Black History Walks Newsletter 25.10.2018
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A three-hour, six mile cruise along the Thames from Vauxhall to the Thames Barrier and back highlighting thousands of years of hidden African/Caribbean history on display.

Your private double-decker boat cruise includes unobstructed and spectacular views of both sides of the Thames. With three guides plus special historical guests Phyliss Wheatley, Mary Prince and Olaudah Equiano, not only will you get a unique informed historical commentary, but you can ask questions of three giants of African-American, Caribbean and Nigerian literature.

The cruise will cover African Romans, ancient African art/engineering, Black Spitfire pilots, lost sugar warehouses, the Ivory trade, African diamonds, African Odysseys on the Southbank, the Apartheid Millenium Wheel, Nigerian oil, 20,000 Black people and their Day of Action, Civil Rights in the UK, Mary Seacole, To Sir With Love, Brown babies and Jim Crow, The Palace of Stolen Goods, West India Docks, Canary Wharf's African roots, Kings College's Caribbean connection, Guys Hospital and who really paid for it, the colour bar in nursing, Black Merchant Mariners, the river as a sewer, Black Shakespeare, Tate & Lyle and the Sugar Girls, Barbados and the National Rail Network, the REAL pirates of the Caribbean and much, much more!

On the way back we will be listening to some Lovers Rock and 90s Soul music. Proceeds from this event will go the Black History Walks fundraiser for plaques in honour of four Black historical heroes:

  • Dr Harold Moody (1930s Black British Civil Rights leader)
  • Bill Richmond (1800s American/British champion boxer and community leader)
  • Tom Molyneaux (1800s American champion boxer who should have been British champion but for cheating)
  • Baron Baker (1950s Jamaican and Windrush street-fighter who defended the community out of Toto Bags Blues Club in Notting Hill)

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Join us on our three-hour drive showing London's top tourist attractions from an African/Caribbean perspective.

The private bus journey will start with a special reception at the Black Cultural Archives in Brixton, where we sample some of their historical products. We then leave for our circular tour of London's typical attractions (Tower of London, Trafalgar Square, Houses of Parliament etc.) but with all the hidden Black connections explained.

The tour will include photo stops and site visits. We will cover : Black Roman Generals, Jimi Hendrix, the colour bar in Brixton/West End, black-owned nightclubs, Black Tudors, Female Resistance leaders, Amy Ashwood Garvey, Claudia Jones, Fisk Jubilee Singers, Dame Jocelyn Barrow, Olive Morris, Mavis Best, British Black Panthers in Grosvenor Square, 20,0000 Black People and their day of action, Darcus Howe, Windrush arrival points, Frederick Douglas, Breadfruits, The Black mayors who beat the National Front, 50 years of The West Indian Standing Conference, Champion boxers of the 1800s, Nelson Mandela, the Caribbean history of Canada House, Trafalgar Square and the Anti-Apartheid movement, the Bank of England's secret West Indian wealth, the Ghana connection and much, much more!

Proceeds from this event will go towards the BHW fundraiser for plaques in honour of four Black historical heroes as mentioned above. All plaques will be erected in collaboration with Nubian Jak

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Above: Superb book by legendary author KN Chimbiri . Buy it now for children who would like to know the context of current history.Perfect for schools
Buy cinema tickets for Preview: Black Mother + Q&A with...

Khalik Allah's profound documentary is a deeply personal exploration of Jamaica.

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Black and Asian Studies Association a 27 year review. 3.11.2018

This half day conference will feature two of the founding members of the pioneering B.A.S.A. (Black and Asian Studies Association) Professor Hakim Adi and Marika Sherwood. They will speak about the achievements of B.A.S.A. over almost three decades and what they see as the future of history. We will also hear from doctoral student Hannah Ismael who will give a 21st century view of B.A.S.A. and its relevance to present day historical activism. Topics covered will include:

  • Issues B.A.S.A. raised and success stories in school curriculum, publishing, museums, stamps, monuments, plaques
  • Learning points for future activists
  • Progress and regression in provision of Black history
  • Archiving and digital data; the new problems that are old
  • B.A.S.A. alumni 'well known' initiatives/historians that started with B.A.S.A
  • The state of Black history research and provision today compared to 1991

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Sat, Nov 17, 2018 2:00 PM GMT
Queen of Sheba + Black Saints White Worshippers
Room G16
Above: Got Kush TV filmed our 2016 lecture '400 years of Black Women Resistance Leaders' This event will be repeated next week but is already sold out. The following events are also sold out, The Black Image, How Black people won World War Two, What were Black people doing in World War one? Black British Civil Rights.
Find out what's happening in London for Black History Month

These legendary walks open up a hidden world of African heritage sites, architecture and historic graffiti in the capital that are often overlooked by your average London guides. 'I had done a number of the typical tourist trails and was amazed...

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Our multi-award winning Black history walks as seen and reviewed on BBC,Channel 4,CNN, Huffington Post, Sunday Express, The Voice etc continue in Hackney, Soho, St Paul's/Bank and the National Gallery. Click image above for the TimeOut review . Photo by Joanne Frederick