May 2019
Risk Assessment Part II and a Tribute to Those Dedicated to Enhancing Patient Safety!

While the calendar tells us that Spring has arrived and Mother Nature begins to renew our environment, the month of May becomes a month filled with positive energy, hope and healing as we Celebrate both Nurses' Week and Hospital Week . This month we feature Part II of our Risk Assessment series that outlines the skills we need to consider and use when identifying and reducing risks.  This edition also includes an article on the Art of Nursing and how this profession can serve as  a change agent to continue to enhance Patient Safety.
Millions of people focus their lives on helping others to regain or maintain their health and well-being every day.  We send our Thanks to each and every one of you for your passion, commitment and dedication.  May our futures be bright and filled with wellness.

PART II: Addressing Today's Top Issues with Effective Risk Assessments

By James Ballad, MBA, CPHQ, CPPS, HACP

Last month, in Part I, examples were shared on some of the risk assessments sought by surveyors. Let's look at some daily risk assessments and risk reduction strategies that may be helpful.
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Celebrating Nursing Week! 

By Christopher Pratt

National Nursing Week is May 6-12 where we pause to celebrate the patient centric profession of healing and compassion.  The theme for this year is "4 Million Reasons to Celebrate", a reference to the vast number
of Registered Nurses in the United States.   
A group of this number, when organized and  
focused, can be an effective team capable  
of making national impact on the outcomes  
of our patients.  Read
more about a profession that has proven itself as change agents for positive patient outcomes.

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