Risky Business

July 2012

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Welcome to this month's edition of "Risky Business".  

This month we focus on all aspects of Householder's Insurance. Please give us a call if you have any questions or we can be of assistance in any way. 


  Insurance News 

Why use a Broker for your Householder's Insurance?


While the focus of CPR Insurance is the insurance and risk advice needs of small to medium businesses, we are conscious of the fact that all our clients have their own homes and insure them accordingly.


While CPR Insurance is able to obtain Householders Insurance for all our clients (including  Prestige Householder's Cover if your house is insured for more than $750,000 and contents for over $150,000) we can only offer good value cover but not the cheapest.


Why? The direct Insurers, the ones you find on-line or by calling their Call Centres, are generally cheaper. However, they do not offer personal advice, and you have to carefully review the level of cover you will receive.


With an Insurance Broker, you receive personal advice and this is put in writing.


You do get what you pay for and you have someone to handle your claims!



Time to review your Householder's Risks


You will not receive this advice from a direct insurer. They do not provide you with personal advice. However areas you should review include the following:



Money House
Are you insured for enough?


Most people do not insure their property for enough. Underinsurance remains the scourge of Insurers because apart from not getting enough premium for minor claims, a total loss results in you not being properly indemnified.  


With a home burning down, yes you do not insure the land but consider this. It costs at least $80,000 just to remove the debris following a fire on an average Queenslander home and starting again. Then you submit plans to the council to rebuild which can be rejected over and over again due to ever changing by-laws. Then you have to find a good quality builder, subject to availability. You need somewhere to live for possibly up to two years. Then whatever is left over pays for the new replacement house which could be in two years time. Are you really sure you have enough cover?  


Please click here to read more about this.



How secure is your home?


The most common claim despite the weather related events remains Burglary. It happens too often and is not easily avoidable. A policeman once said to me that if they really want to get in to your home, they will, but to reduce the chance make it as hard as possible. The more you delay them being able to break in and then restrict the time they have inside your home the better.  


There are a number of ways you can do this. These include the following:



Reducing the fire risk to your home


Have you had your electrical wiring checked recently? We can refer you to a great electrician. Do you live in a Bushfire zone?


Please click here to read more about fire safety and prevention. 



Brisbane Storm
Is your home ready for storms or cyclones?  


Most of the storms here in Queensland occur during our Wet season between December and April each year. Here is some advice on what you can do to reduce risks to your home. Storms and cyclones can create the additional risk of sea surges. If you live on the coast, you could be at risk. The resulting drenching rain from storms and cyclones can lead to flooding.





Many people like to repair or renovate their homes, but do you know some of the risks from hazardous materials you can face? Not just Asbestos which is the most common hazard in homes built before 1986, but there are others.  


Please click here to read more.




These are just some of the risks we can face just in the home and with the home. Underinsurance is one that can be easily fixed with very little additional cost. You owe it to yourself and your family to minimise these risks and continue to live more safely. 


  Other News 

Quest Business Awards 2012

CPR Insurance Services are a finalist in the Quest Business Awards. Thank you to everyone who voted for us!  


  Joke of the Month 

Drinks Bar
Drinks Bar


A pair of sunglasses and a jumper lead go into a bar and ask the bartender for a couple of beers.


The bartender says "Sorry guys, I'm not serving you today."


The sunglasses and the jumper lead look at each other in disbelief then look back at the bartender exclaiming "Why not!?"


The bartender points to the sunglasses saying "Well you're off your face, and your friend looks like he's about to start something."





See you next month.




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