Ritchey Logic Makes Perfect Logic

Repeat after me ... Steel bikes are heavy. Steel bikes are heavy. Steel bikes are heavy. It's fun to say because everybody is saying it, and it feels good to agree with others. But where is the logic in that?
Weight matters in cycling. It affects how easily you can accelerate from a stop sign, which power zone you need to ride at to hang with your fast friends going uphill, and whether or not you will pull out your Trek credit card for a new upgrade. A common reflex for most road bike buyers is to lift up a bike, shortly after squeezing the tires and commenting on how narrow they look.

We've stopped telling people that the Ritchey Logic is a steel bike before this ritual is performed on the floor. And you know what; nobody has claimed yet that it felt heavy! Rarely does it feel any different in terms of weight when being compared to a carbon fiber or aluminum bike. That's because it's not. Out of the box, a Ritchey Logic measuring 55cm tips the scale at 17 pounds and 11 ounces. This is made possible with a triple-butted tubeset and proprietary integrated headtube.

We'd argue that nothing needs to be changed with the stock configuration of the Ritchey Logic, but if you desire to see what's really possible with steel then get your Trek credit card ready. The Logic routinely builds up to a 16 pound bike with a SRAM Red drivetrain. We don't have much in the way of sustained climbs in Wisconsin, so a worthy upgrade for any bike in America's Dairyland would be a set of aero wheels. Mounting aero wheels to the Ritchey Logic gives you the total bike: A lightweight, fast, and smooth ride.

Nobody was lying to you when they said steel is real. In fact, steel is one of the most honest frame materials you could ride. As the heart and soul of the bike, your frame provides most of the ride quality characteristics. The triple-butted tubeset that contributes to a featherweight frame only enhances the exhilarating feel that steel is known for. We're getting into highly subjective territory here, but take a ride for yourself to feel the difference.

 Not only is steel exciting to ride for being highly communicative with the road beneath you, but it won't beat you up on the bumpy stuff. The Logic steam rolls uneven country roads with nice composure, but was also built to provide great power transfer to best your buds at the county line sprint. You don't have to worry about this bike feeling like a noodle once you pour on the power.

With aggressive road geometry and clearance for 28mm tires, the Logic is an athletic frame with an appreciated touch of adventure. The performance minded roadie will find himself or herself checking all of the boxes with this bike. You could say the Ritchey Logic makes perfect sense, but we say it makes perfect logic.


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