A monthly update to inspire collaborative youth leadership and advocacy for our blue planet
Here's to a healthier and happier year ahead, with much progress working together for our ocean, climate, and blue planet! This monthly update aims to enhance and uplift the efforts of youth-focused organizations + youth leaders by connecting them to opportunities for action and each other, and growing a powerful global network for positive change.

This effort is powered by the collective action of all and is committed to inclusivity and radical collaboration in partnership with youth-led and youth-serving organizations. Together, we can grow a movement for a more equitable and sustainable society and a healthy ocean!

Monthly Youth Organization Spotlight

Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Programs provides a platform for young people to learn about environmental issues through art-making and creative communication, and become advocates for positive change. The 2021 Ocean Awareness Contest, WATER RISING, invites youth ages 11-18 from around the world to create visual art, film, music, poetry, web-based media, dance, music, or creative writing that explores their connection to water and communicates the need to protect this vital resource and life-sustaining relationship. Students may earn cash awards of up to $1,500, and student work becomes part of a global art collection that is helping to raise awareness and inspire ocean protection. Submit online by 14 June!

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Less than 5 months until World Ocean Day!
8 June 2021
Follow World Ocean Day on social media to stay updated on the latest news, events, and more. Tune in next week for the announcement of the World Ocean Day 2021 conservation action theme!

Meet the World Ocean Day Youth Advisory Council
Paul Ayomide - Nigeria
Paul is finishing up his last year at The Federal University of Technology Akure, Nigeria, where he studies fisheries and aquaculture. He is a huge advocate for a clean ocean and founded Aquaworld in 2019 to educate communities in Nigeria on the value of the ocean and further the UN Sustainable Development Goal #14, Life Below Water.

Paul is a champion of plastics reduction and helps with several other organizations emphasizing recycling initiatives and empowering future climate actors. He believes that real environmental progress can be achieved through concerted efforts and unity around the world!
Check out what Paul is up to now!
Instagram: Paulayomide_official
Twitter: AyomideEweola
LinkedIn: Paul Ayomide
Facebook : Eweola Paul Ayomide
Rise Up! Webinar
While it's the start of 2021, we couldn't help but reflect on the change-making hosts that led the webinars in 2020! But don't worry - you can still catch the action and watch them now. From environmental justice to plastic pollution policy, you aren't going to want to miss these awesome sessions.

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Youth-a-thon Feature

Check out a section from the 24-hour Youth-a-thon 2020 featuring World Ocean Day Youth Advisory Council member Andrea Quintero from Mexico! Andrea joins musician Caloncho as they share their perspectives on the biological and social importance of the ocean and how all of us can help. Click here for a discussion in Spanish and acoustic performance! ⠀
Upcoming Events and Opportunities
You can get more informed and involved with lots of big things happening this year! Here are just a few:

The Davos Agenda (25-29 January)
IUCN Global Youth Summit (September) 
2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as COP26 (November) - connect with Youth4Climate Live Series as part of the lead-up in preparation

RISE - Currently seeking 15-17 year-olds committed to tackling the world's most pressing issues. Deadline 29 January to apply to be one of this year's 100 Global Winners! 

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