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Daniella Rabbani January 8
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 Rising Star Daniella Rabbani In Concert   

Sunday, January 8 at 3 p.m.
With the Klezmer Revival Band "Litvakus"


Daniella Rabbani
Daniella Rabbani
Featuring Songs in Hebrew, Yiddish and Russian
Daniella Rabbani is "brilliant   " (THEATERONLINE), "fascinating" (CABARET SCENE), "dynamic, sexy" (JEWISH THEATRE), "shines" (BURLINGTON FREE PRESS), "wonderful", "a hoot!" (FORWARD), "deftly comic" (THEATRE MANIA), "irresistible" (PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE), "the living embodiment of fun, often sensuous music" (PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE), "effervescent" (CURTAIN UP), "sweet voiced" (FORWARD), "outstanding" (JEWISH THEATER), "moving" (CULTURE CATCH) and "a gifted artist" (FORWARD).     Litvakus www. goldenland.com/litvakus  brings to life the Russian and Yiddish musical heritage and takes Klezmer Music to the modern audiences worldwide, making the old sound new and fresh, hip and meaningful  
Tickets: $18
$15 Groups


ISSUE 20                                     December 2011
The Axelrod Performing Arts Center has become a cultural gem in our community, providing high quality entertainment and educational programs in one of the most outstanding venues in the state.  Our programs are made possible only through the generosity of our members and those who provide much needed sponsorship support.
While these are difficult economic times for all arts organizations, we have an opportunity to meet our funding needs through your annual support. 
The success of our Annual Support Drive is critical for our ongoing operations, and we are asking everyone who has enjoyed our many programs to make a commitment to the arts before the end of this year.  Each and every dollar you donate is being matched by Herbert and Evelyn Axelrod. 
Your  support truly enables outstanding cultural programming and we thank you in advance for your generosity.  

 Jess Levy
Jess Levy, CEO, Axelrod Performing Arts Center
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