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Ritzville Art Show this weekend!
Yes, I know you just got an email from me, but here is one more show to tell you about. AND.. I finally was able to load the new sculpture photos. Actually, I guess that they were uploaded, but I sure couldn't find them last week.

The Ritzville Washington Art Show is a fun show in the city park. Friday, Saturday and Sunday, on lawn under huge shade trees. As you leave I90 at the Ritzville exit there should be lots of signs, but we are only about two blocks from the freeway. Turn off at the north exit and follow the road into town past the marvelous steel sculptures that honor Ritzville's heritage. Some wonderful artists, and I think there will also be some lovely crafts this year, too. It is a great break to take from the highway so don't pass us by.

If you have any questions about these new bronzes, give me a call or email me. Oh yes, the top photo is Good Example with the Appy patina. He is $2000.00 or available in your choice of patina (or Appaloosa variation, too.)
The Fell Pony
An ancient English pony breed, the Romans crossed the Friesian to get more size and power, it is also often called the miniature Friesian Horse.

It is a talented breed fairly new to the USA, but well respected in its home country. This is the breed that the Queen of England rides now.

Limited Edition of 30 $2200.00
10" tall about 15" long

Born to Win
The Thoroughbred is born to run, bred for speed and heart. And he has the drive to win, whether on the track, the cross country event, or on the hunt course. An old cowboy told me years ago his favorite mountain trail breed was the Thoroughbred, and he was one heck of a horseman.

Limited Edition of 20 $2000.00
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