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Holidays  2016
Happy Holidays!
If there are any lessons to be learned from 2016, it's that nothing is guaranteed. We have said goodbye to so many luminaries, lost some struggles, and perhaps wondered sometimes if we could pick ourselves up. Thousands of years ago, humans had no way of knowing for sure if the sun would return after the long dark of winter, and they brought evergreen trees into their homes to remind themselves of the constants in the world. As they drew close together for survival, I can imagine them looking at the impossible green that refused to give up, that refused to sleep the winter through.

My wish for all of us this winter, is that we take our cues from our ancestors and pull close to the ones we love (it may no longer be necessary for warmth, but it is still necessary for survival) and search for hope and the promise of rebirth in the things and people that refuse to sleep through the hard and cold times.

Happy Kwanzakkahmas!!!

John Norman
Head Reindeer Tamer
Ripley-Grier Studios

 In order to get more people acquainted with one of our newer studios, we are dropping the price on studio 10J by nearly 30% for the winter!

A cozy 6 x 9 space with a full sized keyboard, perfect for warm-ups and lessons. Call the booking office and grab it while it's still available!!
Feng Shui and Fitness for the Holidays!
- Patricia Ripley  

feng shui color chart

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season,  Stay safe and warm during this winter season.
Sending the best intentions to all for a healthy, prosperous and contemplative New Year!!

Some suggestions for a more aware new year.
This year practice environmental awareness, especially on the use of our precious Water.  There are countries who are experiencing extreme drought and that is causing major political upheavals.  Water is more precious than gold or oil.  It is life.  
Tips:  do not run water when you brush your teeth, do not run the water in in the kitchen sink to excess when rinsing dishes, if you use a dishwasher only do so when it is full. Take fewer baths and showers (better for your skin) and use water saving shower heads.  Save money and resources by not buying bottled water, install a filter on your sink/ or use a portable Brita type water filter and use tap water.  Use resusable water bottles.  When you have a drink with ice cubes, rinse the cubes when finished and put them in your watering can for plants. If you have a unfinished water bottle empty it into your watering can or recycle at a facility that takes partially filled water bottles (like RG).
This is the party season, try to cut back on your indulgences by a small amount and you will have less to worry about for the New Year.  Continue your workout routine or start a new one.  Keep moving!
Watch what you eat and drink this winter,   All extra calories will stay in storage in your body so be aware.
When you make your resolutions, keep them attainable and stay on track.  

But most of all enjoy your time with family and friends over this most festive time of the year!! See you in 2017
Regards,  Patricia Ripley

We have lots of great RG goodies for sale at our 520 location, including t-shirts, mugs,  totes, and more. This Holliday Season we are also selling our RG ornaments! All proceeds go to the Make a Wish Foundation. It's like two gifts in one! 
Keep your eye out for our winter merch sale!!
Give the gift of TIME and SPACE! Ripley-Grier gift Certificates are available at all locations this Holiday season, in many denominations. Give the performer in your life something unique! 

Holiday Bash 2016
   RG employs some of the most creative and energetic people in the city. This translates to epic holiday parties. Here is one of our fearless leaders, Mr Butch Grier himself, giving us his annual "I freakin love you guys" speech. We love you, too, boss. 
(Not shown: 
The After-party.)

We had a great employee party Saturday night at RG 520 with great "soul food" and lots of entertainment, including singers, musicians and comedians,  We gave out funny awards to the staff.  I won most creative employee. During the show I played Christmas Carols on my new saxaphone.   We did an opening number with a group of staff members "Ground Control to Major Tom" (Bowie) and I played the guitar.
Lots of food, gifts and holiday fun!  The decorations were amazing and we took lots of pictures. Looking forward to going to Tulsa for Christmas and to Santa Monica for the New Year!!
Wishing everyone the best holiday and a very Happy New Year!l  Jeannie RG