July 2015  
Employee of the Season!

It is darn near impossible not to smile when you are around Nakeya Page! Since starting with us back in 2013, she has blessed countless guests with her infectious smile and professionalism. She is one of the reasons that we are known as the Friendliest Studio in the Known Universe!

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Hi folks!
 I just finished my junior year in high school and am looking forward to my senior year.  I was elected class treasurer of the senior class..  Now I am actively looking for a college and am interesled in USC and UCLA and Boston University.  I want to study filmmaking.   We will be visiting those campuses this year.   Between the end of June and the beginning of July, I attended the New York Film Academy.  Since I have a very busy summer this year, I only had time to attend the academy for one week.  Although it was only one week, I learned a lot about the making of films that I did not know before and I even made a one minute silent film as my final project.   I had a great time at the school and made a lot of new friends. I would love to come back and take a longer course and maybe study something else other than filmmaking, like musical theater or animation.
I will be going on a three week driving trip up the West Coast from Los Angeles  to Vancouver, Canada with my mom and dad and my good friend Valentina.  See you in August.  Jeannie

Hey all!

Hope your July fourth was magnificent. It's been a tough year sometimes, and really nice to come together for some fun, and to enjoy being Americans for a little while. Summer is well and truly upon us! We'd like to extend our warm welcome to Broadway Artists Alliance and their summer program for kids, which keeps us hopping in the hot months. If you have kids that want a world-class summer performing arts program, you can check them out at their website.

me and boysIn these troubling and frightening times for our country, we hope you are all well and safe. See you at the studios.

Be well-

John Norman
Director of Operations
Ripley-Grier Studios
Orlando Fundraiser Continues!
Please join our ongoing efforts to help the victims and their families

  When something as tragic as the Orlando shooting happens, there is a huge outpouring of grief and support, but then many folks get on with the business of living, and as the tragedy gets further from their minds, material support for victims inevitably fades away. Please join us in continuing to support the victims and their families through Equality Florida, an LGBT advocacy group who is providing support for ongoing medical care, family travel expenses, and other costs. Our goal is $5,000, and we are more than half-way there! Fundraising will go on until we reach it. Stop by the 520 8th ave location for one of our bake sales (yum!!), drop some money into one of our collection boxes at the reception desks at any RG location, or you can even have your donation added to your bill and pay by credit card.


Patricia Ripley
Fitness and Feng Shui
 Here we are in the beginning of Summer and whew!  it is hot, hot feng shui color chart hot.  Just what we were asking for if I remember correctly.  We wanted to get out of that cold winter and gloomy Spring.  And Voila!  It has happened.  The ocean temperature is getting warmer, and our beach is clean and beautiful with new showers at the beach entrances.  The 4th of July was great!  We went to a pool party and then had a relaxing evening.  This Friday, 7/8 will be the Long Beach Fireworks display; we will all be walking on the boardwalk to watch it over the ocean..
 Long Beach and in particular the West End where we live is hopping.  Barbecues everywhere and parties galore.  The local restaurants are full and the sidewalk cafes are so much fun.  Surfing, body boarding, paddle boarding, swimming, biking, running, walking.  Every type of fitness activity goes on in my town.  I have been body boarding almost every day.  I have a younger buddy who goes with me and she and I have been having a great time in the water.  
 This summer we are building a house for Shayne and Heather and the grand-kids a few blocks from where they live now.  They outgrew their house and now will be moving into a "FEMA" house that is raised 8 feet above ground and has a bedroom for everyone and even a guest/playroom area .  I love building and decorating so all my Feng Shui training comes in handy.

Reiterating our Efforts:
As stated above, we are in the middle of a major fundraiser for the victims of the Pulse shootings in Orlando.  We have been raising money at our 3 locations by donating profits from merchandise sales, tote bags, pens, blue bottles,  as well. Profits from our very successful bake sales.   We will have a cookie sale at Butch's Cafe on Monday 7/11.  We hope to achieve our goal of $5,000. and will continue to accept donations until  we do.  (We have currently gone over the $3,000 mark).  
The need is great, so please stop by our Cafe, front desks at RG 520 (36th and 8th), RG 939 (55th and 8th) and  RG 131 (West 72nd Street) to donate, or when you book a room you can add your donation to your payment. You can also send checks to us at Ripley-Grier Studios, 520 8th Ave. 16th floor,  NY NY 10018  and make them out to Equality Florida.
Thank you very much,  with gratitude and blessings,   Patricia