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November/December 2019
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Help Wanted
Promotions/News Media Director
We are looking for a motivated individual to scoop up this fantastic opportunity to serve your fellow pitchers and be a part of a great team. Job description is easy, to help direct promotional ideas throughout the charter. Being proficient at social media would be very helpful.
If you would like to know more about this position, please contact President Rick Wright 


Nomination Deadlines

Hall of Fame - May 1st      (includes Junior Honor Roll )
Junior Scholarship Award - May 1st
Edi Holland Sportsmanship Award - August 1st
Rookie of the Year - August 1st
Achievement Awards - August 1st

Nominations Director: Joe Mueller     Jmueller0822@msn.com

Bob Dunn"s Legacy
      For those of you who did not know, NHPA  Hall of Famer Bob Dunn had one of the largest collections of antique horseshoes in the world. He also wrote many horseshoe history books. After Bob recently passed away, we wanted to be sure that his collection had continued purpose. After retrieving over 1550 shoes from Bob's home in Brooklyn Park, I am happy to relay that Bob's shoes are going to all be utilized at the Hall of Fame in Wentzville MO. The rarer shoes will be on display, and many of the more common shoes will actually be pitched by locals down in the Wentzville area. Here is a small sample of his shoes getting sorted for display.

Traveling Team Idea
Ray Pierce Jr from the Hibbing Horseshoe Club is formulating an idea that would create a traveling Club team competition. It would be something that would be carefully coordinated and go throughout the summer, with the winning teams being recognized at the state tournament banquet. 
Stay tuned for more information on this idea in the January Ringer Digest

Obituary - Jim Beyer
12/15/1936 - 10/15/2019 Age 82 years
Jim was a proud member of the NHPA, MGSHPA, and the Brooklyn Park Horseshoe Club for many years and was a friend to all.

Hibbing News
By Ray Pierce Jr
     The Hibbing Horseshoe Hall of Fame Committee inducted two new members Tuesday October 1st at a ceremony held at the Hibbing Algonquin Club. Don "Toby" Neuenschwander and Richard Bussey join Hall of Fame Members Andy Paglarini, Harold Benson, Bill Grillo, James Rebrovich, Charles Straffacia, Arnold "Peg" Maki, Ben Leighton and Jerry LaBrosse. Ray Pierce Jr presented the award to Don Neuenschwander and Tina Bussey gave a teary-eyed heartfelt presentation to her father Rich Bussey.

"It has become my favorite thing of the Horseshoe Season", said committee chairman Ray Pierce Jr. "Recognizing our fellow pitchers and pioneers of our sport." "It is truly an honor for me to be a part of the Hall of Fame." 

          Don "Toby" Neuenschwander and Richard Bussey  
                                  Junior Promotion   
                                                              By April Lynch                                
Here are the profile stories for three of our up and coming junior pitchers. We can all be proud of our juniors, the future of our sport !! I encourage any and all of you to contact me regarding junior profiles, or any junior issues. Let's get our juniors recognized !!!

Justice - Dominik - Tyler

Justice Martin is 11 years old and is a 6th grader at Grandview Middle School in Mound Mn. Justice started pitching horseshoes 3 years ago. He throws a flip shoe and is a member of the Rockford Ringers. Other family members that play are Tyler Condon, Mike, Daryl, and Michael Littell. His parents are Angie Littell and Dennis Martin. When asked what Tyler's favorite part of pitching horseshoes was he said it's traveling to World Tournaments like Utah and South Carolina and winning Class A in Alex. Some of Justice's biggest horseshoe accomplishments are a 50% game twice, the award for Junior Top 10 in 2018 from the NHPA and playing in the Class A Cadet division in world this last summer in South Carolina. Justice also enjoys playing Football, playing trumpet and going to the skate park. Just recently in Football he had 3 touchdowns one of them was a 40-yard run. Also had a 2-point conversion and 6 tackles! His favorite food is Orange Chicken. 

Dominik Littell is 6 years old and is a 1st grader at Shirley Hills Elementary in Mound Mn. Dominik started pitching horseshoes this year. He throws a flip shoe and is a member of the Rockford Ringers. Other family members that play are Tyler Condon, Justice Martin, Mike, Daryl, and Michael Littell. His dad is Daryl Littell. He has two brothers Michael and Austin Littell and his sister is Morgan Levesque. When asked what Dominik's favorite part of pitching horseshoes was he said it's being with family! Dominik also enjoys playing T-Ball, fishing, boating and going to the Skate Park. His favorite food is Mac & Cheese.

Tyler Condon  is 13 years old and is an 8th grader at Annandale Middle School. Tyler started pitching horseshoes 3 years ago. He throws a flip shoe and plays in Santiago and a member of the Rockford Ringers. Other family members that play are Justice Martin, Mike, Daryl, Michael and Dominik Littell. Tyler's dad is Kyle Schutte and his sisters name is Beccah. When asked what Tyler's favorite part of pitching horseshoes was he said it's traveling to World Tournaments with his grandpa for his summer vacation. Tyler enjoys listening to the country music that his grandpa's plays on their trips. Some of Tyler's biggest horseshoe accomplishments are finishing 2nd in Cadet B in the 2018 World Tournament, Cadet State Champ in Mn, and Junior Pitcher of the Year in Mn last year. Tyler also enjoys playing Football and his favorite food is pasta. 

Rick Wright
From The Prez

Hey Everyone,
Well we are coming to the end of the 2019 pitching season and I would like to thank all of you that participated in our tournaments this year. We were down just a bit for the State Tournament held in Hibbing . The Hibbing Club did an excellent job hosting the tournament. The banquet was held at Grandma's Bar & Grill. The food was very good and a Special Thanks to the Rocky and Ray Jr for extending our entertainment that night, it was ALOT of fun! I encourage anyone who did not make this year to make plans to attend in 2020. The hospitality of the Hibbing Club was over the top and I guarantee you will have a good time. Congratulations to all the Winners that attended any of our tournaments this year and to our new State Champion, Eric Dehkes. I would like to also thank, Eric, Josh and Joe for running the MN Doubles Tournament held in Forest Lake . They had a good turn out and even though there was a short rain delay, it was a fun time. Be sure to check out our Winter Schedule and Dakota Magic tournament. Be sure to sign up early as they fill up fast.
With that being said, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Safe Holiday Season!
See you on the courts!

North Mankato News
By Brian Duenow

     The North Mankato Horseshoe club held their Fun Days Tournament on July 13th & 14th at Wheeler Park where we had 36 entries. Our own Clem Gilbertson won Class A with a 4 & 1 record. 
     We held our 29th Annual Celebrity Horseshoe Tournament on July 12th where the North Mankato officials defeated the Mankato officials by 1 game. 
     Our club tournament was held August 17 with 40 entries. Richard Hunstad defeated Bon Klein in a play off for Class A. We wrapped up 2019 season with an End of the Year Awards Banquet on September 16th at the Mankato Eagles Club. In attendance were 97 pitchers, spouses and team sponsors. Medallions were handed out to each pitcher in the top 3 teams in each division. In Division 1, Northwest Gas placed 1st, Tire Associates 2nd & Wayne's World 3rd. In Division 2, Hromadko Construction placed 1st, Mapleton Marine 2nd & R Henry 3rd. We gave out Player of the Year plaques to one pitcher on each team and one Overall Player of the Year in each division. Bob Klein earned the Overall Player of the Year in Division 1 and Nick Lane in Division 2. The Achievement Award for the best win/lost record went to Duane Anderson in Division 1 with a 30 & 6 record & Richard Hunstad in Division 2 with a 20 & 6 record. The Rookie of the Year plaques went to Dave Klein in Division 1, Annette Feistner in Division 2. Jake Tosenson was the Junior Rookie of the Year & Rhyan Thomas was the Cadet Rookie of the Year. This year's Presidential Award was given to Harold Schrader & Wayne Davis in recognition of their dedication to the North Mankato Horseshoe Club. The Club handed the following National Awards: High Game: Division 1: Linda Duenow 31 ringers, Division 2: Cecilia Elmore 22 ringers. High Average: Division 1: Don Swift 38.40%, Division 2: Richard Hunstad 29.15%. High Game Over Average: Division 1: Linda Duenow 27.47%, Division 2: Cecilia Elmore 24.40%. Most Improved: Division 1: Ken Neidecker +5.49%, Division 2: Nick Lane +5.89%. The 2019 season was a great success and looking forward to the 2020 season.

Fun Days Class A
2nd Don Swift, 1st Clem Gilbertson 3rd Jim Aleckson 


Fun Days Class B
3rd Mike Littell, 1st Bob Klein, 2nd Justice Martin 

Division 1: 1st Place Northwest Gas
Donald Landsteiner, Dale Grunzke, Mike Lawrence, Duane Anderson, Ron Swift, Harold Schrader & not pictured Marv Akkerman

Division 2: 1st Place Hromadko Construction
Nick Lane, Randy Albrecht, Mike Hromadko, Tom Thissen, Doug Nielsen, not pictured Ronald Lane & Trenton Thissen

Division 1: Player of the Year
Zen Albrecht, Lyndee Nohner, Bob Klein, Ken Neidecker, & Duane Anderson, & not pictured Kevin Plath

Division 2: Player of the Year
Koby Kopishke, Dave Wojciechowski, Cecilia Elmore, Dale Flowers, Zachary Fuhrman & Nick Lane

Overall Player of the Year
Division 1 Bob Klein, Division 2 Nick Lane

Achievement Awards
Richard Hunstad & Duane Anderson

Rookie of the Year
Dave Klein, not pictured Jake Tosenson, Rhyan

Presidential Award
Harold Schrader with President Ken Neidecker

Presidential Award
Wayne Davis with President Ken Neidecker

Helen Hawkinson
Profiles by Helen
By Helen Hawkinson

Hello, I am going to be spotlighting a different Minnesota pitcher in each issue of the Ringer's Digest. If you have any suggestions on people you would like to see in the spotlight - please send me an email at hharleyhawk28@gmail.com. The first MN pitcher is:

Michelle Foard
     Welcome aboard! Michelle is a newcomer to the sanctioned level of horseshoes but is not new to the sport. She lived in Blaine for most of her childhood years and currently lives in Fridley. She has interests outside of horseshoes and one of her passions is her dogs. She has 2 dogs named Willie and Bandit and they are Pit Bull mix and Chihuahua. She supports the pit bull rescue organization and loves animals. However, she is most passionate about competitive jumping (the dogs jumping not her) - and she assists her good friend in working with her dogs in the North America Diving Dogs. Besides competing in Minnesota they travel to Wisconsin and even Colorado to compete.

Michelle played slow pitch softball as a pitcher throughout her youth. I asked her how she was introduced to horseshoes and she said graduation parties, backyard parties, just here and there. Until one day her girlfriend asked her to join her in a non-sanctioned doubles league at the Coon Rapids American Legion because her friend had the hots for a horseshoe pitcher who played. Since she enjoyed playing she gave it a try. And that's all it took. She has been pitching since 2002 at bar leagues - Coon Rapids American Legion, Champlin American Legion, Ham Lake sand leagues and Isanti Rodeo days. Michelle played against 90% men on these leagues and every week it was a different partner. She started pitching 40 feet distances until she found out women can pitch at 30 feet. She laughed as she said she enjoys beating the men! She plays 3-4 times a week but has never been sanctioned until last year. Thanks to Joe Mueller and Eric Dehkes who convinced her to get sanctioned and to sign up for Minnesota State Singles -- she not only competed -- but played well enough in Class B to be moved up to the Championship Tournament on Monday and placed 5th in the Championship Class with an average of 40.17%!

Her goals are to improve her average and be good enough to win the MN State Tournament someday. Whether playing singles or doubles she wants to learn to be consistent and pitch 2 ringers each time.

We are fortunate to have found a passionate competitor to join the horseshoe family, and I am very glad to call her my friend.

Michelle Foard
Rockford Ringer Club News
 By Marlys Timm
     Our end of yr Awards and pot luck was held for the Rockford Ringers Horseshoe Club on Weds Sept 11 at Riverside Park .
     Tuesday morning league had Marv Timm taking first place, followed by Mike Timm, Marlys Timm & newcomer Bob Menk capturing fourth. High Game of 57.50% and high game over average by 31.00% patches went to Marlys Timm, 12 yr old Justice Martin had high league average of 28.27% plus he also received a 40% patch.
Bob Menk of Buffalo was most improved +5% and he attained a 20% patch and the Rookie of the year patch. Sportsmanship award was voted on by Tuesday league members with Marlys Timm receiving it.
     Wednesday night league winners had once again Mike Maguire taking first place , followed by Debi Pool, Bryan Coles, and Gary Falde. High average 24.94% and high game of 45% went to Mike Maguire. High game 21.64 % over average was Lori Klein of Buffalo , most improved Mike Wright +5.81%, Rookie was Mike McGhee. First yr pitchers Tim Hughes got his 10% patch, Michael McGhee got a  20% patch, and Bryan Coles a 30% patch. Sportsmanship award was voted on by Weds league members with Todd Skeide receiving it.
 Rockford Ringers Club had 23 total pitchers this year with 6 of those members coming from two families pitching  at the MGSHPA State Tourney at Hibbing  Memorial  Building over Labor Day weekend.
     Mike Littell captured first in Elders Class E going 7-0 averaging 30.71% ringers while his two grandsons 13 yr old Tyler Condon got third in Junior Class B averaging 10% and 12 yr old Justice Martin took first in Cadet Class A averaging 33.75%. Mike Timm in his first state tournament in Mens Class G ended in a three way tie for first but his 12.80% got him a second place. 
     Marv and Marlys Timm received their 30 year NHPA membership patches and Justice Martin received the Junior/Cadet Pitcher of the Year award. Marlys Timm was also presented a plaque from the MGSHPA (Minnesota Gopher State Horseshoe Pitchers Association) for all her years of dedication and hard work and service put forth having served on the MGSHPA board plus in various positions over the past twenty + years.

         Rockford Ringers 2019

Marlys Timm and Todd Skeide 

Marvin Timm and Mike Maguire

Alexandria Horseshoe League News

By Janet Larson
     The Alex League had 13 participants this year. We lost most of May due to rainouts. Our season consisted of three parts. We did a double round robin with six high/low teams using a walking doubles format. That was followed by League Singles. We concluded with our high/ low teams working their way through a double elimination tournament. Coffee Pot Café, the team of Phil Swenson and Tina Matter, took first in the Regular Season section. Cenex, Al Nicholson and Chuck Betterman, came in second. We had two classes in the Singles competition, Janet Larson took first in Class A with Phil Swenson finishing second. In Class B Gary Boots took first and Tina Matter was second. In the double elimination playoffs the team Thomas-Lauren Co., Gary Boots and Tim Lais, came in first and Coffee Pot Café, Phil Swenson and Tina Matter, finished second. Other end of season awards handed out included Most Improved going to Chuck Betterman, High Game Over Average went to Mike Wegener, Sportsmanship went to Tina Matter, and Janet Larson took home High Ringer Average and High Game.
We hosted four tournaments this year. The Preseason Tournament was on Wednesday evening, May 18th, with 12 participants from this area. Memorial weekend we hosted Alex Open #1 and Alex Open #2. Then on Wednesday, July 3rd we held the Alex Firecracker Tournament with 14 participants from the surrounding area. We had one pitcher participate as a trial member. This was a fun tournament in that we put everyone in the same class, 3.68% to 52.02%, with 100% handicap and games of 30 shoes. We obviously did not have time to pitch 13 games, so before we started we drew from a hat to see which five rounds we were going to play. Our low pitcher, a new junior, Thomas Kremer, went 3/2, and yes he did get to pitch against the highest % pitcher, Phil Swenson, for one of his wins.
Five of our members plus one of our Junior League members traveled to Witchita Falls Tx in July to compete in the World Tournament. Bruce Swenson finished in the money at 5th out of 16 in Open Men's Class K1. He won 10 games, tied one and lost four games, averaging 13.5%. His son Marshal competed in Junior D class and came home with a third place trophy. There were ten pitchers in his class, ages 12 to 18, he won seven of his nine games and averaged 17.22%. The other participants were Jerry and Randy Werk, Gary Boots and Gene Eitreim.
Nine of our thirteen adult league members traveled to Hibbing for the MN State Tournament, Labor Day weekend. Also attending were three members of the Alexandria Eagles Horseshoe Club and two from the Alexandria Junior League. In all 14 of our 22 local NHPA members participated in the state tournament. Our Juniors did well with Thomas Kremer taking first in Junior B and Marshal Swenson is the new State Junior Champion. Jerry Werk finished 2nd in Men's B and earned a spot in the Men's Championship round. Janet Larson claimed her 8th state title in the Women division.
It has been a good season. Many of our members participate in other area tournaments so hopefully we will continue to see some of the rest of you during our off season. Good luck to all, and we wish everyone lots of ringers. 

Left to Right, Back row, Gary Boots, 
Alan Larson, Tina Matter, Tim Lais, Chuck Betterman, Al Nicholson and Bruce Swenson. 
 Front row:  Phil Swenson, Janet Larson, Gene Eitreim and Mike Wegener.  

Winners of the playoff traveling trophy are Gary Boots and Tim Lais.  There is 35 years of Playoff History on that trophy.  

By Helen Hawkinson
   On Saturday, September 21, 2019, Eric Dehkes and Josh Olson hosted the 1st Annual MN Doubles tournament in Forest Lake at the VFW. This may sound strange - since there has been many other state doubles tournaments but never a Minnesota doubles without the "state". Meaning that it is a sanctioned tournament but does not involve the MGSHPA directors or rules. This new kind of tournament was Eric's idea to attract non-sanctioned but competitive pitchers and hope to get them sanctioned by the end of the tournament.

The tournament was a great success. There was a lot of interest which amounted to 37 two person teams with classes A through F. The weather was unpredictable and the rain held out until the middle of the morning when the pits had to be covered for 15 minutes, but then it was business as usual. The sun came out and the weather was a warm 80 degrees and beautiful for the afternoon.

The Hibbing Horseshoe Club came with 10 pitchers and ended up taking 1st place in four Classes - Class B (1st - Toby Neunschwander & John Pierce) (2nd -Annette Grebinoski & Ginger O'Brien) (3rd - Minnie Fischer & Sandy Lease), Class C (1st - Virgil Anderson & Dan Swetkofske) (2nd - Tracy Seppelt & Catherine Ziemann) (3rd - Rich Bialek & Stan Bialek), Class D (1st - Anna Pierce & Kelli Pierce) (2nd - Robyn Holien & Cyndi Stepka) (3rd Alvin Barclay & Trevor Teich) and Class F (1st - Rory Pierce Jr. & Tim Schmalz) (2nd - Rick Wright & Kris Peters) (3rd Amber Reinsch & Grace Wimmer). WAY TO GO HIBBING, WHAT AN ACCOMPLISHMENT!!! 

Hibbing Players had a great day !!

Class A winners

Class B Winners

Class C Winners

Class D

Class E

Class F

The youngest players in the tournament took 3rd place in Class F - Amber Reinsch & Grace Wimmer - way to go girls!  There were a lot of close games and fun was had by all.

Rocky and Ray sang karaoke after the pitching was finished, along with other HS pitchers including Andy Olson and April Lynch. The VFW was definitely rocking. 

There will definitely be a 2nd Annual MN Doubles Tournament in Forest Lake next year. Thank you to everyone who kept score, they couldn't have a successful tournament without you, and thank you especially to Joe Mueller, Patti Oakes, and Melissa Wimmer for helping tabulate scores, Helen for selling 50/50 and Rick Wright, Robert Houfer and Cheryl Beck for preparing the pits and grass.


FROM THE STATS MAN/Regional Director
by Josh Olson

Hello Everyone

Are you ready for some Winter Horseshoes? Well You are in luck, Isanti and Greenfield are in full swing with Winter Leagues now starting and Tournaments starting already on November. Other Winter Tournament information will be available on the digest as well. Also, something to remember you can start getting your 2020 Sanction Cards now.

Pitcher of the Year points will be available on the next Digest they will be available on the website as well.
Are you planning on pitching in the World Tournament in 2020? In DA BOOT? Yes, DA BOOT! Louisiana will be hosting the 2020 world tournament again in Monroe/West Monroe, LA

Dates are Monday July 13th through Saturday July 25th. Remember that you need 4 Sanction events in order to qualify, what perfect way to get qualified then pitching in some winter tournaments in Isanti, Greenfield and at Dakota Magic!

Tournament Directors
I am still looking for 2020 Tournament information for Majority of the Summer tournaments, please reach out to me with the any tournament information that you would like on the website.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any question's comments or concerns.

That is all for now, see you on the Courts!
Sec/Treas/Mem Director
By Ann Hagman

MGSHPA Fall Meeting Minutes
Sunday September 1st 2019
Hibbing, MN
Members in attendance: 52
  1. Call to order: 12:30 pm
    1. Hibbing club has done a wonderful job, it's running great.
  2. Minutes of last meeting; Posted in digest, motioned, seconded; passed
  3. Financial Report; reviewed and accepted.
    1. 555 total members; 511=adult, 44=juniors
  4. Officer reports
    1. Josh; stats, RD, web.
                                                    i.     WT Wichita Falls, TX: 44 attended WT, 13 ended                                                           in the money. 3 class champions; Rob Hagman,                                                               Robin Constance, Lori York.
                                                  ii.     2 Rules proposals, neither passed
                                                iii.     WT 2020 Monroe, LA 7/13-25
                                                iv.     WT 2021 Winnemucca, NV 7/19-31
                                                  v.     I coordinate team world entries, let me know if                                                                you are interested
                                                vi.     Question: Pitcher of the Year (POY). He                                                                                 explained earning points, WT is double
    1. Joe Mueller; Nominations
                                                    i.     Please submit nominations for HOF, Edie                                                                            Holland, Rookie of the year, etc.
    1. Eric Dehkes; North Vice President
                                                    i.     MN doubles will be at FL this year, 9/21/19                                                                      $60/team, 9:00 am, no handicap.
    1. Jerry LaBrosse; South Vice President, Ringer digest editor, Historian
                                                    i.     NHPA top 10 award for Mark Smith
                                                  ii.     Ringer digest, next issue will be a State                                                                                tournament re-cap.
                                                iii.     Hope everyone has had a chance to check out the                                                            HOF trailer.
                                                iv.     Perpetual trophy program is running strong.
    1. April Lynch; Junior promotions
                                                    i.     Junior party; after we finished playing, we dip                                                                 painted their shoes. We went to the mines, took                                                              some pictures, then went to Pizza Ranch.
    1. Helen Hawkinson; Rules and Bylaws; nothing to review at this time.
  1. 2020 State Tournament; returning to Hibbing, MN
    1. Will take bids for 2012/2022. If your club has interest, let me know by August 1st; in writing.
  2.  Unfinished Business; none
  3. New Business
    1. Brian Wipper; requested the tournament schedule be mailed out to the membership. Idea - postcard would be handy.
                                                    i.     Marlys prints for her elders that do not have                                                                   access to the computer.
                                                  ii.     Exec council will review this and how to roll this                                                             out.
  1. President Election; No interest, Rick will continue for 3 years.
  2. Open Forum
    1. Window stickers sent in 2019, if we do this again, please make it a window cling.
    2. High school tour at 2:30 pm; pick up at the arena 2:15, it is pretty amazing.
  3. Adjournment: 1:06 pm
2020 Elections: Secretary/Treasurer/Membership Director
2021 Elections: North Vice President and South Vice President


South Vice President
Jerry LaBrosse

The Hibbing Horseshoe Club deserves the highest regards, credits, and thank yous for hosting a fantastic State Tournament over Labor Day Weekend ! It was refreshing to see the great team effort put forth. The club had many things to do long before the weekend of the event, and they were well prepared.
When Rick and I arrived on Wednesday, the setup team already had half the arena set up. By the end of the day the courts and rubber walkways were all in place, and the fencing was assembled. Thursday was a touch up day and Friday the event began with Elders division competition.
       The tournament went smoothly with no major glitches reported.          Rob Hagman set up live streaming cameras for the folks back home to tune into the action.
The banquet was first class all the way. Fantastic food, and fantastic entertainment were the hits of the evening. It was fun seeing all of our members, young and old, out there on the dance floor having a great time away from horseshoe pits.
Congratulations and Thank You Hibbing
 for hosting a super State Tournament, and we all look forward to next years event.

I want to mention and extraodinary historical event that happened at the State Tournament. The Dehkes brothers, Eric and Nathan, made MN horseshoe history.
Here is a reproduction of a great article written by the sports editor of the Pine City Pioneer Newspaper Mike Gainor.

West St Paul Club News
By Laurie Kelley
We had 39 members in our club this season.  
Our Tuesday morning singles league was won by Gordy Schmidt. A end of the year tournament was won by Jeff Washburn.  We had 16 Teams on Wednesday night doubles, and Jim David and Reggie Rieken.  We had a picnic and fun tournament on the final night.  Class 1 winners were Art Longren and Henry Brown   Class 2 winners were Kyle Dodge and Chris Zweber.  
West St Paul Club had a good turnout of players at Northwest Open this year  
Back row:  Steve Barron, Jeff Lawrence,  Lori York, 
 Richard Knudsen Ray Lammers Dick Dvorak
Front row: Patti Oaks, Art Longren, Art Lammers,
Jenny Lammers, Robin Constance
Baby = Caroline Lammers

Tournament Info


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