Hudson River
Fishermen’s Association
December 14th
Meeting starts at 7:30 PM

Ridgefield Park Elks Lodge
21 Cedar St
Ridgefield Park, NJ
$20 bills money
Don’t forget all members are eligible for the HRFA free dollars at the end of the meeting. We remember one fellow getting up and leaving during the meeting only to have his name picked for the HRFA free $ at the end of the meeting. The pot is now at a cool $169.00.
Surf Fishing
Guest Speaker: Stoumpos (Eric) Argyri a.k.a. "Mr. Poseidon"
Summary: My talk will focus on sharing some of the learned experiences and knowledge I have picked up while pursuing my passion of fishing for striped bass in the surf. I hope you will find my enthusiasm for the sport contagious and learn some new techniques along the way.
Bio: Eric is a thirteen year resident of Rockland County with his wife Romina, originally from Queens. He started out chunking bunker at Jones Beach and moved over to lure surf fishing for the last 10 years or so. He decided to start making videos of products he likes and about striper fishing. About two years ago he started a YouTube channel under the name Mr. Poseidon. His channel currently has over 800 subscribers. He is a Catch & Release striper hunter intent on sharing knowledge between all fans of any kind of fishing. He also does a livestream talk show on YouTube called Let's Talk Fishing every Sunday at 7pm ET usually with a live guest speaker.
Mr Poseidon
Link to his YouTube channel: 

Follow him on Instagram: @mr_poseidon_fishing

On Facebook: 
Poseidon Fish

All are invited to join the meeting 
& share their fishing stories.
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Next General Meeting
7:30 PM December 14th
Meet Mr. Poseidon

Executive Meeting
1st Tuesday of every month Ridgefield Park Elks at 7:30 pm
21 Cedar St, Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660
HRFA Officers
Aram Setian
Vice President
Joseph Albanese
Frank Wisniewski
John Malool
Membership Secretary
Arnold Ulrich
Board Members
Chairman Youth Anglers
Wayne Geider 
Hooked on the Hudson
Pete Musse
Gil Hawkins
Miguel Sardinas
Fishing Contests
Aram Setian
Scott Havner
Outdoors Shows
Dave Mercer
Janice Soto
Dan Harrison
Director Emeritus
Tony Evangelista
Antony Carbone (2020)
Ivan Garcia (2021)
Marius Bahr (2022) 
Nominating Committee:
John Golon
Gil Hawkins
Aram Setian
Social Media Committee:
Alex Spindelman
Editor River Views:
Joseph Albanese
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The Hudson River Fishermen’s Association is a group of recreational fishermen who make active use of the N.Y. Bight and the surrounding water system and are concerned with the present and future state of these fisheries. Our objectives are to encourage the responsible use of aquatic resources and protection of habitat. We assist where possible in efforts to abate pollution and promote sportfishing and the management of that recreation. We are a IRS recognized nonprofit 501c3 organization . All donations are welcome and maybe tax deductable. 
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From our President
Greetings HRFA Members and Friends,

I hope that as of this writing, we find you all well and safe and enjoying the fishing opportunities of the pre-COVID-19 Pandemic. We are now enjoying the Fall fishing challenges, and rewards are appreciable.

From our last board meeting, I would like to bring to your attention a few items. The good news is that the Outdoors & Sportsmen Shows are returning in 2022. We are looking for volunteer(s) to chair these events:
  • January 6-9 . . . The Garden State Outdoor Sports Show at the New Jersey Convention & Expo Center in Edison, NJ
  • March 3-6 . . . The World fishing and Outdoor Expo at Rockland Community College in Suffern, NY.

We plan to initiate Fishing Clinics as part of the Youth Anglers Program; to held once or twice per month. Please look for the scheduling for when you can participate.

The General meetings are being held at the Elks Lodge again. The last meeting was well attended. Captain Scott, owner of the XTC Sportfishing, presented a very captivating fishing methods and opportunities, followed by a very engaging Q&A. I can personally, attest to the friendly and productive experience I have had fishing aboard the XTC.

This month we are happy to announce that our guest speaker will be Eric Argyri, aka "Mr.Poseidon".

Our activities in November started with the “Bass and Blues Surfcasting Derby on Sandy Hook, NJ. It was organized by Miguel Sardinas. The Second event was initiated by Joe Albanese, "The HRFA Invitational" Challenge. Incidentally, congratulations Joe on winning your own tournament.

To show our support, 18 HRFA members attended the JCAA's Annual Sportsperson of the Year event. Our own HRFA members, Ray Marione, Tim Burden, Sergio Radossi and Arnie Ulrich are past recipients of this prestigious award. Carl Bruger is the recipient of the JCAA's Youth Education Award.
We are still faced with the current difficult, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, conditions. Nevertheless, our organization continues to function successfully, thanks to our dedicated members. I would like to take this opportunity the express my sincere appreciation. Also, I would like to remind those members, especially the recipients of the HRFA prestigious “Pete Barrett” award, that is expect from them to continue their efforts and contribution, to the best of their abilities. We are charitable organization, we provide our services to many, and we expect our members to participate and support us, accordingly. As always, we thank you for your help and appreciate your donations.

The end of 2021 is near, and the holiday season is ahead of us. This is the time show the HRFA appreciation to all our members and the association staff. We will be celebrating our achievements while preparing for the 2022 challenges.

Wishing you a very joyful Christmas and a very Happy and a Healthy New Year,
Capt. Aram Setian
HRFA 2021 President

Fight for the Hudson
In this month's issue of River Views
Help Found
Meet Emily McGuckin
Emily McGuckin is the new American Littoral Society Fish Tagging Program Director. She graduated from Stockton University in 2018 with a degree in Marine Science and a minor in Environmental Science.

Immediately after graduating, she went on to become ALS’s Fish Tagging Intern under Jeff Dement. During that year, she presented at the American Fisheries Society Conference in Atlantic City on cunner and silver perch abundances in the Mullica River in relation to increasing sea temperatures. She went on to work with other marine and environmental organizations including the Monmouth County Parks System and with the NJDEP as a Watershed Ambassador for the Wallkill River and Barnegat Bay Watersheds.

She continued to volunteer with the Fish Tagging Program over the years. When Jeff Dement passed away in January 2021, she stepped up as a main volunteer to continue the program and eventually was paid part time to perform the Director duties. She officially got the Director’s Position in September 2021. 
Fish Tagging Program Director

The American Littoral Society has engaged anglers in tagging fish in support of marine science and management for over 50 years. We work in partnership with public resource management agencies, conservation and angler organizations and the...

Read more
Emily is really looking forward to improving on Jeff’s already amazing program and hopes to help the program grow scientifically as well as through membership. She is always interested in any ideas someone might have to improve the program. If you’re interested in becoming a fish tagging member or getting more information about the program, please feel free to email Emily at
New American Littoral Society Sticker Available
To memorialize Jeff and his contributions, one of his former interns (Sam Glover) created a sticker that can be purchased online. $2 from each sale will be donated to the Society in support of the Fish Tagging Program. Stickers can be purchased from the Scaled Up shop on Etsy. Click the link or image to purchase. 
Meet Tracy Brown
Q&A: Tracy Brown, next President and Hudson Riverkeeper

'The Hudson River is really where my heart is. I think we have a great team and great momentum, and I look forward to all the tremendous work that we're going to get done in the coming decades.'

Read more
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Upcoming Events
The Garden State Outdoor Sports Show
January 6-9, 2022
The Garden State Outdoor Sports Show at the New Jersey Convention & Expo Center in Edison, NJ

Volunteers needed! If interested, contact Dave Mercer at
The World Fishing and Outdoor Expo
March 3-6, 2022
The World fishing and Outdoor Expo at Rockland Community College in Suffern, NY.

Volunteers needed! If interested, contact Dave Mercer at
The Fred Rung Memorial Catch & Release Striped Bass Derby
April 16 - May 15, 2022
The HRFA’s annual ‘Catch & Release’ and ‘Catch, Tag & then Release’ Striper Derby returns to the Hudson River and any of its tributaries south of the Troy Dam. Major tributaries include the East River, the Hackensack River, the Passaic River, Newark Bay and the Meadowlands.  The Hudson River boundaries for the derby range from the Verrazano Bridge north, all the way up to the dam in Troy, NY. 

Starts: 7:00 am Saturday April 16th
Ends: 12:00 pm Sunday May 15th

All NJ & NY fishing regulations in place at the time of the Derby will apply. That includes the use of circle hooks when fishing for stripers with bait.

subject to increase if participation
exceeds expectations
  • Largest stripers caught & released: 1st $600, 2nd $300, 3rd $150, 4th $75 and 5th Place $50.
  • Largest stripers caught & released from shore: 1st $150, 2nd $50, 3rd $25
  • Most stripers caught, tagged and then released (1st Place only): Weekend trip for two to Montauk Long Island with the American Littoral Society. (Yet to be confirmed.)
  • Largest striper caught, tagged and then released (1st Place only): Fluke tagging trip for two with the American Littoral Society.
  • Weekly (4) prizes for biggest striper and best photo posted to Instagram.
  • The largest striper entered in the CALCUTTA: $125 plus additional prizes. Your participation supports scientific studies on stripers by Monmouth University (acoustic tags), Gray FishTag Research (satellite tags) and the Save a Million Bass project. 

Registration opens January 1, 2022.
Registration closes April 14, 2022.
  • HRFA Member: $35.00
  • New Member: $60.00 (Includes $35.00 entry fee plus tax deductible $25.00 for one-year membership in the HRFA)
  • Non-Member: $80.00
  • CALCUTTA: Only $20.00 more
Mr. Fred Rung
For over 20 years, Fred Rung was a very dedicated HRFA member. He served as HRFA Vice President with Gil Hawkins (President 2014-16) and a Director. He was an educator and his experience and skills helped pioneer the HRFA website together with his mentor Charles Stamm (President 1996-98).

Among his many valuable contributions to our organization he created a unique, dedicated and sophisticated, web-based fishing contest program that registered, logged the catch and evaluated the results. Many such computer programs were first and one of a kind designed for the HRFA Contests such as the Striped Bass Derby and Surf Fishing tournaments. 

For his dedication and valuable contributions, he received the highest HRFA honor, the Pete Barrett Award, in 2013.

Fred Rung passed away in March 2020. We still miss his friendship, dedication and wisdom,

Capt. Aram Setian
HRFA 2020 President
* NOTE: It is possible to win cash in multiple categories. For example, Largest from boat or shore 1st Place $600 + Largest from shore 1st Place $150 + Largest in the CALCUTTA $125 = $875 Total winnings.
Past Events
The HRFA Bass & Blues Surfcasting Derby
November 6, 2021
By 6am sharp HRFA members were casting their favorite lures and others were soaking fish chunks and salty worms in the brine, hoping to catch that winning fish.

We had about a dozen members attend and a few kids running around doing what kids do best “having fun”.

There were no winners in the Bass or Bluefish category this year. For those that could not make it to the derby, we hope to see you next year.

Tight lines.
Noah Sardinas
Looks like Joe Albanese
General Meeting
November 9, 2021
XTC Sportfishing field
HRFA angler’s questions
By Carl Bruger

The November general meeting of the HRFA
featured Captain Scott Kulazewski and Mate Joe of the Belmar based Sport fishing six pack charter XTC.

The impressive 44 foot Henriques craft is an able canyon runner or inshore charter that several of our members have already chartered successfully. Memorable events
of some of those trips were recounted and it was obvious that there were future trips in the offing.

The veteran Captain and mate came with all types of rods and reels used aboard. They were extremely knowledgeable and had a sense of humor that also engaged the crowd.
Questions and discussions varied from the
inshore topics on fluke, sea bass, blues, blackfish and stripers, to the offshore canyon runs that entail the pursuit of tuna, shark, swordfish, and marlin.
Capt. Scott & his First Mate Joe
flank Capt. Aram in this photo
The time of the year and the runs of fish often determine the availability of the craft. For example spring April Raritan Bay stripers are a major booking period with
expected success for linesiders during that peak season. A mako mania buff would focus on the mid June to July period for best results.

If you have further interest check the internet at www.XTCSPORTFISHING.COM.

You can also call them at (732)-267-7922.
The HRFA Invitational
November 13, 2021
An unnamed EBoard member wanted to create a new type of inter-club fishing contest for the HRFA. It would be called "THE Hudson River Fishermen's Association's Invitational Fishing Tournament". Or, more simply, "The HRFA Invitational". The vision is for it to become a fun casual event that could include any type of fishing - from shore or boat, saltwater or fresh; even on hard water come winter - and at any agreed upon location. Whenever the fancy strikes us, enough participants are interested and a worthy opponent is identified we can host another one.
THE HRFA INVITATIONAL (trophy designed by Gary Conk, NJBBA President)
Given the history of the Head-to-Head surf fishing tournament and the great longstanding relationship with The Sea Girt Surf Kings we tossed the gauntlet in their direction. After conferring with members their President, Mr. Irwin Weinerman, accepted the challenge on behalf of the club.

The stage for the first ever Invitational was Brick Beach 3, located between St. Joseph’s by the Sea & the Ocean Club at Mantoloking. The original plan was to fish the early afternoon high tide. However, the already high winds were predicted to increase to 25mph by then, with threats of rain as well. Rather than postpone the event, the start time was moved up to 7:00 AM and end at 11:00 AM then meet up at Charlie's Bait n Tackle for burgers, dogs, salads (not green :)) and drinks provided by HRFA members Pete Musse, Scott Havner & Joe Albanese. Thank you Pete Kupper for allowing us to use your shop and BBQ grill and for going above and beyond expectations by setting up tables and chairs.
The kings of surf. Not this day fellas.
From L to R: Sea Girt Surf King members Art Philips, Irwin Weinerman, Tom Knight and Joe Scutro. In the center is invited guest Eric Levy.
The entire gathering of contestants and invited guests. Team HRFA included Pete Musse, Dalas Musse, Scott Havner, Stephanie Hess, Tim Burden & Marvin Oresky. Carl Hartmann belongs to both clubs.
With one notable exception, the rules mirrored those for the NJBBA President's Cup. The biggest legal sized fish (striped bass, bluefish, kingfish, drum, weakfish or tautog only) wins. The exception to the rule applied to striped bass only. A striper that is either over or under the legal limit of 28"-38" may count IF and only IF two photographs are presented and the fish released properly and quickly to fight again. The first photo will show the lucky angler holding his/her striper and the second photo shows the striper lying above (not on top of) a ruler with legible markings so that the size may be judged. 

The First Photo
The Second Photo
After four hours of fishing only one eligible fish was caught by the "Luckiest Man on Earth". No, not Lou Gehrig. He even gave others an hour head start and another hour at the end to catch him. (Just saying.) He's trying to shake The Fort Lee Flop moniker he has been tagged with and is now finding it hard just to stay humble.
The winning angler got to keep a trophy and his name and club affiliation added to a plaque which will reside with the HRFA. The trophy and plaque both were beautifully designed by the NJBBA President, Mr. Gary Conk. Thank you Gary.

There is no way that this event would have been as successful as it was, or conclude before the weather turned ugly, without the help of Pete Musse (there from the start) and Scott Havner. A BIG shout out to Stephanie Hess for her macaroni salad and to Tim Burden for his outstanding chili with all the fixings. Thanks also to Carl Hartmann for running a 50:50. Thanks to the HRFA for picking up the cost of trophy & plaque.

Lastly, thank you to The Sea Girt Surf Kings for their friendship and good sportsmanship.
The look one has when one wins
their own tournament.
Cry baby cry. Stick your finger in your eye.
Jersey Coast Angler's Association Dinner
November 14, 2021
The HRFA showed up in force to support the JCAA. In the photo from L. to R. is HRFA Prez Capt Aram Setian, Kevin Morgan, Scott Havner & Stephanie Hess, Ivan & Juli Garcia, Wayne Geider, Mona Mak & Joe Albanese, Bill Fish, Marvin Oresky, Tony Carbon, Arnie & Michele Ulrich, Tim & Kathy Burden. (Not all made the group photo.)
 Carl's Corner
Carl Bruger has been a writer for this newsletter educating and entertaining us who read River Views for a long time. Here is his latest gem.
The A B C’s of TOG Fishing
By Carl Bruger
This writer has enjoyed fishing for blackfish for well over half a century. Admittedly much of the time allotted was for frustration, incompetence and far too much profanity compared to other salt water pursuits and strategies. Nevertheless I persisted and relished the occasional excellent results interspersed with the obligatory skunkings, throwbacks and hang-ups. Tautog are such awesome table fare that it is worth the effort to catch the slippery, buck toothed bottom dwellers. Here I will share from A to Z, my collected wisdom to help you
and anyone who reads this article, how to take tog from their sticky bottom locations. Good luck!

Arrive early to get the best spots on party boats. Move if the spots don’t produce to near where others are “hot” and you can fit in without invading space!
Bring plenty of sinkers, hooks and baits to match to the tides, sizes and appetites of the finicky tautog below.
Concentrate on your bait on the bottom. Ignore nibbles (likely bergalls), only strike on the substantive tog tug.
Develop techniques to speed baiting; basket with crabs right at the rail, shearing scissors and nail clippers on neck stringer for access, rail rag tied at ready, etc.
Explore new areas of blackfish concentrations up and down the coast to uncover additional productive resources and enjoy the travels as well.
Freeze fillets for future feasting! The flesh of blackfish is superb in any chowder recipe and keeps well for months in the freezer to be baked, broiled or even batter dipped and deep fried.
Gather varied baits to increase the odds of a better catch. Green crabs, white legs, Gulp! attractants, sand fleas, and fiddler crabs are all producers that should be considered.
Hook your crab baits through one crab leg and out another to maximize its hold on the hook. Orange / red sponge on the hook tangles teeth & looks like crab eggs.
Inspire others to join you, especially youth who already love fishing. (This is NOT an angling adventure for beginners with too much frustration involved).
Jig for tog with specialized blackfish jigs that come in all sizes (1/2 to 6 oz.) to match tide and area to be fished. Get an 8 ft. special tog rod with spine to leverage your grey chin from its lair.
Keep your sinker or jig flat on the bottom with no movement since it spooks the cautious big blackfish.
Learn from your experiences. Make a “Tog Log” record of what worked and what did not. Tog experts and sharpies did not get that way overnight.
Mold your own lead sinkers and jigs. A mold pays for itself quickly. You can save big bucks over the years.
Net all large fish head first. Never lift the tog out of the water and loose the pool fish. Wait until the mate or net person does the honors.
Organize your tackle box, have a checklist for all you bring on a blackfish trip. Have extra hooks, sinkers, jigs.
Prepare several rigs ahead of your trips. Expect many to be lost on sticky bottoms because that’s where Mr. Greychin lives and dines.
Quality gear = Trophy fish Big tog tax hooks, line, reels and rods. Buy the best you can afford so you are not betrayed by shoddy product performance.
Release fish with minimal handling. Use a wet rag and dehooking tool or long-nosed pliers to free the undersized blackfish.
Snapshots of your trip should be taken via the cell phone in your pocket. Memorialize enduring memories and offer proof of your awesome angling exploits.
Tides and timing can affect shoreline expeditions significantly. Production and bite around slack tide can be the optimal presence.
Understand and follow each state’s angling laws and codes pertaining to size, limit, and time of year for harvesting.
Value the TOG angling knowledge of others and add it to yours by observing, asking questions, and copying what you see producing for the “sharpies”.
Watch your terminal gear for signs of line wear and dulling hooks after several trips to a sticky bottom or a fight in a wreck with a whopper Greychin. You just might lose the next monster because you didn’t retie!
X is the great unknown in blackfish angling. Why do they bite like no tomorrow today and skunk you tomorrow? What are they eating on this tide? Why are they not on this wreck anymore? The questions persist.
Yank that tog out of the wreck. The bigger the bulldog blackfish the faster you better get him cleared from his lair and headed toward the surface. Crucial good hook sets and rod lifts are the foundation for landing pool fish.
Zero in on productive “hot spots” and record them on your GPS if you are a private boater. Also jetty areas and canal walls always have areas where fish congregate based on the bottom configurations. Learn them and use them to your catching advantage.
From the Internet
Be sure to check out the H.R.F.A. Events Calendar below for this month's member birthday notices, holidays and events.
Top 10 Things You Didn't Know About Offshore Wind Energy

10. Offshore Wind Resources Are Abundant: Offshore wind has the potential to deliver large amounts of clean, renewable energy to fulfill the electrical needs of cities along U.S. coastlines. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory estimates that ...

Read more
That's Entertainment!
Fund for a Better Waterfront
In Nov. 2019 the HRFA received FBW's Riparian Award. It was given to thank us for our support of their effort to save the Union Dry Dock. It also was given in recognition of the HRFA's rich history. Never forget that it was our organization that started the “riverkeeper” movement and its mission to "fight for the Hudson" for more than 50 years. President Dan Harrison & VP Capt. Aram Setian accepted the award for the club.
FBW's 10th Annual Riparian
Award recipient, Jim Vance
Congratulations to Jim Vance for receiving the prestigeous Riparian Award for 2021. Watch the video to see why he is so deserving of the honor.
Watch out little doggies
On the last HRFA trip to Ogunquit Maine to fish aboard the Bunny Clark for haddock, cod and pollock we lost count of how many dogfish we caught. We certainly caught more of them than the more desirable species we were targeting. Their habit of twisting and turning as they are being reeled up from the depths gets the leader wrapped around them multiple times. The unwelcomed task of untangling them delays getting the bait/lure back down for the fish we want. What is more, "doggies" are considered a "trash fish" and not many respectable fisherman would take one to proudly show off to friends or even hide in their cooler to later fillet for the dinner table.
While on the Bunny Clark it was noted by several that dogfish are, in fact, what is used in England for preparing their famous fish & chips. Considering the vast numbers of dogfish available, perhaps it is time to think about giving them a try. That is exactly what the guys at On the Water did in this taste test video when they compared dogfish to fluke.
Watch a Past Episode of Let's Talk Fishing
with Mr. Poseidon & Romania
From our Membership Chair
HRFA Members stuff
2022 HRFA membership cards are available now. Plan to pay your dues at the December meeting or if you joined in the last few months pick up your 2022 card at the December meeting. Those members are Arthur Dalton, Sandy & Dee Federico, Ryan Hunter, Walter Lypowy, Dan Marfino, Stephen Morgan, Kevin Morgan, Pete Orenzo, Anthony Stellatto. Fight for the Hudson
$20 bills money
What is HRFA Free Money?
 At every HRFA in person meeting, half of the HRFA portion of the 50/50 money goes into a virtual jar. At the end of the meeting, a paid HRFA members name is picked (from a jar of all paid HRFA members) to receive the money. The name is announced three times. If the HRFA paid member is not present, the money goes back into the jar for the next months meeting. The process continues and is repeated at the next HRFA meeting.

HRFA Free money (split 50/50) for Nov 9, 2021 was $169.00 ($143.00 plus, the split 50/50 of $26.00). From the bucket of HRFA paid members, a name was picked by speaker Capt, Scott Kulaszewski at the meeting.
 HRFA member Capt William Schlette’s name was picked and announced to all present. Capt. William Schlette was not there, so the $169.00 HRFA free member's money goes back into the jar with the names of all HRFA paid members for the December in person meeting. Note: Treasurer holds the $169.00 HRFA free money. Will you be there at the December 14, 2021 HRFA meeting to collect $169.00?
Arnie Ulrich Membership Chair
HRFA Membership Information
Pay your dues. Get your 2022 membership card at the next meeting.

For those people who join(ed) the HRFA in October (or later) of a given year, their new or renewal membership also is covered for the following new year. There is also a generous grace period for those who are unable to update their membership in January, however paying your dues late puts a strain on the records maintenance and consequently the ability of the executive board’s planning of activities and events.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or want to help (time, skills, or financially) on any particular club projects or events, feel free to email me, Arnie Ulrich ( or call me at 1-201-304-4691.

So how old is your fish? <--- click here

Fishing Licenses and Saltwater Registry for NJ & NY, Hudson River Regulations, etc.

Click on the buttons below for the:
NOTE: To order your NY State Fishing License by phone call 866-933-2257
NOTE: To get the New York Saltwater Registry you must first register for a free Citizen Access account, then log in and Buy Sporting License(s) (the Saltwater license is free)
HRFA Photo Gallery
Have a photograph and/or fishing story you would like to share with the club? If so, we'd love to hear from you. After all, no one wants to see the same members over and over again. Email it to and we will do our very best to squeeze it into an upcoming issue of River Views.
XTC Sportfishing Charter
The day after our November 9th General Meeting a small band of HRFA members went offshore to do a little striped bass fishing. They did well!
The XTC in motion
From L to R: Richie Wheels (the HRFA's newest member!), Chris Hoops, Aram Setian and Dirk VanEverdingen. Photo by Jerry Crean.
HRFA President Aram Setian with a nice striper
Patrick Crean with a thresher shark
Patrick Crean and striped bass
Hot, Hot, Hot
The tog fishing in the Point Pleasant Canal has been hot, hot, hot since the day the season opened. The photos of these lucky HRFA anglers can attest to that fact.
A Mixed Bag of Fishes
November 21st Scott Havner, Andrew (aka "Andy") Ward & Mike Quevedo put the boat in the water up at the confluence of the Catskill Creek and the Hudson River and had themselves a good ol' time.
Mike Quevedo with a river goldfish. Really? Yes. Really.
Andy Ward with a nice smallie.
Scott Havner
Andy Ward with a schoolie striper.
It's Striper Time
The fall migration of striped bass finally started this last week of November, giving anglers plenty to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. We are getting photos from the meadowlands, Hackensack River and the beaches of Ocean County.

The bite is ON! Considering the late start to the season it's likely to continue well into December. Maybe. Maybe not. Tight lines!
Stephanie Hess with an early evening bass.
Joe Albanese with a schoolie bass caught on his homemade broomstick popper.
Scott Havner with a nice bass.
Scott & Joe each connected almost simultaneously with a passing school of sizable bass that were in hot pursuit of peanut bunker streaming along the shoreline.
Joe Albanese with a bass from the Hacky.
Pete Orenzo also in the Hacky.
Dirk VanEverdingen reports catching multiple stripers on every visit to his favorite spot on the Hackensack River including this impressive 31" fish
caught on November 30th.
From Fish to Dish
Pete Musse
The feisty little kingfish will put up a good fight in the surf. The better part is they are so delicious that even the most simple recipe will suffice to enhance the natural great taste of the fillets.
PREPARATION: Coat the fillets with a little canola oil and season with salt & pepper. Place into a glass baking dish. Sprinkle with white wine, squeeze on some lemon juice and top with lemon slices. Bake at 400 degrees until fish is white and flaky. Enjoy!
HRFA Calendar
Calendar | Hudson River Fishermen's Association

Our calendar system is currently being developed. Please check out the most recent River Views newsletter for for our upcoming events.

Read more

The HRFA Surf Fishing Team is now forming to compete in the 2022 Spring ASAC tournaments.

To get in on the fun, learn from experienced surf anglers and compete for valuable prizes contact Joe Albanese or Pete Musse
HRFA Youth Angler Program
Youth Angler Program
By Wayne Geider
Want to volunteer?
Just call Youth Angler Program Chair Wayne Geider at
(201) 384-8046.
H.R.F.A. Merchandise

Newly redesigned HRFA baseball caps are now available. Pick one up at the next monthly meeting. Or, click on the photo to order yours today. Wear it proudly!

Other apparel with our logo are also available. Like this handsomely designed and practical UPF shirt. Wear it proudly when fishing and save a little on the sunscreen too. For members only. Ask Ivan Garcia for one. 
Front & Sleeve
The Pride of the HRFA
Project to Save our Historical Heritage
Due to the restrictions imposed on our lives by the CV19 pandemic our plans are on hold. We hope and pray that in the Spring of 2021 volunteers may start working to refurbish Riverkeeper to her former days of glory when she was the world's first and only riverkeeper vessel. To offer your time and talents contact Dan Harrison at
2021 Fishing Contest Leader Boards
(only listing 1st, 2nd & 3rd place)
The HRFA hosts an annual fishing contest which runs from January through December and is open to all HRFA members. You have 30 days from the day you catch a fish to send in your entries. So, the deadline for submissions is January. As a member of the HRFA you and your immediate family are eligible to enter fish in any of our categories. Various divisions are available for prizes presented at our Annual Awards Dinner in March of the following year. Website updated daily. River Views newsletter updates below are done around the first the month. * indicates a new club record.
Fishing Contest Leaderboard as of August 28, 2021
Saltwater Species
Striped Bass Released
Caught From Boat
(leaders determined by length)
50" Joe Marchese
Striped Bass Kept
Caught From Boat
(leaders determined by weight)
26 lbs. Aram Setian
Striped Bass Released
Caught From Shoreline
(leaders determined by length)
40" Sandy Federico
Striped Bass Kept
Caught From Shoreline
(leaders determined by weight)
18 Lbs. Carl Hartmann
11.0 Lbs. Mona Mak
4 Lbs. 1.4 oz. Butch Pawson
Black Sea Bass
1 Lb. 8 oz. Charlie Spindelman
Scup (Porgy)
1 Lb. 12 oz. Alex Spindelman
Open Category 
Salt Water
Black Sea Ray: 45" Carl Hartmann
Halibut: 105 Lbs. Joe Marchese
Freshwater Species
4.4 Lbs. Alex Spindelman
13lbs. Bill Greene
Trout  - Local
3lbs. Christian Hoops
Trout - Great Lakes
Boris Maltsev 18 Lbs. 8oz.
Smallmouth Bass
4 Lbs. 15oz. Scott Havner
Largemouth Bass
5.0 Lbs. Aram Setian
Boris Maltsev: 22 Lbs. 8 oz.
Striped Bass from Shoreline Kept: 25” Noah Sardinas
Bluefish: 6 Lbs. 9 oz Noah Sardinas
Open Category 
Fresh Water
Bowfin: 7Lbs. 8 oz. Scott Havner
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