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October 2022
Volume: 32 Issue: 12
"If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade,
plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people." Chinese Proverb
50th Anniversary of the Clean Water Act!
October 18th will be the fiftieth anniversary of the 1972 Clean Water Act. This act established the laws governing water pollution. According to a study done by researchers at UC Berkeley and Iowa State University, the Clean Water Act dramatically cut water pollution in the US.
You can help keep our water clean by:

Properly disposing of medications on Drug Take Back Day
Placing storm drain medallions in your neighborhood
Participating in a local Pumpkin Smash event!
In honor of this milestone, on Wednesday, October 26, SCARCE and DuPage County Stormwater Management are teaming up to present a webinar that will highlight best practices you can employ to help improve local waterways. Register and learn more here.
ABC's of Smart Recycling:
J is for Junkmail
What's to be done about all that junk mail that collects in your snail mailbox at home and where you work?

Junk mail is a terrific example of how to apply the 3-R's: reduce, reuse and recycle!

This month, we've got recommendations for how to reduce and reuse--as well as best practices for recycling all the unwanted paper mail.

Learn more at J is for Junk Mail.
October is National Energy Awareness Month

How can we become better energy consumers? Through education, of course!
Here are several resources for activities in the classroom:

You can learn more about local energy conservation efforts and the Cool DuPage Initiative here.
Make a Difference Day: October 22
Did you know the 4th Saturday of October is designated "Make a Difference Day"? It's a chance to remind everyone of the importance of volunteerism. When we all work together, we can do a lot of good!

Make a difference in your school community this year by collecting any of these items for SCARCE's rescue projects. Gathering household items for reuse and recycling saves energy and natural resources -- and is a fun way to engage students in helping people and the planet!
Schools Tackle Waste
Edison Middle School Waste Audit
Students at the Wheaton school got a close look at everything they throw away during a lunch waste audit. The waste audit is a problem-based learning activity in which students participate in a hands-on evaluation of the garbage problem in their school lunchroom. The school conducted the audit as part of its Earth Flag recertification.

Contact to find out how to conduct a waste audit with students at your school.
DuPage High Schools visit SCARCE
Students from Hinsdale South AP Environment Class had a tour and helped with rescue projects, including Super Crayon sorting.
Downers Grove North & South High Schools' Environmental Sustainability classes visited for a tour and rescue project work.
All students learned about the 3Rs and water quality and then helped SCARCE get materials reused and recycled.
Pumpkin Smash is Almost here!
Why should your school participate in the Smash?

  • It's fun. (Seriously. You get to smash pumpkins.)
  • It helps the environment. (Reduces landfill, decreases methane emissions, creates compost, and protects water quality.)
  • And it's Eco-educational! (Biology, Earth Science, Math and that's just the start! There's a lot of hands-on learning here.)

Check out the SMASH Locator to find a Pumpkin Smash near you. Most events take place on the morning of Saturday, November 5th.
Get Recycling Bins for Your School

Make it easy for staff, students, and parents to recycle at your school. SCARCE currently has hundreds of bins available at a cost of $1 per bin. Pick up the bins at SCARCE during our regular business hours and help your school take recycling to the next level.
Upcoming Eco-Events


Pumpkin Smash Multiple locations

Stop by our Reuse Center any time during our regular business hours to get books for your students. Then, get books for yourself at SCARCE-LY USED Books & Records, where hardcover books are currently on sale.
Volunteer Opportunities

Get involved with the Pumpkin Smash!

  • Make posters to let everyone know about it
  • Gather pumpkins in your neighborhood and bring them to one of the collections
  • Volunteer at a local site on November 5th

Contact to learn more about SCARCE's volunteer program.
Mon-Fri: 9am-4:30pm
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OPEN Monday, October 10
Columbus/Indigenous Peoples' Day
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