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Youth4MPAs, supported by ocean iMPAct, is a South African youth-led movement with the vision of generating youth voices that educate and create awareness about ocean health, protection, and sustainability while building youth capacity and relationships with global citizens. The Youth4MPAs vision is a sustainable future through the connection of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). Currently with a network of over 270 active members from various communities and backgrounds, they are advocating for increased ocean protection and promotion of MPAs in South Africa, and beyond. For 2021, they aim to grow their youth network across Africa, generating meaningful conversations about youth involvement in key decisions about the future of our ocean, including 30x30. To have your voice heard and to join the Y4MPAs movement, click here.  

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World Ocean Day 2021

Conservation Action Focus
This year's Conservation Action Focus: Protecting 30% of our blue planet for a healthy ocean and climate.

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Breaking: World Ocean(s) Day has dropped the S!

Over the past year or so, with the pandemic and with the growing threat from climate change, the world has seen how connected we all are and how important it is to work together to create a better future. To strongly emphasize our connectedness on this blue planet, we are officially dropping the ‘S’ from World Ocean(s) Day. Read more about this change and the ocean literacy movement here!
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Meet all Council members
Meet the World Ocean Day Youth Advisory Council

Siobhan O'Connor
Siobhan’s passion for the marine environment has manifested in diverse experience in government and policy, oceanic research, and environmental education in New Zealand. She has first-hand experience of the power of marine protection around her local and national coastline as a keen SCUBA and free-diver. 
Where species are protected within her local MPA, abundance provides the perfect opportunity for underwater photography to educate others and encourage further protection. Just down the coastline declining local populations are rarely sighted and stark in contrast. This has motivated Siobhan to learn more about the role of MPAs and how her country can join the global community in achieving 30% protection by 2030.  
Her passion for educating others is shared with Project Blue, a group of young Kiwis creating an action-inspiring documentary around the issue of plastic pollution and how we can change supply chains to eliminate it at its source.
Rise Up! Webinar
We are so excited to feature Ben May and his organization ThinkOcean Society during this month's Rise Up webinar! Join Ben as he chats about how you can take action for our planet’s life support systems – specifically the interconnected issues of ocean, climate, and biodiversity.

It isn't too late to register and attend this action packed conversation on February 24 at 6:00 PM EDT

We are excited to announce the release of ALL 24 HOURS of the highly anticipated recorded Youthathon sessions!

While Youthathon was held last June as part of World Ocean Day month, it isn’t too late to take part and take action with these change makers around the globe.

Stay tuned for Youthathon 2021 coming June 5 and 6!
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