Whose needs?
I see many people becoming engaged in activities around the church, which makes me very excited! There is a spirit of excitement as we see new faces in worship or the return of people we missed. While redevelopment may be reflected in increased activity, we must always remember that it is not activity simply for the sake of activity.
In the preamble of our covenant, we are reminded, “Redevelopment is one of the ways that we are partnering with the new activity of God in this congregation. It is not a one-person project. It is God’s project among us. It is not just about this congregation. It is about changing the world.”

Our dream for redevelopment is to live out God’s dream for Risen Lord Lutheran Church and all of the people who gather here. God’s dream for redevelopment is bigger than our congregation - it is for the whole world. God’s dream includes the redemption and relationship with all people and all creation. We see a beautiful picture of God’s vision of the end of time in Revelation 21-2, when death and mourning and pain will be no more and all things are made new. The water of life will flow from God’s throne, surrounded by trees whose leaves are for the healing of the nations and the Lord will be our light.

While that vision will not be completely realized here and now, we are called to work with God towards that vision, both on our own and as the church.

For me, an important question in working toward God’s dream is “Whose needs are being met?” When we are faced with decisions, especially those that are hard or divisive, it helps to think about whether we are seeking to meet our needs or God’s needs. Those two are not mutually exclusive and often, on the way to meeting God’s needs, we will find our own being met.

While Cara and I were at the Congregational Vitality Training Conference, we learned about the different paradigms for understanding church, which I think reflect this question. A church that is focused on our needs is more interested in maintenance, or maintaining what has been, while a church that is focused on mission is more interested in pursuing God’s needs and God’s dream of a world redeemed and restored.

Here are a few ways to consider the two paradigms:

  • In measuring effectiveness, the maintenance congregation asks, “How many pastoral visits are being made?” The mission congregation asks, “How many disciples are being made?”

  • When thinking of its vision for ministry, the maintenance congregation says, “We have to be faithful to our past.” The mission congregation says, “We have to be faithful to our future.”

  • When thinking about change, the majority of members in a maintenance congregation ask, “How will this affect me?” The majority of members in a mission congregation ask, “Will this increase our ability to reach those outside?”

  • When confronted with a pastoral concern, the pastor in a maintenance congregation asks, “How can I meet this need?” The pastor in a mission congregation asks, “How can this need be met?”

  • The maintenance congregation is concerned with their congregation, its organizations and structure, its constitutions and committees. The mission congregation is concerned with the culture, with understanding how secular people think and what makes them tick. It tries to determine their needs and their points of accessibility to the Gospel.

  • The maintenance congregation looks at the community and asks, “How can we get these people to support our congregation?” The mission congregation asks, “How can the Church support these people?”

  • The maintenance congregation thinks about how to save their congregation. The mission congregation thinks about how to reach the world.

(adapted from “Good News People” by Harold Percy)

Which of these items makes you uncomfortable? Which ones excite you? How we are moving toward being a mission-minded congregation? What are our successes and what still needs attention? I would love to hear what you think!

In the abiding hope of the Risen Lord,

Pastor Lecia
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Choir and Hand Chimes
October Schedule
Choir and Chimes will be rehearsing twice a week, alternating weeks. You may attend the Wednesday or Sunday rehearsal, or both. Beginning October 3rd the schedule will be:
Oct. 3rd (Wed) 7:00 pm/Oct. 7th (Sunday) 9:00 am    Hand chimes
Oct. 10th (Wed) 7:00 pm/Oct. 14th (Sunday) 9:00 am    Choir
Oct. 17th (Wed) 7:00 pm/Oct. 21st (Sunday) 9:00 am   Hand chimes
Oct. 24th (Wed) 7:00 pm/Oct. 28th (Sunday) 9:00 am    Choir
Oct. 31st (Wed) 7:00 pm/Nov. 4th (Sunday)  9:00 am   Hand chimes

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We are taking food donations and sign ups for participation in the Harvest Walk this year. All are welcome, families, kids, young and old. We will be walking on Sunday October 7th at 1 p.m. The 3.1 mile walk will begin at Grace United Methodist Church in Franklin. It continues along the Franklin Trailway, through Franklin College and will end back at Grace. It's a really fun walk through the scenic trail and college in Franklin.  If you wish to donate food, we will accept donations to take to the walk. Food lists and shopping bags can be found in the church lobby. Donations can be left at the designated area.  75% of the donation will support the efforts of the Interchurch Food Pantry, 25% will go to global hunger through international support groups.

If you have any questions or wish to participate, text or call Melissa Day, 317-966-1215
First Sunday Potluck & Games
October 7, 2018
We will have our next Potluck & Games after worship on October 7. Bring a dish to share and a game to play - and be ready to have fun!

This is the same day as the Harvest Walk. Those who are participating in the walk are invited to join the potluck lunch and then go to Franklin together.
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The Gospel for September 23 is Genesis 39:1-23
and for September 30: Exodus 14:5-7, 10-14, 21-29
Risen Lord Montessori School
Notes from the School Board:

Prayers and condolences to teachers Margo and Makenna on the loss
of a close family member.

Thank you Pastor Lecia for providing Chapel for our scholars. 
What a blessing for our children!

Enrollments are still being taken, with preference given to full-time students.
Call the school at 317-535-6728 or go to risenlordlc.org/school for more
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