Hudson River
Fishermen’s Association
February 8th
Meeting starts at 7:30 PM

Ridgefield Park Elks Lodge
21 Cedar St
Ridgefield Park, NJ
$20 bills money
Don’t forget all members are eligible for the HRFA free dollars at the end of the meeting. We remember one fellow getting up and leaving during the meeting only to have his name picked for the HRFA free $ at the end of the meeting. The pot is now at a cool $215.00.
He's Baaaaack!

Guest Speaker: Tony Dubeck

Bio: Tony Dubeck is the Parts and Service Manager for PENN Fishing Tackle.
Tony has been with PENN Fishing for 15 years and during that time he has also worked in PENN’s Quality, Assembly and Customer Service Departments.

Summary: Tony's presentation will cover how to properly maintain your rod and reel after fishing in Saltwater. The goal of this presentation is to allow your equipment to function as it should for years to come.
All are invited to join the meeting 
& share their fishing stories.
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Carl will sell off much of his massive collection of fishing gear at great prices. Treat yourself and you won't feel the sting of donating because Carl will donate 25% of every dollar to the HRFA. So, it comes out of HIS pocket and NOT YOURS. Pretty sweet, huh?
The sale days are right after Valentine's Day. You've already taken care of the loved one in your life. Now, how about getting a little something for yourself?

You do love yourself, don't you???

  • Thursday February 17th from 1-4 PM
  • Friday February 18th from 4-7PM
  • Saturday February 19th from 10AM -2 PM

Any questions? Better call Carl. He's got answers.
Mobile: (973) 704-4845
Next General Meeting
7:30 PM February 8th
Tony Dubeck
Executive Meeting
1st Tuesday of every month Ridgefield Park Elks at 7:30 pm
21 Cedar St, Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660
HRFA Officers
Aram Setian
Vice President
Joseph Albanese
Frank Wisniewski
John Malool
Membership Secretary
Arnold Ulrich
Board Members
Chairman Youth Anglers
Wayne Geider 
Hooked on the Hudson
Pete Musse
Gil Hawkins
Miguel Sardinas
Fishing Contests
Aram Setian
Scott Havner
Outdoors Shows
Dave Mercer
Janice Soto
Dan Harrison
Director Emeritus
Tony Evangelista
Antony Carbone (2020)
Ivan Garcia (2021)
Marius Bahr (2022) 
Nominating Committee:
John Golon
Gil Hawkins
Aram Setian
Social Media Committee:
Alex Spindelman
Editor River Views:
Joseph Albanese
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The Hudson River Fishermen’s Association is a group of recreational fishermen who make active use of the N.Y. Bight and the surrounding water system and are concerned with the present and future state of these fisheries. Our objectives are to encourage the responsible use of aquatic resources and protection of habitat. We assist where possible in efforts to abate pollution and promote sportfishing and the management of that recreation. We are a IRS recognized nonprofit 501c3 organization . All donations are welcome and maybe tax deductable. 
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From our President
Greetings HRFA Members and Friends,

I hope that as of this writing, we find you all well and safe and enjoying the fishing opportunities of the pre-COVID Pandemic. We are all looking forward to enjoyable 2022 fishing challenges and rewards.

I would like to bring to your attention a few items from our last Board meeting.

Namely, we have agreed to hold our Annual Awards & Fundraising dinner in April. Your participation and support will be greatly appreciated.

The Outdoors/Sportsmen Shows are scheduled for: Garden State, Edison NJ:6-9th Jan. 2022 is postponed to August 2022. The Sportsmen’s Show in Suffern NY is canceled. We need your help: looking for volunteers and a chair position for these events.

At upcoming board meetings we will be reviewing our plans and strategies for 2022. As always, we appreciate your suggestions for meeting speakers, topics and fishing events.

We plan to initiate Fishing Clinics as part of the Youth Angler Program, to be held once or twice per month. Please look for the scheduling for when you can participate.

The General meetings are being held, at the Elks Lodge. The last meeting was for the benefit of the attending members. Joe Albanese took a look back at 2021 sharing the significant accomplishments we achieved together despite the challenges of COVID. He talked about his trophy too, of course.

Please note that the deadline for submissions for the 2021 HRFA Annual Fishing Contest is passed. Congratulations to all the 2021 winning Awardees. Scroll to the end of this newsletter see the winners.

We are receiving invitations to participate in Youth Fishing Programs of our Friends/organizations. As the schedules are confirmed, we will be reaching out for volunteers. Look for schedule in the newsletter.

Please note that we are planning several Fishing Contests. Please follow the announced schedules in River Views, and plan to participate or volunteer, accordingly.
We Love Volunteers
We are still faced with the difficulties brought on by the the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, our organization continues to function successfully, thanks to our dedicated volunteers. I would like to take this opportunity the express my sincere appreciation.

Also, I would like to remind those members, especially the recipients of the prestigious Pete Barrett Award, that is expected they will continue their efforts and contributions, to the best of their abilities to the HRFA. We are a charitable organization, we provide our services to many, and we expect our members to participate and support us, accordingly.

Once again, I would like to acknowledge the very generous donation by Patricia and Thomas Alexander in the name of Priscilla Lasher Alexander in the sun of $1000 for the HRFA Boat Restoration Project. We appreciate this timely contribution to our organization. As always, we thank all our members and friends for your help and appreciate your donations.

Capt. Aram Setian
HRFA 2021 President

Fight for the Hudson
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Upcoming Events
The H&H Ice Fishing Derby
February 6
NEW EVENT. Scott Havner & Stephanie Hess will host the derby with all proceeds to benefit the HRFA. Lake TBD. Dress warm. Details to follow.
February 17-18
Carl Bruger is selling much of his fishing gear at his house. Don't miss a chance to get great deals, help Carl AND the HRFA. Carl is graciously donating 25% of the proceeds to the HRFA. The times to shop are: Thursday February 1-4 PM, Friday 4-7PM and Saturday 10AM -2 PM. Call Carl's cell (973) 704-4845 if you have any questions
The World Fishing and Outdoor Expo
March 3-6, 2022
The World fishing and Outdoor Expo at Rockland Community College in Suffern, NY.

Volunteers needed!
If interested, contact Dave Mercer
HRFA General Meeting
March 8, 2022
Tracey Brown
Our guest speaker will be Tracey Brown the new leader of Riverkeeper.
HRFA General Meeting
April 12, 2022
Emily McGuckin
Emily McGuckin is the new Director of the American Littoral Society's Fish Tagging Program.Naturally, Emily will speak about the tagging program that she now leads. She will also "dig into" (aka "research") tagging data looking for stripers captured and/or released in the Hudson River estuary and the NY Bight. She will also be checking the records of proficient taggers who are HRFA members. Including guys like Sergio Radossi, Tony Evangelista, Glen Blank, Pete Orenzo, Kevin Morgan, Howard Lehman & John Francesconi.

Emily promises to bring some American Littoral Society swag to raffle off to benefit our club. She will also bring a few items and tagging kits for sale. So bring $.
The Fred Rung Memorial Catch & Release Striped Bass Derby
April 16 - May 15, 2022
The HRFA’s annual ‘Catch & Release’ and ‘Catch, Tag & then Release’ Striper Derby returns to the Hudson River and any of its tributaries south of the Troy Dam. Major tributaries include the East River, the Hackensack River, the Passaic River, Newark Bay and the Meadowlands.  The Hudson River boundaries for the derby range from the Verrazano Bridge north, all the way up to the dam in Troy, NY. 

Starts: 7:00 am Saturday April 16th
Ends: 12:00 pm Sunday May 15th

This year the cash prizes for those who tag at least 10 stripers will be significantly higher. For those who don't tag 10 or more stripers the cash prizes remain the same as last year.

For Taggers Only (10 or more)
1st Place (boat or shore) - $1,000.00
2nd Place (boat or shore) - $500.00
3rd Place (boat or shore) - $250.00
4th Place (boat or shore) - $125.00 
5th Place (boat or shore) - $75.00
1st Place from shore - $250.00 
2nd Place from shore - $100.00
3rd Place from shore - $50.00
Most tagged stripers - $300.00 
Largest tagged striper - $150.00
Calcutta - $250
50:50 Raffle - TBD

For Non-Taggers (less than 10)
1st Place (boat or shore) - $600.00
2nd Place (boat or shore) - $300.00 
3rd Place (boat or shore) - $150.00 
4th Place (boat or shore) - $75.00
5th Place (boat or shore) - $50.00 
1st Place from shore - $125.00 
2nd Place from shore - $50.00
3rd Place from shore - $25.00
tagged stripers - $0.00    
Largest tagged striper - $0.00 
Calcutta - $250
50:50 Raffle - TBD

More Ways to Win
There will also be weekly prizes (yet to be determined) awarded for best photo posted to Instagram and largest striper caught & released. Another way to win this year is to enter the 50:50 raffle for $10. Proceeds benefit the HRFA and (of course) the lucky winner.

Derby participation is open to both HRFA members and non-members who have personal
email accounts. Deep discount for HRFA members. Same discount for those who take this opportunity to join the HRFA or renew their membership. Annual membership is still only $25. On-line registration opens February 15th. Registration closes at midnight April 13. Your own unique derby number will be emailed to you Friday evening April 15, 2022. 

  • HRFA members: $40
  • New or renewing members: $65 ($40 entry fee + $25 1-year annual membership
  • Non-members: $80
  • Calcutta for largest striper: $25
  • 50:50 Raffle: $10
  • Tagging kit: $15 We will mail an American Littoral Society tagging kit to your address. Allow 5-days for delivery. Includes 10-tags with instructions, needle & postcards. May also be purchased at a monthly meeting from Kevin Morgan for only $10.
Mr. Fred Rung
For over 20 years, Fred Rung was a very dedicated HRFA member. He served as HRFA Vice President with Gil Hawkins (President 2014-16) and a Director. He was an educator and his experience and skills helped pioneer the HRFA website together with his mentor Charles Stamm (President 1996-98).

Among his many valuable contributions to our organization he created a unique, dedicated and sophisticated, web-based fishing contest program that registered, logged the catch and evaluated the results. Many such computer programs were first and one of a kind designed for the HRFA Contests such as the Striped Bass Derby and Surf Fishing tournaments. 

For his dedication and valuable contributions, he received the highest HRFA honor, the Pete Barrett Award, in 2013.

Fred Rung passed away in March 2020. We still miss his friendship, dedication and wisdom,

Capt. Aram Setian
HRFA 2020 President
Your participation in the derby supports scientific studies on stripers by:
  1. The Monmouth University Stripers for the Future program (acoustic tags),
  2. The Fisherman magazine's collaboration with Gray FishTag Research (satellite tags),
  3. The Save a Million Bass project and
  4. The American Littoral Society whose data is shared with scientists around the world.

All NJ & NY fishing regulations in place at the time of the Derby will apply. That includes the use of circle hooks when fishing for stripers with bait.
Ridgefield Park Earth Day/ Green Fair
May 21, 2022 (10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.)
Steve Quinn, Chairman of The Ridgefield Park Environmental Commission invited us back to their annual event. Why? Because the kids and community love the fishing derby we run. 

This is a wonderful opportunity to get kids "hooked on fishing, not on drugs" and to raise awareness of the HRFA. In order for this to be a success . . .

Want to volunteer?
Just call our Youth Angler Program Chair
Wayne Geider at
(201) 384-8046.
Past Events
General Meeting
January 11, 2022
Joe Albanese reviewed the great year the HRFA had in 2021. We saw the challenges presented by the pandemic as opportunities to do things a little differently. For instance, we held our first ever general meeting that was both in-person AND broadcast via ZOOM.
JANUARY - "Ice Fishing 101" with Scott Havner & Andy Ward. Zoomed live from Scott's man shed.
FEBRUARY - "Fly Tying 101" with Artan Hasanaj. Zoomed live from his shop in Nanuet.
MARCH - "Knot Tying 101" a cavalcade of videos selected by Arnie Ulrich shared by Zoom.
APRIL - "Surf Fishing" with noteable guide & author DJ Muller via Zoom.
MAY - "Save a Million Bass" presented by Steve Liesman an avid striper fisherman. This was our first ever hybrid meeting. We could at last return to the Elks Lodge but it was also shared live via Zoom.
JUNE - "Restoring the Hudson River Shoreline" on location at the PIP with guest speaker Christina Fehre.
JULY - "Give Reels a 2nd Chance" with Dennis Kuntz. Dennis took in reels and surprised us by repairing them for FREE! All he asked was that some money be donated to the HRFA. Whatta guy!
AUGUST - "Catfishing 101" was slated but not sure the talk by Scott Havner & Jeff Christy ever happened.
SEPTEMBER - "Fluking the Jersey Shore" with Pete Musse & Joe Albanese
OCTOBER - Everyone had a chance to share their fishing stories and lies.
NOVEMBER - "Offshore Fishing" with Capt. Scott Klaszewski and First Mate "Joe" of XTC Sportfishing sailing out of Belmar, NJ.
DECEMBER - "Fishing for Stripers from Shore & Surf" with Mr. Poseidon

Tony Dorans won the raffle for the beautiful Mad River Canoe donated by Hudson River naturalist Chris Letts. Scott Havner finally received the prestigious 'Pete Barrett Award' for 2019. (Because of COVID we never had the 2019 Awards Dinner.) Scott ran a 1-day Ice Fishing Derby up in Bethel, NY. We had our month-long Fred Rung Memorial Striped Bass Derby in the Hudson River and its tributaries. Once again Michael Sardinas kicked off the Derby at the Chart House. Art's Tackle n Fly Shop stayed open late to give a free fly tying class. Our Youth Angler Program volunteers conducted kids fishing clinics in Mechanicville & Waterford, NY. They also went to Oradell Reservoir to give kids a chance to fish at the Hackensack Riverkeeper's event. Alex Spindelman introduced us to FishDonkey; he used the App for our first ever Freshwater Bass Derby. Michael Sardinas and son Noah put together a Saltwater Fly Fishing Derby on Sandy Hook, another first. Scott ran another successful Catfish Derby on the Hudson RIver. He says its his last one. We'll see. Arnie Ulrich ran the annual trek to Maine to fish for cod, haddock & spiny dogfish (LOL) aboard the Bunny Clark. We gathered at Cornetta's Piermont, NY for our Annual Awards Dinner with MSNBC Financial Reporter Steve Liesman as guest Emcee. Paul Gallay and Joe Albanese were honored with the 2020 'Friend of the Hudson River Award' and 'Pete Barrett Award' respectively. Chris Letts was also on hand to receive his award as the 2019 recipient of the 'Friend of the Hudson River Award'. Alex put together a Panfish Derby (something else we never had before) with the FishDonkey app. We held the first ever HRFA Invitational. We went up against the Sea Girt Surf Kings. We won and Joe got to talk about "his" trophy. A large contingency of HRFA members attended the JCAA annual dinner. Mr. Sardinas ran two more trips - a return to the Chart House and a Bass & Blues Surf Fishing Derby on Sandy Hook.

We shared some moments of reflection remembering time spent with HRFA members & friends who passed away in 2021. We said goodbye to Michael Cargill, Jeff Dement, Matthew Joseph Miller (Al Miller's son) and Raymond Anthony Zampino.
In the News
Furious Fishermen Sue To Stop Offshore Wind Industry...

Always making more enemies than friends, the wind industry is being sued by America's fishermen to stop it wrecking their fishing grounds and livelihoods. Having ridden roughshod over communities on land for the best part of a generation, the...

Read more
 Carl's Corner
Carl Bruger has been a writer for this newsletter educating and entertaining us who read River Views for a long time. Here is his latest gem.
Winter Travel, Fishing & Shop 'Til You Drop
By Carl Bruger
This is the deadest time of the year for most anglers in our neck of the woods. The Covid crap going around is ruining even the show season again, making indoor angling escape options even less for all of us.

For those blessed with a chance to travel south and escape Old Man Winter you still must face mask mandates, inoculation checks, quarantine possibilities and a myriad of other cross checks on any smooth skating you were hoping for. My advice is not to go on a major trip or cruise this year and save your bucks for a time when you can be sure that your stay will be enjoyed not stuck in the hotel room quarantined because someone in your group tested positive on one random

We already know of a group of nine that had a trip ruined (including fishing charters because just one person in the extended family party tested positive upon
arrival at their destination). My wife and I will go to Barbados and France for two hopefully wonderful trips next year that were supposed to be for our fiftieth
wedding anniversary year. Both can wait until the Covid clears before I risk our health, time, energy and savings.

Not many of my readers want to ice fish, but the ice is nice right now and there are plenty of local spots where you can auger a few holes and jig or set up tip-ups. The earlier season required a jaunt up to the
Catskills for thick enough ice and it gave us a close call when club VP Joe Albanese and I both had to get towed out of the deep hill of the frozen black-iced launch area at Lake Superior in Bethel, NY. Thank God my 240
pounds and gear was not with passenger Wayne Geider and Joe in his Jeep, but separate in my own vehicle or we would have crashed deep into the woods like the first poor soul whose wreck they dragged out of the icy branches. At least we caught some perch for dinner after getting hauled out with no damage except to our wallets
and pride.

NOTE: You can read all the spine-tingling details & watch a video of this fiasco under the photo gallery below. - The Editor

Other closer trips have resulted in mixed
levels of perch catches with a surprising total of perch devouring minnow offerings on tip-ups many times much larger than you would think they could swallow.
Fatheads are my favorite choice for perch but the pickerel, pike and bass minnows that are inches longer have also enticed the green and yellow delectable to become winter fillet frying favorites.
I have yet to go but Arnie Ulrich and I are
planning on a foray for ling on the Gambler later this winter just to get some salt water angling in our fishing logs. This under sung winter caught ground fish is delicious when filleted and nuked in sweet butter and Old Bay seasoning so it curls up like a lobster tail and tastes like one too! Maybe a cod, whiting or other bottom fish will avail itself of our offerings as well.
Hideous snow storms and ice cold weather
might be making most HRFA members act like bears and hibernate in front of the TV watching sports, outdoor and fishing shows for endless hours but this scribe has two weekends of giant sales that are worth
stirring from your lair. After almost fifty years living in Dumont, I’m moving with my wife, Pat to a retirement community in Hackettstown called Heath Village. This
means I will be selling a huge portion of “THE ASYLUM” the nickname my fishing friends gave my cellar full of angling gear. Some stuff is new. Hundreds of rods, reels, tackle boxes, lures, and equipment of
every type will be sold (much belonged to my late son and Green Beret sniper/medic Pete Bruger who we lost too soon at age 38). 25% of all the money made will be
donated back to the HRFA for scholarships and youth angler programs so please plan to show up and buy everything in sight for yourself and kids that you will get started fishing! Feel free to bring other anglers
who might want to join the HRFA and get started with some great gear that ranges from tuna tackle to chosen frozen ice equipment with everything in between.

The dates to shop are as follows:
  • Thursday February 17th 1-4 PM
  • Friday February 18th 4-7PM
  • Saturday February 19th 10AM -2 PM

My address is 144 McKinley Avenue, Dumont NJ 07628. Please walk down the driveway and enter through the back porch and go down the cellar stairs into the SALE room. You will be very glad you came. My
cell # is 973-704-4845 if you have any questions.
From the Internet
Be sure to check out the H.R.F.A. Events Calendar below for this month's member birthday notices, holidays and events.
Tagged Stripers - On The Water

Pictured: The late Captain Al Anderson began tagging fish for the American Littoral Society in 1967. Over more than 50 years he tagged more than 60,000 fish, providing valuable insights into the movements and growth rates of striped bass, bluefin ...

Read more

It was a fair to average year of striped bass reproduction on the Hudson River in 2021, just above the 25 th percentile and a shade below the long-term average recruitment numbers for spawning response on the Hudson.

Read more
Greenwood Lake Bill
That's Entertainment!
Mr. Poseidon's "Let's Talk Fishing" with George Browne
Giant Brown Trout and Carp along the Historic Erie Canal
From our Membership Chair
HRFA Members stuff
2022 HRFA membership cards are available now. Plan to pay your dues at the February meeting or fill out the membership form below and send it in or renew on line. Grace period ends in March. Fight for the Hudson.
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$20 bills money
What is HRFA Free Money? Are you a paid member.?
 At every HRFA in person meeting, half of the HRFA portion of the 50/50 money goes into a virtual jar. At the end of the meeting, a paid HRFA members name is picked (from a jar of all paid HRFA members) to receive the money. The name is announced three times. If the HRFA paid member is not present, the money goes back into the jar for the next months meeting. The process continues and is repeated at the next HRFA meeting.

HRFA Free money (split 50/50) for January 11 was $215. From the bucket of HRFA paid members, a name was picked at the meeting.
 HRFA member Sean Spafford’s name was picked and announced to all present three times. Sean Spafford was not there, so the $215.00 HRFA free member's money goes back into the jar with the names of all HRFA paid members for the next in person meeting. Note: Treasurer holds the $215.00 HRFA free money.

Will you be there at the January 11 HRFA meeting to collect $215.00?
Arnie Ulrich Membership Chair
HRFA Membership Information
Pay your dues. Get your 2022 membership card at the next meeting.

For those people who join(ed) the HRFA in October (or later) of a given year, their new or renewal membership also is covered for the following new year. There is also a generous grace period for those who are unable to update their membership in January, however paying your dues late puts a strain on the records maintenance and consequently the ability of the executive board’s planning of activities and events.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or want to help (time, skills, or financially) on any particular club projects or events, feel free to email me, Arnie Ulrich ( or call me at 1-201-304-4691.

So how old is your fish? <--- click here

Fishing Licenses and Saltwater Registry for NJ & NY, Hudson River Regulations, etc.

Click on the buttons below for the:
NOTE: To order your NY State Fishing License by phone call 866-933-2257
NOTE: To get the New York Saltwater Registry you must first register for a free Citizen Access account, then log in and Buy Sporting License(s) (the Saltwater license is free)
HRFA Photo Gallery
Have a photograph and/or fishing story you would like to share with the club? If so, we'd love to hear from you. After all, no one wants to see the same members over and over again. Email it to and we will do our very best to squeeze it into an upcoming issue of River Views.
Making headlines
One of our supporters The Fisherman magazine is always looking for your fishing photos. No spot burning though. Send them in to and you could be famous. Just like these two guys who fished together with Tim Burden on New Years Eve.
George Browne swung by Grumpy's to weigh in his fish dinner. Jim Hutchinson shared it in his weekly fishing report for The Fisherman.
Joe Albanese sent his selfie to The Fisherman before releasing his catch and Jim Hutchinson used it in his weekly fishing report.
Lookin' good there Joey. If you must say so yourself. I just did.
George Browne with his take-away striper. That's our good friend Mr. Tim Burden hamming it up in the background. BTW, Tim is the 2004 HRFA Pete Barrett Award winner. He also landed a nice bass this day but no one was ready to take a photo before he released it. Poor timing Tim.
On the bitterly cold Thursday night of January 6th Mr. Poseidon, our guest speaker in December of last year, caught and released five slot-sized (28"-35") stripers at an undisclosed location in Connecticut. Just to let you know, there is no closed season for striped bass anywhere in that state. Shhhhh. It's a secret.
Drill Baby Drill
While some anglers refuse to stop fishing saltwater for stripers in wintertime others have moved on and started ice fishing. The former (see photo of Mr. Poseidon above) are what many consider fanatics the latter just plain crazy. Here told is an adventure shared by three of the ones (the aforementioned crazies) that love drilling holes in hard water to catch a few freshwater fish.

Wayne Geider, Carl Bruger & Joe Albanese planned to go ice fishing together. They met up at Wayne's house 7:30 in the morning to transfer all the gear to Joe's JEEP. It didn't all fit. They tried to fit it all into Carl's car. It didn't all fit. Rather than waste any more time they drove to Bethel, NY in separate vehicles. Wayne with Joe and Carl driving solo behind them.

The normal practice at Superior Lake State Park is to drive through the parking lot down the incline to the lake. There sleds and all other needed gear are unloaded by the shoreline. Then cars get parked in the lot at the top of the hill and drivers return to slide their sleds across the lake with the others. Sometimes it's more like 'drag the sleds' through inches of snow and slush covering the frozen water. But I digress. The caravan arrives at either a likely looking spot (based on what reckoning is totally unclear) or simply drop off one-by-one from shear exhaustion. Once on location, holes are drilled with hand or electric powered ice augers and lines lowered in expectation of catching something sight unseen through the hard water.

That is the normal practice. On this particular morning, the procedure began slightly different.

Seeing the snow and ice in the upper lot, Joe put his JEEP in 4-wheel drive. As he s-l-o-w-l-y began down the hill he thought maybe it's not such a good idea. When he saw a car in the woods at the bottom of the hill he was convinced of it. It was too late though. Hitting the brakes, even in 4-wheel drive, does nothing on ice. This wasn't just a schmear of "black ice" either. This was an inch thick. As the JEEP gained momentum a person appeared (the unfortunate owner of the wrecked car) frantically waving his arms. Oh, NOW you tell us. It seems unlikely, but somehow the JEEP narrowly missed trees and the other car before coming to rest on a slope by a clearing into the woods.

Unharmed Joe & Wayne exited the JEEP to assess the situation. The first few steps were on snow, but once on the gravel-paved surface it was a sheet of ice and Joe, the genius that he is, went down hard - flat on his back. Wayne asked,
"Are you okay?" To which he replied,
"I think so. Give me a second."

Now, remember Carl? Joe's a little shaky on the exact chronology (Likely suffering from the effects of the fall.) but it was around this point in time that he remembered Carl. But what was it about him that was so important? Oh yeah, that he was trailing them.

With a sense of urgency Joe gingerly stood on the ice and headed up the side of the paved surface, careful to walk in the snow to avoid falling again. He had to warn Carl or there would be a three car pile up. He didn't manage to get very far when he looked up and saw Carl's car rounding the bend. Oh crap. Here he comes sliding inexorably down the hill. Oh, if you could only have seen the look on his face!

Joe, Wayne and that other guy all dodged for cover. Miraculously, Carl managed to turn his car sideways to slow his descent and come to a complete stop before hitting anything, or anybody. Here's the photo of the scene with the three vehicles at rest. The part of the road not covered by snow is a thick sheet of ice.
The guys found out that the stranger had already called 911 and a tow truck. Okay, great.
"Did they say when will they would arrive?"
"Oh, the police cruiser and tow truck already came and left."

Obviously, there was nothing they could do given the ice, now shimmering in the emerging sunlight, still covering the driveway down to the lake. They needed reinforcements. There was no telling how long that would take.

After many frustrating minutes placed on hold and countless transfers to other persons Carl and Joe finally got their calls through to AAA only to be told,
"We only provide roadside assistance. Your circumstance is not covered."

Live and learn, read the fine print and try not to blow a gasket.

Despite the hours long delay, the cost of the tow, etc. the three pals put on their happy faces as they waited to be rescued. After all, no one was hurt. See selfie.
Eventually the tow truck returned with a rope about 100-yards long, lowered it down the icy hill and hooked it up to the chassis of Carl's car while he was trying to unload his ice fishing sled off the back rack.

"What the heck are you doing Carl?" The reply came quickly,
"I'm going ice fishing."
"Well get the heck out of the way before the hook slips off the bumper, and your car slides
down the hill and kills you."

"Wayne, what are YOU doing?" His reply,
"Well, we might as well get our sleds out of the JEEP as long as we're down here by the

Joe, apparently being the only voice of reason, says,
"No, we will wait to assess the damages once the JEEP is out of the woods. Then we'll decide."

Joe thinks to himself,
"What the hell is wrong with these people?"

Carl's car arrives safely at the upper parking lot. He squares things with the police. And carefully heads down to the lake. Free at last to pursue his misguided passion.

A second tow truck arrives for the wrecked vehicle and starts to wiggle it out; tugging intermittently on front and rear tires. Joe's JEEP is towed backwards out of the woods. A NY Department of Transportation truck finally arrives and spreads some combination of dirt, sand and salt probably. Now, the JEEP can be safely driven up the driveway to the parking lot and the less fortunate car towed away to a repair shop.
Joe provides his license, registration and insurance card to the police officer who notes in his incident report that there is zero damage to the JEEP. So very lucky, when one considers what might have been.

Joe says to the officer,
"Those are two of the guys who introduced me to ice fishing a few years ago."
To which he replies,
"I can think of a million better things to do."
That's from a man who lives up here, who doesn't have to drive over 200 miles round trip to go ice fishing. Ah, what does he know anyway?

Eventually, close to noon, holes were drilled here and there out on the lake. The weather turned warmer under the sun and there was zero wind. Enjoying the beautiful weather, exercise and fresh cold air the guys settled in to await the first bite.

Before they could get too comfortable Joe's phone rang. It was Jeff Christy on the line. He is a fellow HRFA member and an excellent ice fisherman. The conversation Jeff had with Joe really is the prequel to the story you are reading now and it will be published in the next issue of River Views.

As Joe & Wayne reflected on how lucky they are to be physically able to enjoy the great outdoors Joe's cell phone pinged. It was a text from Pat (Carl's wife). Obviously still concerned about her husband, her text read:
"Is Carl okay? Does he need anything?"
"Oh, he's fine. He's ice fishing."
"I'm not surprised."

Only a few small yellow perch were caught and yet, all things considered, it turned out to be a great day full of new memories not soon forgot.

PS. About that other guy, the stranger who arrived first, the one whose car was towed away to a repair shop? In case you're wondering, he was later seen out on the lake fishing too. So, he's also certifiable. Maybe he's got an Uber picking him up later in the day. Or, maybe he plans on staying overnight. Afraid to go home and face the wife.
Brainerd Jaycees' Virtual
Ice Fishing Extravaganza
On Saturday January 22nd Scott Havner, Linda Havner and Joe Albanese competed in the Brainerd Jaycees' virtual derby fund raiser using the FishDonkey App. The allowed species for the derby were yellow perch, northern pike, crappies, sunfish & walleyes. They held the in-person derby January 29th in Minnesota. Next January we hope to return to Minnesota and fish on Gull Lake in the "real" derby and stay at the lovely Grandview Lodge again. Anyone interested?
The fishing January 22nd was slow for everyone on Superior Lake in Bethel, NY. With the allowed species in the derby being practically non-existent. The bulk of the catch were pickerel. However . . .

Joe Albanese, never one to brag, was the only one of the trio to enter a fish into the derby. While Scott caught many more fish, as he usually does, most of them were pickerel. Or, yellow perch he considered too small to enter. In the end, Joe's fish probably won't win any prizes in the derby. According to Joe, "I don't care. It was all for charity. The important thing is I BEAT Scott. And that's all that matters to me, really."
Joe shows off his catch to Scott who takes the picture to enter into the Fish Donkey app. He's a good sport.
Joe's 10.75" fish put him in 66th Place in the (excuse the language) "Crappie Category". There were 201 entries for this species verified by the judges.
The final Leader Board showed Joe with 49.17 total points placing him at 180 out of close to 559 verified entries for all 5 species.
Scott landed some big pickerel. This was not one of them.
Linda with a nice little pickerel. She also hauled in a few small yellow perch.
Scott with a really really really nice crappie; not caught during the derby.
Waaah Waaah Waaah
Breaking News
Hot Diggity Dog
Call it Luck of the Irish, or whatever you will, but it turns out that 180th Place won $50!! Joe will give free hot dogs to anyone at the February 8th General Meeting who reads this offer and sends him an email ( or text (908-456-2968) with the Subject: FEED ME before the meeting starts.
From Fish to Dish
Pete Musse
Striper Cakes
(like Crab Cakes but w/Striper)
Striper Cakes

5lb Striped Bass fillet
3 raw eggs
1/2 large green pepper
1 small white onion
3/4 cup unseasoned bread crumbs
3 cloves minced fresh garlic
3 tablespoons chopped Fresh basil
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon fresh ground black pepper
3 tablespoons Dijon Mustard
3 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
1 tablespoon Old Bay seasoning

  1. Cut all of the red meat out of the fish, I mean all of it, this is the part that tastes fishy.
  2. Bring a pot of salted water to a rolling boil, then boil the striped bass for about 8 minutes, and immediately transfer the fillets into an ice water bath to stop them from cooking. This will keep the fish from overcooking once you are finished boiling it, and helps it maintain a firm consistency. Hold the fillets in the ice water bath for approx. 10 minutes.
  3. While the striper is chilling, finely mince the green pepper, onion, garlic and basil. Combine the vegetables and garlic with the rest of the ingredients, except the fish, in a large mixing bowl. Once the striper is finished chilling, cut it into small pieces (imagine pieces of crab in a crab cake, around the size of a cigarette filter), not giant chunks.
  4. Make small hamburger sized patties out of the mixture, sprinkle them lightly with Old Bay, and then pan fry them in olive oil on medium high heat approx. 4 minutes per side or until nice and dark brown (don’t burn them!). When they are finished squeeze a little bit of fresh lemon over the top of them and serve them.
  5. You can also take extra uncooked patties and give them away or wrap them in wax paper then in a Ziploc freezer bag.
Raffle Me This
Grilling for a crowd? Then, we have a special deal for you. See the photos of a unique custom made grill with a spacious 39" x 19 3/4" cooking area, grate, generous work shelf in front and cover with heat resistant wood handle. Suitable for large family or neighborhood gatherings, church group, Boy Scout Troop, etc. Only 100 chances at $10.00 a pop will be sold. Winner will be drawn once all the chances are taken. Possibly at the Annual Awards Dinner.

Interested? See Dirk VanEverdingen at a monthly meeting. You can also contact him at or by phone 201-983-2402. Dirk arranged the donation of the grill to raise money for the HRFA. If for no other reason why not chip in $10.00? If you don't need it, you can always sell it to the right buyer for much more! Or, donate it to your favorite charity.
Grill Raffle - $10 a chance.
Slightly above average model
Dave Tunis not included.
Probably anyway.
(You'll have to ask him.)
Grill Raffle - $15 a chance
Same grill. Different model.
Supermodel Cheryl Tiegs not included.
(Images not to scale.)
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Due to the restrictions imposed on our lives by the CV19 pandemic our plans are on hold. We hope and pray that in the Spring of 2021 volunteers may start working to refurbish Riverkeeper to her former days of glory when she was the world's first and only riverkeeper vessel. To offer your time and talents contact Dan Harrison at
2021 Fishing Contest Leader Boards
(only listing 1st, 2nd & 3rd place)
The HRFA hosts an annual fishing contest which runs from January through December and is open to all HRFA members. You have 30 days from the day you catch a fish to send in your entries. So, the deadline for submissions is January. As a member of the HRFA you and your immediate family are eligible to enter fish in any of our categories. Various divisions are available for prizes presented at our Annual Awards Dinner in March of the following year. Website updated daily. River Views newsletter updates below are done around the first the month. * indicates a new club record.
--- The 2021 HRFA Fishing Contest Winners ---
Saltwater Species
Striped Bass Released
Caught From Boat
(leaders determined by length)
50" Joe Marchese
Striped Bass Kept
Caught From Boat
(leaders determined by weight)
26 lbs. Aram Setian
Striped Bass Released
Caught From Shoreline
(leaders determined by length)
40" Sandy Federico
Striped Bass Kept
Caught From Shoreline
(leaders determined by weight)
18 Lbs. Carl Hartmann
11.0 Lbs. Mona Mak
4 Lbs. 1.4 oz. Butch Pawson
10 Lbs. 12 oz. Bill Fish
Black Sea Bass
1 Lb. 8 oz. Charlie Spindelman
Scup (Porgy)
1 Lb. 12 oz. Alex Spindelman
Open Category 
Salt Water
Halibut: 105 Lbs. Joe Marchese
Freshwater Species
5 Lbs. 13 oz. Bill Greene
13lbs. Bill Greene
Trout  - Local
3lbs. Christian Hoops
Trout - Great Lakes
Boris Maltsev 18 Lbs. 8oz.
Smallmouth Bass
4 Lbs. 15oz. Scott Havner
Largemouth Bass
5.0 Lbs. Aram Setian
33 Lbs. Heather Baez
Striped Bass from Shoreline Kept: 25” Noah Sardinas
Bluefish: 6 Lbs. 9 oz Noah Sardinas
Open Category 
Fresh Water
Bowfin: 7Lbs. 8 oz. Scott Havner
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