Pacific Northwest Canned Pears


Fall 2018

Canned Bartlett pears are a baker’s friend. They are ripe and ready to use, hold their shape, have a mild sweet taste and delicate fragrance.

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Cinnamon Pear Oat Bars

Developed by Sharon Collison, Registered Dietitian at University of Delaware

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Quick Fix Baking Solutions with Canned Pears

Desserts with canned Bartlett pears are the perfect comfort food for any time of year.

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Location, Location, Location

Visit Pacific Northwest orchards and canneries and hear the stories behind what’s in the can – pears!

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USA-Grown Bartlett Pears Prove the Smarter Choice

A favorite of students and foodservice operators, canned pears are a staple on many school menus; meeting USDA fruit serving requirements and available year-round.

The Pacific Northwest Canned Pear Service advises canned pear buyers to look closely for the product’s country of origin. When it comes to canned pears, a low price point may not add up to value. In terms of safety, quality and flavor, fruit grown and processed in the United States enjoys several advantages.

Safety is a big concern for operators and consumers, and USDA grade standards are not used in many countries exporting foods into the United States:

  • Misleading terms like “choice quality” should not be considered a replacement for USDA approval.

  • Buyers have reported serious quality issues with imported fruit, including grainy texture, discoloration, leaking and damaged cans, and low drained weights.

USA-grown and processed canned Bartlett pears combine quality, safety, flavor, and price to deliver a considerably better value than imported fruit, proving that the “Product of the USA” label makes a significant difference.

Equally important, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) mandates a “Buy American provision” for the National School Lunch and Breakfast programs.