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September 2022
Volume: 32 Issue: 11
"I have come to believe that a great teacher is a great artist...
Teaching might even be the greatest of the arts
since the medium is the human mind and spirit."
John Steinbeck, 1955 essay "Like Captured Fireflies"
Make & Take
Globe Workshop
Our popular workshop is back! The Natural Resource Globe workshop offers professional development credits and a chance to build your own grade appropriate hands-on teaching tool. Workshops will be held at the following times:

Tuesday, October 18 4:30-6:30pm
For 3rd-7th grade teachers

Wednesday, October 19 4:30-6:00pm
For K-2nd grade teachers

Questions? Contact
ABC's of Smart Recycling
I is for Inkjet
Little things add up. Inkjet cartridges might seem small but they are contributing to the rise in electronic waste, or e-waste.

Help create a circular economy for electronic materials! Learn how to refill or recycle your printer cartridges in this month's ABC's of Smart Recycling blog.
Start a Storm Drain Medallion Project & Help Protect Our Water
Is your school's eco-club looking for a hands-on project that will make a difference in your community?

With help from SCARCE, your school can place storm drain medallions in your neighborhood. Many people are unaware that water from storm drains does not get filtered or treated before being released into local waterways. Medallions inform people not to pour anything down the storm drains.

For details about this project, email
Do You Pumpkin Smash?
You should! By collecting pumpkins for composting, Pumpkin Smash events keep nutrients out of the landfill and prevent methane emissions.

Pumpkin Smash is a great event for schools to host. It supports environmental science, math, and even physics curricula. (Try building your own pumpkin catapult!)

Last year, Pumpkin Smash events prevented over 242 tons of pumpkins from entering landfills. This year's collection is taking place on Saturday, November 5th.

To find out more about hosting an event, contact
SCARCE Open House Celebration!

Saturday, September 17 from 9:00am - 1:00pm
SCARCE is celebrating 32 years of service to our community and planet.

We're having a party!

Drop in to say hello, take a tour, and learn about all of our resources for educators.

We'd love to see you!
Poster Contest to Raise Awareness about Composting
Each year, to celebrate International Compost Awareness Week (ICAW), the Compost Research & Education Foundation holds a poster contest, which is open to anyone in the world age 14 or older. There is also a video contest for students in grades 4-8. Deadline to enter is November 1st by midnight (ET).

The poster must include the following:
International Compost Awareness Week
May 7 – 13, 2023
For Healthier Soil, Healthier Food…Compost!

Plant a Tree this OAKtober!
Trees make a great addition to school grounds, especially oak trees. Oaks are known as a “keystone" species, meaning they help hold an ecosystem together. Oaks provide food and homes to many other living creatures including birds, mammals, and insects.

These amazing trees are threatened due to urban sprawl, development, agricultural use, fire suppression, and invasive species. Planting oaks at your school can help reverse the trend.

Read more about oaks, their threats, and local OAKtober events.
Local Eco-Extraordinaires Have Been Busy
Improving School Gardens
Conrad Fischer Elementary in Elmhurst built a school garden, which included a shed and rain barrels installed by SCARCE volunteer Keith Baar.

SCARCE also donated a lead-free garden hose to celebrate this green gardening venture.
Building a Better Bench
Whittier Elementary School in Wheaton purchased benches created from recycled plastic caps. SCARCE was happy to help by providing 65 pounds of caps. The bench is a beautiful and functional example of recycling that will be enjoyed by students for years to come.

Find out more about how to improve your school's outdoor areas. Contact
Repurposing Reading Tables
Thanks to SCARCE volunteers for coordinating the donation of a small table from a local church. The table is being repurposed as two small group reading tables.

One half of the table went to a school in Hoffman Estates and the second half went to a school in West Chicago/Carol Stream. What a wonderful gift to start the new year!
Target Car Seat Trade-In September 11 - 24
Twice a year, you can bring an old, expired or damaged car seat to Target and recycle it to redeem a coupon on your Target app or for 20% off one car seat, one stroller or select baby gear.

Materials from the old car seats are recycled by Target’s partner, Waste Management, to create new products such as pallets and plastic buckets, and construction materials such as steel beams and carpet padding.
Upcoming Eco-Events
SEP 10
SEP 13
SEP 17
SCARCE Open House 9:00am-1:00pm
SEP 24
Illinois Solar Tour 10:00am-3:00pm (Virtual & In-person)
Talk to home and business owners who are using solar energy!

SEP 10
Roselle Recycles 8:30am-12noon
Wheaton Electronics, Textile, Scrap Metal, Liquid Cooking Oil Collection 9:00am-12noon

SEP 17
Lisle Electronics and Textile Recycling 8:00am-12noon

SEP 24
Winfield Township Recycling Extravaganza 9:00am-12noon
Hanover Park Recycles! 9:00am-1:00pm

Milton Township Recycling Event 9:00am-12noon
Bloomingdale Township Electronics and Textile Recycling 8:00am-12noon

Wheaton Electronics, Textile, Scrap Metal, Liquid Cooking Oil Collection 9:00am-12noon

Thank you Benedictine University Volunteers!
As part of Benedictine University’s Be Impactful afternoon of service, students helped us sort books, test writing utensils, and demanufacture binders. Thanks BenU!

Contact to find out how you and your students can help with a SCARCE project!
Mon-Fri: 9am-4:30pm
Saturdays 9am-12pm
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