New Sermon Series
2 Samuel
9 “Then he said to me, ‘Stand over me and kill me! I am in the throes of death, but I’m still alive.’ ....14 David asked him, “Why were you not afraid to lift your hand to destroy the LORD’s anointed?” 
(2 Samuel 1:9, 14 NIV)
The Kingship of Saul, the first King of Israel was coming to an end. The thing that might strike us as strange is how often David had the opportunity to remove King Saul and take the Kingdom by force. 2 Samuel is about David's kingship, but points us to the great King, even God himself! The stories in 2 Samuel are gospel filled stories, relentlessly honest and blatantly realistic about the sinfulness of mankind. Yet they are pregnant with hope and saturated with the grace of salvation in the gospel.
David willingly subordinated himself to King Saul, but God exalted him at the right time. Jesus too, willingly subordinated himself to the Father only to be exalted at the righthand of the Father and given the authority over all things. Praise be to God!
Thanks for Giving!
This is a new year and we think you look really good! Generosity is the result of our hearts affections--what we love most gets the most resourced. In other words, we will always resource the things we love most dearly. Since we value the work of Christ we give to maintain and expand that work. Thank you for your faithfulness to our mission. May the Lord bless our church so that we may continue to be Risen People Making Disciples in Christ Together!
PARTNER WITH SOMEONE for Weekly Bible Reading Schedule
Find a partner to hold you accountable in your daily BIBLE reading. Read, discuss, text each other something God impressed on you from the Word each day! Stay accountable together in God's Word through this amazing website resource called The Gospel Coalition. Click on "Read the Bible" this will take you to "Today's Reading" where you will see D. A. Carson's commentary, then four selections from the Bible. Really solid stuff for you to feed upon!
Risen Life Groups
NEW RISEN LIFE GROUPS are HUDDLING UP and kicking off in January! Check out these offerings:
WEDNESDAY-"Last Days According to Jesus"
THURSDAY-"Justified by Faith Alone"
FRIDAY-"Teachings w/R. C. Sproul"
SUNDAY-"The Parables of Jesus"
To sign up go to or see sign up at church on Sunday or call office 727 559-4555.
Weekly Sunday Worship
at 9 a.m. JANUARY 10, 2021
We're starting a new series the New Year! 2 Samuel teaches us about the character of our God and King. Come worship the King of New Beginnings!

ADULT Men's study of the Trinity and Women's study of "The Epistle of James."
YOUTH Teen's study the New City Catechism
CHILDREN Bible memorization, gospel.

You are welcome to join some of the leadership for 15 minutes of prayer for our worship. Located in the Upper Room opposite the Youth Room.

  • Pray for Dave/Dede Perron's grand-daughter Ollie for operation/cancer/chemo treatment and wisdom for doctors.
  • Heather Chermak-go-fund-me for autologous stem-cell treatment (i.e., from her own stem-cells);
  • Pray for NEW faces to arrive in worship;
  • Pray for people's heightened need for the Savior this New Year and that it would be the greatest harvest of souls;
  • Pray the church at large will have unity in purpose;
  • Pray for one friend to trust Christ this new year!
Charitable Love
Help us to continue to bless a family in our Church. Everyone has been so generous. Would you consider giving a special gift to a Risen City family in need?
In addition you may help with food by going to pantry to enter any dollar amount. Every offering will help us care for the same family and honor God. May we glorify God in all that we do. Thank you again for your generosity. If you have questions you may call the church office at 727 599-4555