideas. Share our sport with family, friends, co-workers, winter bowling buddies or anyone else and tell them about organized horseshoes. Tell them about the competition, the leagues, the tournaments, the State and World Tournament and how inexpensive it is to play for the year. We really need your help. I understand that membership is down all over the US but Minnesota has always been a leader so let's work together and be the example. I believe that we are the best and it is because of you our pitchers, so let's prove it one more time that we are Leaders in our great sport.
Our State Tournament is on the move and I would really like to thank the Hibbing Horseshoe Club for taking it on for 2019/2020. Let's all show Hibbing our best. Remember that you need 3 qualifying events to enter in the state tournament Labor Day weekend. So check out our winter tournament schedule.
  Look forward to seeing you on the courts this winter

Rockford Ringers Horseshoe League
By Marlys Timm
       RR awards and pot luck was held at RiversidePark on Weds Sept 12thwith around 25 in attendance. Tuesday league champ was Marlys Timm going 24.5-7.5 and Wednesday league champ was Mike Maguire going 33-7.  Tuesday league rookie of the year was Sara Otto, Mary Denzin most improved, Sara Otto hi avg of 42.81%, Mike Timm hi game over avg, Tyler Condon hi game, and Marlys Timm, the sportsmanship award, voted by her peers.  Wednesday league rookie of the year was Bryan Coles, Lori Klein most improved, Dave Borscheid hi avg of 30.89%, Logan Dobbelaire and Carl Jarnig tied for hi game over avg, Mike Maguire for hi game, and Ron Fadden, the sportsmanship award, voted by his peers. Todd Skeide and Pete Klein received 10 yr NHPA membership patches and Merry Lanars received her Class Champion patch. 
     MGSHPAState tourney participants at Genola were recognized.  Marv Timm, Elders Class F went 5-2 and captured first place, Tyler Condon, Cadet Class A,  went 3-2 and placed second, Justice Martin, Cadet Class A took third and   Mary Denzin, Womens Class D went 3-2 and took third.  Ron Fadden, Mike Littell, and Marlys Timm also participated at State however they did not fare as well and didn't place. At the state awards banquet Mike Littell received a plaque for 10th place with 35 points in the Top Ten MGSHPA Pitcher of the Year awards and Marlys Timm also received a plaque for coming in second with 62 points in the top ten.  Members receive points throughout the year which are determined by how they placed in the tourneys they entered. Tyler Condon was named MGSHPA Junior pitcher of the year and received a plaque.  Our club is very proud of all our junior pitchers.

From the State Secretary
By Ann Hagman
Greetings to all pitchers! I already have 45 renewals in for 2018, the cards this year are white. I want to make sure everyone knows that members earn longevity patches for 10, 20, 30, 40, etc. years of active membership. This is cumulative, not necessarily consecutive. I am adding a note to each card this year to let folks know how many years a they have been an active member. Please let me know if the number I have is incorrect, or if you are past a 10 year mark and did not receive a patch. I am happy to help make sure these details are recorded correctly!
An updated membership renewal form will soon be posted to the website; edited to include the new types of membership, provisional and trial. A trial member will not be issued a card, but I will need their information to keep track that they are only participating in 1 event/league. Wishing everyone a happy Autumn as we collectively prepare to keep ourselves as warm as we can!

Regional Director 

By Josh Olson

Hello Everyone, I hope everyone had a great and successful Spring/Summer season, it is hard to believe that the year has come and gone, and we are already looking towards 2019!
By now most of you know I, Josh Olson, took over as the Regional Director, Jerry LaBrosse has stepped down to take the South Vice Presidents spot from Robin Constance, and that opened up
the Regional Director position, as the Stats man, I felt like it would be a good position that I could undertake along with my duties as Stats Man. SO for you tournament Directors PLEASE
PLEASE get me your information, I have sent an email regarding dates and information like that. I am hoping that with all your help (Tournament Directors) we can get the 2019 
Tournament Schedule created before the end of 2018. Remember to give me details, I need to know when the tournament will be scheduled, when you want the deadline to be, 
how much will the entry fee be, are there mixed classes? any kind of detail that you can give, and feel is important, I will also be putting this information on the website as well. 
Going back to the idea of getting the Tournament schedule DONE before Christmas, I would really like to make this happen, so we can create a printed one-time schedule for all members at the beginning of the year.
I am excited to be the new Regional Director, have already got in touch with the new NHPA 5th VP Dalton Rakestraw who is in charge of the Regional Directors, we have talked patches,
Sanction Tournament Certificates, and League Sanction Certificates, Speaking of Court sanctioning...this coming year 2019 is a re-court sanctioning year, there are some guidelines that will need to be followed, 
for example, if you don't have any 30 foot platforms you will need to have at least 3 courts with 30 foot platforms, details and more can be found by reading the NHPA Rules and Bylaws. 
If you feel like your courts need to be re-checked please let me know and we can work together to measure everything and look over the courts.
The NHPA is running a promo for fence banners to attract the public to your clubs. The MGSHPA board of Directors has approved the project and will pay for banners to be distributed to all clubs
Last Thoughts
Do you know where the World tournament is next year? Wichita Falls, Texas. Are you making plans to pitch in the World Tournament? Do you have enough Tournaments to qualify?
Remember, you need 4 Events prior to the May Deadline. Plenty of Opportunities to come this winter to make sure you get qualified. Also remember that all sanctioned tournaments must be advertised in advance. If any TD's decide to run such an event, contact me IN ADVANCE of your event and we will arrange to advertise it via the statewide email system. 

Dates for the 2019 World Tournament are July 22nd- August 3rd. 

From the Stats Man
By Josh Olson

  Top 10 pitcher of the year, does not count league or World Tournament Play. We have several that participate in out of state tournaments as well, these are not currently counted. 
A Proposed change: 10 points for World tournament, double for state tournament singles/doubles. Plan would be to keep the normal scoring system for the rest of the Minnesota sanctioned (Scheduled) events as well.  
1 point for Participation for all who enter & show up.

3 points for 3rd place
5 points for 2nd place
7 points for 1st place
The proposed change will allow those who go to the World tournament and those that participate in State Tournament (Singles and Doubles) every year a little more incentive for the Pitcher of the Year race.
10- Points for going to World.
Double point for State Tournament (2 for Participating, 6 for 3rd place finish, 10 for 2nd place, 14 for 1st) This is for 8 person classes. Contact me with any questions.

South Vice President
Jerry LaBrosse

      As most of you know, I have been appointed to the position of South Vice President. The clubs I will be representing are: Greenfield, Kilkenny, Litchfield, Montgomery, North Mankato, Rochester, Rockford, Dan Patch/Savage, St Michael, and West St Paul. In the weeks and months ahead, I will be in contact with each and every one of these clubs to chat about ways to make their clubs better.  In the meantime, if there are any questions or concerns among any of these listed clubs, please feel free to contact me at any time. 

North Mankato wraps up another Successful Season !
By Brian Duenow 

      The North Mankato Horseshoe Club wrapped up their 2018 season with an End of the Year Awards Banquet on September 17th at the Mankato Eagles Club. In attendance were 90 pitchers, spouses and team sponsors. Medallions were handed out to each pitcher in the top 3 teams in each division. In Division 1, Tire Associates placed 1st, Wayne's World 2nd & Northwest Gas 3rd. In Division 2, Hromadko Construction placed 1st, PUB 500 2nd & Mapleton Marine 3rd. We gave out Player of the Year plaques to one pitcher on each team and one Overall Player of the Year in each division. Lyndee Nohner earned the Overall Player of the Year in Division 1 and Joshua Lane in Division 2. The Achievement Award for the best win/lost record went to Wayne Davis in Division 1 & Cecilia Elmore & Mike Hromadko in Division 2. The Rookie of the Year plaques went to Mike Beckmann & 90-year-old Carl Bloedel in Division 1, Brad Stinocher in Division 2. John Anderson was the Junior Rookie of the Year & Koby Kopishke was the Cadet Rookie of the Year. For the 1st time ever a Presidential Award was given. Wayne Hohenstein was recognized for his dedication to the North Mankato Horseshoe Club. Because of health reasons, Wayne was unable to pitch this year but still brought in a new team with 1 cadet, 5 juniors & 2 adults. Wayne managed 2 teams and attend every night of play and did all the book work. The Club handed the following National Awards: High Game: Division 1: Don Swift 31 ringers, Division 2: Dale Flowers & Zen Albrecht 18 ringers. High Average: Division 1: Steve Miller 38.65%, Division 2: Dale Flowers 22.29%. High Game Over Average: Division 1: Steve Miller 21.35%, Division 2: Joshua Lane 18.65%. Most Improved: Division 1: Steve Miller +7.40%, Division 2: Joshua Lane +4.35%. The 2018 season was a great success and looking forward to the 2019 season.

Division 1: 1st Place
Brian Duenow, Ken Neidecker, Erwin & Rosie Tischer, Linda Duenow, Ben & Becky Bailey

Division 1: 2nd Place
Steve Miller, Bob Klein, Wyman Forbrook, Wayne Davis, not pictured Darby Rasmussen, Lonnie Frank & Michael Klein

Division 1: 3rd place
Marv Akkerman, Duane Anderson, Donald Landsteiner, Dale Grunzke, not pictured Harold Schrader, Mike Lawrence

Division 2: 1st Place
Mike Hromadko, Tom & Trenton Thissen, Doug Nielsen, Nick Lane, not pictured Robert Honsey, Ronald Lane & Randy Albrecht.

Division 2: 2nd Place
Warren Albrecht, Dustin Nielsen, Roger Gersch, Zen Albrecht, Joshua Lane, Mike Frederick, not pictured Michaela Albrecht
Division 2: 3rd Place
Steve Culhane

Division 1: Player of the Year
Mona Shumski, Lyndee Nohner, Linda Duenow, Steve Miller, Dale Grunzke, not pictured Tom Maus

Division 2: Player of the Year
Dale Flowers, Mike Hromadko, Joshua Lane, Shawn Burger, not pictured Ashton James & Riley Petty

Achievement Awards
Cecilia Elmore, Wayne Davis & Mike Hromadko

Rookie of the Year
Carl Bloedel, Mike Beckmann, Brad Stinocher, John Anderson & Koby Kopishke

Tournament Info


Dick Dvorak
Caption Contest
You didn't think we'd forget about the contest did you?

Honorable Mention
"I've always wanted to be a cheerleader"
"I'm too sexy for my body"
"Modeling men's sportswear for Nike"
"Mr Horseshoe 2018"
"what score is that hand signal for?"
"where are all the boys at?"

And the winner is >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
 see below the horseshoe pitcher........scroll down
MGSHPA Executive Board                      MGSHPA Directors

Rick Wright
50586 Shorewood Circle
Rush City ,Mn 55069

PO Box 353
Bertha, MN 56437

North Vice President
Eric Dehkes
18923 North Lake Ln
Pine City, MN  55063
(320) 420-4821
South Vice President
Jerry LaBrosse
8170 Fern Lane
Greenfield, MN 55357

And the winning Dvorak Caption is :
"My Double Ringer Dance....I only get to do it once or twice a tournament"
Ringer Digest Editor
Jerry LaBrosse
8170 Fern Lane
Greenfield,MN 55357

Josh Olson
PO Box 353
Bertha, MN 56437

PO Box 353
Bertha, MN 56437

Nominations Director 
Joe Mueller
2057 152nd Lane
Ham Lake, MN 55304

Constitution and Bylaws
Gordy Schmidt
5631 187th St. W
Farmington, MN 55024

Promotion/News Media Director
Marlys Timm
4210 Woodhill Drive
Loretto ,MN 55357

Junior Promotions Director
April Lynch
25679 Friesland Ct
Wyoming, MN 55902

Communications Director
Jerry LaBrosse
8170 Fern Lane
Greenfield, MN 55357
[email protected]

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