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January 2021
Volume: 31 Issue: 5
Green STEM Institute Day Virtual Class
Friday, February 26th, 2021 - Earn 5 PDs
Join us to delve into environmental issues we face in our community and the discover the role sustainable solutions play. This class includes:
  • Live presentations
  • Virtual peer collaborations
  • Interactive discussions
  • Guided virtual tours
Activities and concepts are NGSS-aligned, highly teachable and learnable for multiple grade levels.
Learn about green infrastructure in DuPage such as the Elmhurst Quarry.
Remote Learning with SCARCE
  • Schedule a live virtual program for your students on soil, water, the 3Rs, and more. Email to discuss options for your students.

  • Check out our new eLearning resources. Each is accompanied by NGSS and sources for further exploration.
Engage your students in imagining the future of the built world!
Does your school have a project that benefits local water quality? Get help with up to 25% of costs from DuPage County Stormwater Management. Both individuals and organizations may apply. Sample projects include permeable pavers, green roofs, and native plant restoration.
Apply by Feb 5th
Get funding for your youth garden program or green space! Open to new or existing programs looking to expand. Any non-profit or tax-exempt organization - including schools - may apply. 175 grants will be awarded in 2021 worth a total of $100,000.
Who lives in our streams and what does this tell us about the water quality? Join Jessi DeMartini, Aquatic Research Coordinator at the Urban Stream Research Center at Blackwell Forest Preserve, to find out!
Sponsored by DuPage County Stormwater Management and The Conservation Foundation. This program is free and open to the public.
Do you know a teacher or students that deserve recognition for their environmental achievements?
January is Radon Action Month
Did you know that you can't see, smell, or taste radon gas but it could be poisoning the indoor air we breath? Radon is present in every state and exposure to high levels can cause lung cancer. The EPA recommends that all schools test for radon. It is simple and relatively inexpensive. Proven techniques are available that will lower radon levels. Learn more.
Recently, the DuPage County Sheriff's Office (501 N. County Farm Rd, Wheaton) dedicated the parking space closest to the entry to citizens dropping off prescription medication, syringes and Epipens for disposal. Learn more about medicine disposal in DuPage County.
We have resumed accepting donations of books, LP records and a few other items. We are not taking school or office supplies at this time. Please review our current list of accepted items online and, as always, call to schedule a donation of 5 or more boxes. Donations of fewer than 5 boxes are accepted Tue-Fri 9am-2pm.
Upcoming Eco-Events
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Thank you to our December Volunteers!
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Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities
Our volunteer program is currently on hold.
Our Reuse Center couldn't function without the amazing individuals that dedicate their time each week to sorting, stocking, and organizing.

If you see them when you visit, give them a round of applause!
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