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DiverSeaFy provides underwater experiences and environmental enlightenment for underrepresented youth. Based in southern California, it helps raise money to pay for scuba certifications for young people of color, ages 14-18. DiverSeaFy wants to bridge the access gap by lowering financial barriers and inspire ocean stewards from diverse backgrounds. Exposure to nature is key to people feeling connected and DiverSeaFy hopes that this program can be a catalyst that inspires students to take action.

Their goal is to provide an exciting experience and also to be an ongoing resource for students, feeding their curiosity for the underwater world as they move through high school and subsequently their collegiate and professional careers. DiverSeaFy is building a community focused on conservation and fueled by a shared passion for the ocean environment. Learn more here: DiverSeaFy
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Meet all Council Members
Meet the World Ocean Day Youth Advisory Council
Ee Jenn Lee
Ee Jenn is a 17 year old student living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, who is passionate about ocean conservation and tackling climate change using the lenses of politics and economics. Living in tropical Malaysia, some of her best memories have been made near the ocean, and she hopes to help preserve this opportunity for future generations. 

Ee Jenn is also a member of the Malaysian Youth Delegation, a youth-led climate policy and advocacy organization. In this capacity, she served as the Media and Communications Lead for Malaysia’s Local Conference of Youth, an event under YOUNGO, the Youth delegation to the UNFCCC. She led her school’s Green student leadership team to launch a number of exciting initiatives last year, including manufacturing custom reusable masks. She also actively volunteers and fundraises for organizations that tackle food waste - a cause dear to her heart due to its humanitarian and environmental facets.
Rise Up! Webinar
This month we are chatting all things social media with Kate Sutter, Community Engagement Manager for The Ocean Project! She is a part of the awesome team behind the dynamic social media content on @WorldOceanDay.

Join us as we discuss ways to curate and create meaningful ocean content that spurs action for our blue planet (and likes!!)

Watch live Monday August 30 at 6:00 PM EDT!

Thank you once again to all of our incredible speakers from Youth-A-Thon 2021!
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