Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Capstone Performance Systems!


With the holidays fast approaching, it's the perfect time to let our clients and friends know how much we appreciate them. Your confidence in our team is gratifying, and we will continue to work hard to keep your trust.

It was wonderful to see so many of our clients, professional peers, and friends at last month's NPA Annual Conference. As always, the conference was a terrific opportunity to network with others in the industry, exchange ideas, and of course enjoy the sights of beautiful San Francisco. We were pleased that so many attendees visited the Capstone-CareKinesis booth and joined us at our "California Uncorked" event. Whether or not you were able to attend the conference, we hope you enjoy this special post-conference edition of our newsletter. And on behalf of the entire Capstone Performance Systems team, best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving.

- Richard Schamp, MD, CEO
Richard Schamp, MD CEO
Capstone Sessions 
Several members of the Capstone team, including myself, were presenters at the NPA Annual Conference. We were pleased to be able to share our expertise in this way while also gaining new insights from our fellow presenters and conference attendees. Please read on for some highlights from these sessions. And, as always, if you would like information on any of our services, contact us at (720) 279-4510 or info@capstoneperformancesystems.com. 
George Brett, MD
Pharmacy Topics I: PACE Clinical Issues
Presenters: George Brett, MD, Capstone Performance Systems; Robert Alesiani, PharmD, CareKinesis; Kevin Bain, PharmD, CareKinesis; John Galdamez, DO, Cherokee Elder Care; and Jacques Turgeon, PhD, CareKinesis

This session used a rotation-style breakout format to discuss current clinical issues in PACE pharmacy. Dr. Brett led the "Hepatitis C Update" session, giving an overview and then facilitating a round table discussion. Other discussion topics included "Saving Resources without Compromising Care or Clinical Efficacy" and "Avoiding/Managing Competitive Inhibition." Capstone is proud to contribute to the clinical excellence advanced by our sister company, CareKinesis.

50 TIPS IN 50 MINUTES: A Master Class in Operational Tactics to Optimize Clinical Documentation, RAPS Data, and Risk Scores 
Presenters: Richard Schamp, MD, Capstone Performance Systems; Elizabeth Canino, MSN, CRNP, PACE of Rhode Island; Sherry Simpson, BBA, MSN, APRN-BC, PACE of Southwest Michigan

Capstone CEO Dr. Richard Schamp led this session, which offered information in a fast-moving format. The presenters drew on their own experiences in PACE as well as those from other PACE organizations as they covered a range of topics including documentation requirements, workflows, reporting analytics, quality improvement, and much more. We were pleased with the very positive response to the presentation as attendees participated with LIVE audience feedback technology,

PART D INTERNAL AUDITING AND MONITORING FOR PACE: It's More than Just a Fraud, Waste and Abuse Policy
Presenters: Matt Zimmerman, BA, Capstone Performance Systems; Amanda Boyle, BSW, Immanuel Pathways; Harmony Hines, RN, BSN, Midland Care Connection; Deborah Quillen, BA, AS, CareKinesis

This presentation provided valuable information on Part D auditing and monitoring requirements for PACE, including where to find data, timing of reports and the importance of completeness in documentation. Attendees also learned how a Compliance Calendar Worksheet can help with monitoring, auditing and oversight responsibilities. This content-rich presentation turned out to be one of the most popular and appreciated sessions of the conference. 
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