June 9, 2021

Dear Rising Seventh Grade Families,

Please read the information below and then complete this google form indicating your child’s choice of elective for the 2021-22 school year by Wednesday, June 16th.

Math Information
After completing Pre-Algebra A in sixth grade, most students will move on to Pre-Algebra B in seventh grade followed by Algebra 1 in eighth grade. If your child will be recommended for a different course, you will be contacted by the Math Department with details.

Seventh-graders will choose from: Band, Choir, Orchestra and Theatre/Art (described below). Students moving from band, orchestra or choir must speak with those teachers before making the switch to the elective listed below.

Theatre 7
Students will follow the same process a professional theatre company takes to put on a full production. Students will create a rubric for the kind of play they want to produce, use that rubric to read multiple plays and select a final piece. Students will use their skills from Creative Expressions to create costumes, props, sound, lighting and set dressing for the show. Students will also serve as the actors in the piece, which will be performed for a small audience at the semester’s end.

Art 7
Provides the space to build upon a student’s interest in developing an independent creative practice. Students will have the opportunity to collaborate, experience guest artists/exhibits and work with a large project deadline. Students will examine contemporary art and reference the influences and pioneers of yesterday to create exciting tributes to their craft.
7th Grade Elective Graphic
If you have any questions, please contact me at arnolds@columbusacademy.org or Nicola Jackson, who can be reached in the middle school office at jacksonn@columbusacademy.org or 614-509-2264.

Thank you,

Head of Middle School