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Attention K-12 Schools!
It's time to enter the 2020
CAN DO Challenge!

Send us a photo and description that shows how you use sweet, juicy USA-grown canned Bartlett pears on your school menu by May 8, 2020, for a chance to win cash prizes.

Pacific Northwest Canned Pears presents the CAN DO Challenge!

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Winter is the best season for reading!

More fun for kids with a game on the back. One bookmark per student, please.

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December is National Pear Month!

We are honoring the Bartlett pear farmers this month for the top quality, ripe and ready USA-grown canned Bartlett pears they bring to the market every year.

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Make ripe and ready Canned Bartlett Pears your preferred smoothie starter.

The natural sweetness and texture of canned Bartlett pears blend well into frothy fruit and veggie smoothies.


Happy Holidays from the Pacific Northwest Canned Pear Service.

From tree to can, here is the journey and story of USA-grown canned pears.

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