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Monthly Youth Organization Spotlight

Global Youth Biodiversity Network: Created in 2010, GYBN is a network of individuals and youth organizations from around the world, whose common goal is to prevent and halt the loss of biodiversity.

GYBN is entirely led by youth, for youth. The network encompasses 558 member organizations from 172 countries, and 46 national & regional chapters, representing a total of 1.2 million members.

GYBN is the international coordination platform for youth participation under the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). GYBN promotes and facilitates collaboration between youth from diverse backgrounds in order to build a stronger and unified voice to advocate for the rights of future generations, within the biodiversity policy arena. Their work is particularly relevant this year, with the UN Biodiversity Conference coming up in Kunming, China in October.
Find out about many other leading youth organizations here and if there is an organization you would like us to spotlight, please contact us!
Youth-a-thon 2021

Save the date! Youthathon 2021 coming 5 & 6 June for World Ocean Day month!

Interested in participating as a speaker or hosting one of the 24 one-hour slots? Apply here today! Deadline to apply is 19 May.

Keep up with us on Instagram for more updates! In the meantime, click here to watch any or all of last year's 24 hours!

World Ocean Day 2021One month to go!

Have you registered your World Ocean Day event, celebration, or activity yet? The 2021 goal is to have more youth-led and youth-focused events than ever before! Check out a few helpful resources below:

Once you register your event it will appear on the global event map and we will be able to promote and amplify it on the World Ocean Day social media platforms!
Help protect the ocean today!
You can help protect 30% of our blue planet for a healthy ocean and climate in three quick steps!

  1. Sign now as an individual to support 30x30!
  2. If you represent an organization you can sign to support the 30x30 initiative as an organization and have even more impact!
  3. Share the petition link for individuals in your organization and network to sign.
Connect with Darcie!
Meet all Council members
Meet the World Ocean Day Youth Advisory Council

Darcie Anderson
Darcie is in the penultimate year of her undergraduate degree in Marine Science with Oceanography and Robotics at the Scottish Association for Marine Science.
She hopes to have a career in research applying robotics for the conservation of sharks, engaging in science communication alongside her work.

Darcie works with AYUDH Europe on environmental and youth non-formal education work, taking an intersectional approach.
She also does science communication work with AYUDH Europe, as a student ambassador and as a contributor to An Hour In the Deep magazine.
Rise Up! Webinar
This month's theme is about activation for ocean conservation - no matter where in the world you are!

Featuring two global youth ocean advocates and a National Geographic Explorer who is currently aboard OceanX, this round table discussion will highlight the ways you can get involved in the global movement to protect our ocean. 

Webinar is Wednesday 26 May at 5:00 PM EDT. Register now!
Upcoming Events and Opportunities
Here are a few ways you can get more informed and involved:

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