Somatic Expression ®  with Jamie McHugh
Body Wisdom for Modern Times
Spring Ranch Double Exposure (2020)

“If I really see you, I will laugh out loud, or fall silent, or explode into a thousand pieces. And if I don't, I will be caught in the cement and stone of my own prison.” - Jelaluddin Rumi, 13th Century Persian Mystical Poet

"The eye doesn't see. The brain sees. The eye just transmits. So what we see isn't only determined by what comes through the eyes. What we see is affected by our memories, our feelings, and by what we've seen before.”  - Brandon Stanton

Dear Friends,
How do you use your eyes? Are you simply looking or are you seeing? What strengthens or softens your filters of perception? 

In the US right now, we are quite dramatically facing our deep-seated habits around not seeing race and power. The myth that we are a “color blind” society, even though the statistics about police violence, discrimination and racial profiling have told a very different story for years, has literally blown up all around us nationwide. The times are ripe for a restorative reckoning; it is heartening to witness people across racial lines rising up, speaking out and demanding justice in the face of these inequities. 

The challenge, naturally, is how do we sustain our energy for the long haul? Just like COVID-19, this epidemic will not be resolved within the next week, month, or possibly even years. 

The daily practice of taking time to settle down and dwell within the sanctuary of our soma, to slow down time in collaboration with our breathing body, is essential not only for well-being but also for clear seeing. Stress and anxiety muddle the brain, diminishing our capacity for reflective, empathic witnessing of others – and ourselves. And without breathing room to assimilate and integrate the barrage of input sparking our nerves (and getting on our nerves!), we are easily pulled into the spin cycle of reactivity, negativity and exhaustion. 

There are so many resources available online these days for creating a sustainable practice; I am but one of many various practitioners dedicated to the evolution of the human family. I hope you can join me in an intelligent and creative collaboration with your own unique inner ecosystem. 


Please note: I am continuing to offer my online classes for the duration of the summer as  Pay What You Can Donation  due to the financial stress created by the pandemic. 

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The Power of the Pause: Breathing Room

With so much anxiety and uncertainty presently in the world, the return to the breathing body provides a much-needed oasis of calm, clarity and ease. These Free 1 hour drop-in sessions are guided in real-time to offer a practical experience of collaborating with your 360 Degree Breathing to dissipate anxiety and stabilize attention. (All times Pacific Time)

June 7, 10am

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Somatica Poetica
June 13: 9:30-11:30am Pacific time
The transitional zone between the inner landscape of the body and the outer environment is a fertile place for creative meanderings and imaginings. 
In these sessions, guided somatic explorations are followed by space for writing and time for embodied reading to harvest what has surfaced in the pre-verbal realm. 

Open to those with experience in somatic-expressive work. Registration  HERE


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Art Talks – Interview with Narelle Carter-Quinlan of Embodied Terrain
An hour online chat about my work connecting the inner and outer landscapes through somatics, photography and immersion in the natural environment. Click the image below.