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February 2022
Volume: 32 Issue: 5
We've been lighting homes with bulbs for over a hundred and fifty years. But how bulbs are made has changed considerably in the last 20 years. To dispose of bulbs safely, you need to know what's inside.
Learn more on our blog: B - is for Bulbs
Purdue Scientists Create
A World Record White Paint
Purdue scientists have created a paint so white it reflects 98% of all radiation from the sun. That qualifies it for a new Guinness World record.
The paint uses barium sulfate to create its unique reflective surface and should help buildings stay cooler in summer, reducing the need for air conditioning.
Xiulin Ruan, Mechanical Engineering Professor
at Purdue University, worked with a team of graduate students to create the world's whitest paint using barium sulfate.
SCARCE's 16th Annual
Sustainable Design Challenge!
Registration Opens February 4th
What does the future of environmental & water-friendly building design look like? Ask our high school students!

SCARCE's Sustainable Design Challenge encourages students to learn-by-doing in this cross-discipline educational event. Students attending any school serving DuPage County are invited to participate.

Interested in sponsoring this event?
Available to judge student entries?
email our Eco Educator -
Tracking COVID through Sewage
With more and more people using at-home testing to determine COVID infections, how do epidemiologists effectively track outbreaks? One surprising method uses data from wastewater sewage.

In September of 2020, the CDC announced the National Wastewater Surveillance System to help predict the presence of the Covid virus in local communities.
Friday, March 4th
Come Learn with SCARCE!
This year's fast-paced, STEM class is packed with resources and hands-on activities.
"Attainable Sustainables" Teacher Institute Day is offered as both in-person and a virtual classroom presentation. Come learn with us!

IMPORTANT: SCARCE Re-Use Center, donations, and SCARCE-LY Used Books & Records will be closed on Friday, March 4, 2022 for this event.
Eco-Extraordinaire Congrats!
Wood Dale Junior High's STEM team took first place at the Future City Chicago Regionals--for the second year in a row! This year's theme was "A Waste-Free Future." Students had to design a waste-free city using the principles of a circular economy. The team created a fictional city on the Nile called "Greater Papyrus," which runs on solar power and provides free health care and education to all citizens. Good luck at Nationals!
Save the Date:
Growin' Green Garden Market -
Saturday, April 30
Spring is coming and that means gardening! Get your garden started the green way. Visit SCARCE on April 30th for plants and other green gardening materials.
Upcoming Eco-Events
***Registration for the 2022 Sustainable Design Challenge is Now OPEN***
February 12
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