This extreme dark juice has a nose filled with pepper and ripe blueberry. On the palate, its feminine side shows a silky elegance while its masculine side shows a bit of grit. The two together result in a lively and well-balanced wine. The long finish holds more rich flavors of coffee and pepper. 

Each year we hear reports from other producers about what a hard vintage they had. Never do we hear this from Accordini. Each year they continue to crank out a great Ripasso. Be sure to raise a glass to the Accordini family, "Nothing's gonna break their stride".

This is one of my favorite producers in Italy and my number one in Valpolicella. What makes a Ripasso, or repress, special is the fact that it is aged on the lees (or must) of the Amarone. They leave the must of the Amarone in the vat instead of pressing it, then dump in the Valpolicella and allow to re-ferment for another 10 to 15 days. It's not an ancient process, but a rather new one started back in the early 60's and made commercially available in the 80's. At first there were questions of DOC law violations, but now it is common for nearly every Amarone producer to also create a Ripasso.  

I spent some time with the Accordini Family a few years back. From my experience with them, I can tell you that they are a very detail orientated family. The land they farm is small, about 15 acres, the perfect size for a purely family run business. The father, Guido, tends to the vines and production while the daughter, Ilaria, runs the business end. Having the weight of the business off of Guido's shoulders has aloud him more time to spend with the wine. You can see and taste the results in your glass. 

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Ilaria De Nardi Valpolicella Ripasso Classico Superiore 2018
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