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July 2021
Those of us who have been exposed to the concept of impact investing, know that one of the key principles of impact investing is measurability. Research conducted by Harvard Business school explains that investors naturally use impact measurement to achieve various objectives at different parts of the investment cycle, which means that the method for measuring impact changes depends on the objective. These objectives fall into four main phases: 

  • Investors first estimate the impact for due diligence, which is conducting due diligence to assess the potential social return before committing to an investment. 
  • Then comes planning impact through strategy, choosing the metrics and data collection methods that the investor will use to monitor an investment's effects. 
  • Once the program is underway, investors and investees focus on monitoring impact to improve outputs, measuring and analyzing impact throughout the life of the investment to track the intervention’s effects. 
  • And finally, sometimes investors turn to evaluating impact to prove social value, measuring an investment’s social consequences after the program concludes to assess portfolio performance and next steps for the investor, including re-investment.

However, just like impact investing, impact measurement is an equally debated topic in the impact investment industry, seeing that different organizations choose to measure impact differentlyMore than 150 impact assessment methods and 1,200 metrics have been developed to measure impact over the last decade. There is a notable tendency to try and make impact measurement as simple as possible using few metrics, thereby easing the process for investors to compare impact in the same way as they evaluate financial performance. Unlike the financial sector, where profit always equals success, there is no singular way of measuring impact. We caution against reducing impact measurement to a too simplistic process, which produces an incomplete picture. Measuring impact has no easy solution, so try to find a framework that works well for you and your portfolio.
Episode 7 of Impact Conversations with Aavishkaar Group, titled 'Energy Access at the Cornerstone of Improving Lives in Emerging Markets', will highlight the urgent need to address energy poverty, through collaboration to unlock opportunities for access to clean, affordable & renewable energy for the underserved. Leading this discussion will be Deepali Khanna, Managing Director, Asia for The Rockefeller Foundation. She will be joined by Santosh Singh, Director - Energy & Climate Change at Intellecap, and a leading Entrepreneur voice.
Congratulations to WEEE Centre, the first runners up in the Sankalp Africa Awards 2021, who won £100,000 from the Kenya Catalytic Jobs Fund (KCJF); for training over 2000 youths on
e-waste management best practices.
Happening in the Ecosystem
Opportunities for Entrepreneurs
The Sankalp Awards is a celebration of outstanding social entrepreneurs and a showcase of innovative and successful businesses globally. Making a positive impact on society, gaining hands-on experience and networking with a global community are just a few of the perks of the Sankalp Global Awards 2021. The 2021 Edition of Sankalp Global Awards is looking for social entrepreneurs who are mainstreaming impact: Apply Now...
The Acumen Fellowship is an intensive, one year leadership development program offered through the Acumen Academy, the world’s school for social change. Every year, each program selects 20 emerging leaders to participate in a blend of immersive seminars and online content that equips them with the knowledge, skills and community they need to be more effective agents of change. Once graduated, fellows join a global community of remarkable individuals. Learn more about the West Africa fellowship and apply at Apply Now...
The Competition was instituted as a pioneering initiative by ACCESS to identify and collate models and practices that have significantly contributed to livelihoods promotion of the poor in India. The Sitaram Rao Livelihoods India Case Study Competition therefore aims at bringing together the collective intellect of the sector and assimilating innovative solutions, breakthroughs, good experiences and best practices that help in learning from diverse sector experience and impact poverty reduction. The theme for this year's Case Study Competition is Advancing Agro and Food Processing Enterprises for Rural Development. Apply Now...
Villgro introduces Cohort 2.0 of the Incubating Incubators program. Incubators across India are invited to apply for the 3 months paid program which commences on 1 August 2021. This program is supporting incubators across the globe in developing robust incubation processes, systems, tools and networks. Apply Now...
Social investment networks, AVPA and AVPN, have announced the inaugural Africa-Asia Impact Investing Fellowship to nurture asset owners and capital managers into becoming effective impact investing practitioners. The Fellowship programme will select 60 individuals from across Africa and Asia - 30 from each continent - who embody the values and skills needed to develop a strong impact investing sector. Starting September 2021, the Fellowship will run over a span of 10 months. You can learn more about the programme and submit your application here: Apply Now...
Monday, July 26th, 2021
Financing the SDGs: UNDP & OECD standards towards 2030.Hosted by the Efiko Academy and Social Value International. The SDGs represent global consensus on what society needs to achieve by 2030 to create a sustainable future for all, however, the level of financing to make the SDGs a reality is not being reached. This webinar focuses on the current situation and the developments at the OECD & UNDP that can provide investors and enterprises with the means to make the SDGs a reality in their organisation. Register Now
Tuesday, July 20th, 2021
The MIT Social Entrepreneurship Alumni Group (SEAG) invites you to a conversation with Professor Shawn Cole and four social entrepreneurs. Professor Cole a Co-Founder and Chair of the Board at Precision Development, a professor at Harvard Business School, and serves as the Co-Chair for MIT J-PAL’s Innovations in Data and Experiments for Action (IDEA) initiative. will share with us his research and how technology is applied to lead a digital revolution in the practice of development economics. Joining him will be four social entrepreneurs from Awaaz.De (India), Elpha (Columbia), Farmerline (Ghana) and WorldCover (Kenya) to discuss their experience on the ground. Register Now
Tuesday, August 10th to Friday, August 13th, 2021
Accelerating the Accelerators 2021: Thriving Forward. Join this 3 day event for
Entrepreneur Support Organizations, accelerators, incubators, competitions, and
fellowships from around the globe to learn, collaborate and create the next
generation of thriving founders, organizations and support for innovation toward a
better world in 2021 and beyond. Register Now
Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021
The Color of Money and a Call to Close the Racial Wealth Gap. Register for FREE for the SPECTRUM event: On the importance of finance and race: a call for investment. This half-day session on the importance of finance and race will feature a range of conversations focused on the need to diversify fund managers and a call for more investment in Black and Brown entrepreneurs to close the racial wealth gap. Register Now
Investment Readiness Learning Programme
The Social Enterprise Institute offers an investment readiness e-learning program, which provides trainees with the confidence, insights and tools needed to find and take on social investment. Find out more about the training here.
Udemy Course on Impact Investing:
Making Use of Finance to Change the World
Galileo International Impact Investing Centre offers an online course which features the following sections of study: Introduction to Impact Investing, Aligning Your Values with Impact Themes and SDGs, Measuring and Understanding Social & Environmental Impacts, Impact Investing in the Practice Across Asset Classes, and Incorporating Impact Investing in Your Life.
INSEAD Workshop: Venture Capital, Business Angels & Startups
For venture capitalists or a business angel, you learn how to identify high-performing start-ups and how to help make them successful. For those who are thinking about being in a startup, you learn how to get offers from venture capitalists, how to choose among these, and how do you ensure you get the most out of the relationship with your investor. Register Now
Job Opportunities
Novastar Ventures is looking for a Venture Associate to support the productivity and effectiveness of the investment team while gaining an insight into the workings of a
venture capital and fast growing businesses in East and West Africa.
This is a one-year fixed term role. Apply Now...
The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) in India is looking to engage a service provider to develop and implement a communication strategy to promote biofortified food products from zinc wheat and iron pearl millet and improve their consumer awareness in six target states in India – Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab for Zinc Wheat and Rajasthan, Maharashtra, and Karnataka for Iron Pearl Millet. Apply Now...
Hivos East Africa is looking for a Project Officer (PO) for the new project to lead and manage Hivos’ implementation in Kenya. The PO supports the setting up and proper running of the project in Kenya, as well as the development, approval and implementation of organisational level and joint project proposals, and ensures these processes are developed in line with agreed procedures. Apply Now...
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Sankalp Forum was initiated in India in 2009 by Intellecap, part of the Aavishkaar Group, to create a thriving ecosystem for business-led inclusive development. Over the past 10 years, Sankalp has built one of the world's largest impact enterprise focused platforms that has showcased and discovered 1800+ entrepreneurs, through 25 editions and has connected them to 600+ investors. Sankalp has enabled enterprises and entrepreneurs and has helped raise over USD 270 million in funding and disbursed over USD 870,000 in cash grants. Sankalp Forum engages with Governments, Corporations, influential platforms like the G8 and G20, media and civil society to drive a paradigm shift in inclusive development approaches.