Registration now open for

32nd Annual River Cities Roundup

January 6-8, 2022


3 days of exciting events!

Marathon Meetings! Great Food! Bowling! Golf! Bingo! Comedian! Fellowship!


Event Schedule

Thursday, January 6

3:30p S- AA Speaker Kaeli L., Kingman AZ (Mirror) (30 min + discussion)

4:30-6:30p Social Time (Starview)

6:00p Al-Anon 12 Step Panel (Bridgeview)

7:00p S- AA Speaker Cindy W., Lake Havasu AZ (Starview)

Friday, January 7

18:30A M- AA Fear (Mirror)

9:00a S- AA Sandy E. California (Starview)

9:30a M- AA Open Mind (Mirror)

10:30a M- AA Serenity (Mirror)

10:30a-12 BINGO (Harbor Port)

11:30a M- AA Service (Mirror)

12:30p M- AA Inventory (Mirror)

1:00p S- Al-Anon Karen C., Kingman AZ (Bridgeview)

1:30p M- AA Letting go of Anger (Mirror)

2:30p M- AA Surrender (Mirror)

3:00p S- AA Dave L., Roseville CA (Starview)

3:00p M- Al-Anon I Am New At This (Bridgeview)

3:30p M- AA Hope (Mirror)

4:00p M- Al-Anon Grow by Letting Go (Bridgeview)

4:30p M- AA Humility (Mirror)

5:00p M- A New Freedom (Bridgeview)

5:00p Dinner BBQ (Starview)

5:30p M- AA Complacency (Mirror)

6:00p M- Al-Anon Personal Growth (Bridgeview)

6:30p Literature Raffle

6:30p M- AA 10th Step (Mirror)

7:00p S- AA Ron P., Anaheim CA (Starview)

7:30p M- AA Tolerance (Mirror)

9:00p Rock n’ Bowl check in, 9:30p start

Saturday, January 8

8:00a M- Al-Anon Changed Attitudes (Bridgeview)

8:30a (NV Time) Golf, 9:00a Tee TimeMojave Resort Golf Club, Laughlin NVGolf-lunch-rewards & raffle

8:30a M- AA Carrying the Message (Starview)

9:00a M- Al-Anon Accountability (Bridgeview)

9:00a S- AA Kerry C., Fort Mohave AZ (Starview)

9:30a M- AA Positive Thinking (Starview)

10:00a M- Al-Anon Amends (Bridgeview)

10:30a M- AA Rigorous Honesty (Starview)

11:00a Al-Anon Lunch (Starview)

11:30a M- AA HALT (Starview)

12:00p Al-Anon Raffle

12:15p S- Al-Anon Sarah C., Phoenix AZ (Starview)

12:30p M- AA Anonymity (Starview)

1:30p M- AA Attitude of Gratitude (Starview)

2:00p M- Al-Anon Balance (Bridgeview)

2:30p M- AA Acceptance (Starview)

3:00p M- Al-Anon God of my Understanding (Bridgeview)

3:00pm S- AA Shari K., Bullhead City AZ (Starview)

3:30p M- AA Belief in a God (Starview)

4:00p M- Al-Anon Gratitude (Bridgeview)

4:30p M- AA Sponsorship (Starview)

5-6:15p Banquet Dinner (Starview)

5:30p M- AA Steps 1, 2, 3 (Starview)

6:15p Introduce Committee, 50/50 Raffle, Birthday Count (Starview)

6:30p M- AA Relationships in Sobriety (Starview)

6:45p Comedic Entertainment (Starview)

7:30p M- AA Daily Maintenance of Spiritual Condition

8:00p S- AA Sean W., Huntington CA (Starview)

Sunday, January 9

Clean up, Treasure, Banquets, Chair $$$


Items for purchase:

  • Entry Ticket: $40 (includes Comedian Entertainment!)
  • BBQ Dinner: $24
  • Rock N Bowl: $19
  • Golf Tournament: $60
  • Al-Anon Luncheon: $22
  • Banquet Dinner: $39
  • Shirts: $23-30
  • Tote Bag: $20
  • Tumbler: $20


Don Laughlin’s Riverside Resort Hotel & Casino

Laughlin, NV

800.227.3849 or 702.298.2535

Special Rates: Jan 6-8, 2022

Mention Code: C:/RRU22t Link