Happy Valentine's Day!!      
February 2017
Employee of the Season!
Eman Abdalla

"Emi" has been with us since escaping the restaurant business back in 2010. Since then, she has proved her mettle in countless ways, and we don't know how we got along without her!
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 Happy Black History Month!   
On the first day of Black History Month, I performed in my school's jazz ensemble in the common space  while students were entering school.
Out of the 9 colleges I have applied to, I have heard back from one so far. Hofstra University is offering me admission as well as a Provost scholarship of $21,000.  per year!  I am very excited about this and I am eager to hear back from the other schools.
I also had the opportunity to see The Lumineers in concert for the first time. I had wanted to see them live for a while and I was finally able to see them on February 2 when they sold out Madison Square Garden.
Over winter break this month, President's week, I am going to Orlando, Florida with my parents.  I have been to Florida quite a few times, but not in a while. I am excited to go back to Disney World  and experience Universal Studios Orlando for the first time.  We are also going to go to the Daytona 500 race on Sunday February the 26th.
Happy Valentine's Day !  Wishing everyone Peace & Love,  Jeannie
Jeannie Ripley-Grier is the daughter of RG founders Butch Grier and Patricia Ripley.

Hey all! Hope you are all staying warm and feisty. Happy Black History Month, Presidents Day, and oh-my-god-where-can-I-get-a-reservation-in-New York day, otherwise known as the festival of Saint Valentine.

Everything is gangbusters here at RG central, as we gear up for spring. Come check out the new studio 2C at 939 8th ave, or take advantage of the $10/per hour special on 10J here at 520!

  Be well and warm- John
Spotlight: Ali Koinoglou

Originally from Long Island, NY Ali is now thriving in New York City. Dancing since a young child, Ali found her love and dedication for dancing and was fortunate enough to discover her passion for educating students when given the opportunity to teach in high school. After countless summers studying at Joffrey Ballet School and American Ballet Theater, Ali went on to train at the Joffrey Ballet School's pre-professional program after graduating high school.

 Shortly after Joffrey, Ali trained in the Professional Semester at Broadway Dance Center, where she was studying from the most prestigious teachers around the world. During her time at BDC, Ali danced in various extra performances and her choreography was chosen for multiple showcases, as well. Once graduating from the Professional Semester, Ali began, and continues to, work for one of her life long dreams of assisting master teacher, and choreographer, Derek Mitchell.
     Since her time at BDC, Ali has continued to perform and train with many esteemed choreographers, as well as founding her own company, Koin & Co Dancers. Ali's choreography credits include the Brooklynettes Dance Team, the New York Jets Flight Crew, Young Choreographers Festival, Broadway Dance Center, and many more performances. Currently, Ali is a resident choreographer for many dance studios, as well as teaching Master Classes, intensives and boot- camps, around the ti-state area of NYC.
More info at www.alinekoinoglou.com
feng shui color chart
Patricia Ripley: 
Feng Shui and Fitness


  Yay! Our 30th year in business!  We started in 1987, with 5 studios at 131 W. 72nd Street.  We now have 70 studios.  At the start, we slept on the floor in Studio 4R for 2 years and on the floor in 1R for 2 years.  When we opened the 8th Avenue Studios at 939, we were able to afford an apartment.  See our history page: www.ripleygrier.com .

  It is the year of the Yin Fire Rooster!  So interesting, Yin is quiet/introspective, Fire is active/aggressive.  Could be a balanced year.  Folks born in the years: 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005 are Roosters.  Roosters are very direct and talkative. They can be enchanting or unbearable. They are perfectionists, good at managing money, and have large egos.  They work tirelessly, are good providers and are good to their families. They do not get on with other Roosters ie: a cockfight!  Snakes, Oxen & Dragons, are compatible.  2017 is a good year for Roosters; caution is needed about health, be preventative, avoid vices, be discreet and continue the status quo.*

  I recently had minor surgery, it went smoothly. The hospital experience was good.  All is well, but it was scary.  I began activity too soon and healing was impacted, but the surgeon says I will be fine.  My downtime resulted in a 3lb weight gain, darn!  Now is the time to increase efforts to be active in colder days.  My advice is to be diligent.  If you feel lethargic, rise above and vow to do "inside" workouts.  In addition to teaching fitness classes,  I do 27 pushups and 27 squats at the barre two times a day.  I do stretches and 99 small crunches/leg lifts before I get out of bed.  I take my dog for a long walk, daily.  I do physical chores around the house:  shoveling snow, cleaning the house and garage.,etc.  Longer days and milder temps mean more outside time.  Keep going to the gym or class and watch your calorie intake.    
                         Happy Valentine's Day!  Love the One You're With!!

*paraphrased from Dr. Edgar Sung's  Classic Chinese Almanac.
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