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Welcome, welcome, welcome back! What a lot of welcomes we've had this week! Our friends are back and everyone is full of stories and smiles. Is it just us, or did most of these kids grow in the two weeks they were away??


We're all rested up, and the daycare is shiny and clean, ready for a brand new year. Big Kids Club afternoon classes will be starting soon, running from Jan. 19 - Mar. 27, and our good friend Lisa will be returning to Butterfly Feet Yoga Dance mid-month as well. 


Before she goes though, Buddings families have a chance to try her amazing body movement class right here at Buddings on Saturday Jan. 10. She'll be "Teaching things to Kids" and your child should definitely attend!


Before we can call 2014 a wrap, though, there's a bit of housekeeping, in the form of tax receipts and snack invoicing. 


The first week of January is already passed! That was quick.


Before another moment passes, let us wish you a very Happy New Year!

See you soon!


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Welcome back to Buddings!
Butterfly Feet Yoga Dance - Jan. 10
Year-end housekeeping and taxes
Big Kids' Club: Winter Classes start Jan. 19
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Welcome Back to Buddings!


The holidays are over, and while we had a wonderful break, we're so happy and excited to be back at Buddings! We missed you!


Our toddler mornings are back in full swing, with songs and music, stories and snack, art, puzzles, and everything your toddler loves to do. The kids have been missing their friends, and this week is all about reunions, as we welcome everyone back to class! 


The Big Kids Club returns as well, and all the teachers are organizing their thoughts and making plans for the new season of afternoon adventures. The winter classes run weekly from Jan. 19 to Mar. 27, for 12 weeks of structured play and learning!


Sometimes the best part of a break is the renewed energy, and optimism we bring back with us! The daycare is clean and shiny, the toys are on the shelves, and we're ready to start a new year of fun and adventures! Come in!


Butterfly Feet Yoga Dance - Jan. 10
Our favourite substitute daycare teacher, Lisa Sars, is back at Buddings through the month of January, helping us cover the shifts in the mornings while we wait for word on Denet. 

She's totally nailed the morning routines, and is fast becoming a fan fav with all the kids. She's a natural, and we'd keep her forever but her true calling will soon be... calling her back. 

Her body movement program for children is called Butterfly Feet Yoga Dance, and the popular classes are available at yoga studios and community centres around Vancouver and Burnaby. They start up again soon. In fact, registration has just opened! 

This weekend though, Buddings families get a chance to try her amazing class right here! It's the second of our awesome Saturday Presentations of "Teaching Things to Kids!" and it's happening this weekend, Jan. 10.

Log in now to sign up for this special sneak peek, and then visit her site to join her weekly classes. 
Year End Housekeeping...

As you've noticed, it's 2015, with 12 brand new months stretching out before us! Just before we move on, however, we're tying up some of the end-of-year details from 2014. 

Our quarterly snack invoicing for the fall season happens in January, and if you purchased snacks in the months of Oct., Nov., or Dec., you will see that total billed to your credit card this week. 

Childcare fees are tax deductible, which means you can deduct the total that your family paid from your family income and reduce your taxable income. Be sure to fill in and include CRA form T778E with your family income tax return. 

Buddings tax summaries for 2014 will be emailed to the primary member email associated with each account by Jan. 16. If you haven't received yours, please contact Talia.

If you have any questions about how to fill in the form, or who in your family should apply for the deduction, please visit the Canada Revenue Agency website. The CRA personal taxes help phone number is 1-800-O-CANADA, and they are well equipped to help. Give them a call!

Big Kids' Club: Winter Classes Start Jan. 19!

The Big Kids' Club is our structured play and learning program that runs from 1 - 4pm all winter long, with classes starting the week of Jan. 19! It's a combination of group activities, free play, discussions and experiences, and we're so excited to introduce the winter line up of topics for exploration:

If you're new to Buddings, or Big Kids Club, you're arriving at the perfect time! Our winter program is just about to begin, and your child is more than welcome to participate!

The details are on our website, where each class has its own page, including the teachers' descriptions and inspirations, as well as blog posts of past classes, and upcoming events. Like fieldtrips! 

It's coming together now, and if you'd like your child to join, make sure you book your days from 1 - 4pm. The more consistently children come for any particular class, the more they'll get out of it, but of course everyone is welcome. 

Don't forget! Classes start Jan. 19 and run until Mar. 27! Watch this space next week for more details. 
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