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NEW FOR 2018: Muskoka River X Voyageur Class
As the Europeans expanded throughout Canada, Voyageurs  worked as an organized, licensed long-distance transportation system for the delivery of furs and other trade goods into the interior of the continent. Their strength and endurance was legendary. It was expected that each could work at least 14 hours a day, paddle 55 strokes per minute and be able to carry two bundles across each portage, each weighing about 90 lbs. A routine portage meant carrying 180 pounds across rugged terrain full of rocks, mud, mosquitoes and black flies. In 2018, River X Racing gives tribute to these legends with the VOYAGEUR CLASS . Are you strong enough to be a Voyageur? Learn more.... ( Reference)
NEW FOR 2018: Muskoka River X C2 Marathon
Standing out from the crowd, a C2 marathon canoe distinguishes itself with sleek lines, concave hull, low profile and blistering speed. A standard in most races, C2 Marathon has historically been kept on the shore as its more robust sibling, the C2 Stock, has dominated the Muskoka River X course. For 2018, we are opening up the MRX to these lean, mean, racing machines. We are excited to see how they will stand up to the course should Mother Nature get moody...and to see if the current course record can be toppled. If you are an experienced C2 marathon paddler and want to challenge yourself against one of the toughest courses around, here's your chance !
NEW FOR 2018: Muskoka River X will run in REVERSE
Been There? Done That? Looking for a new challenge? The boys at River X have put the MRX course into the shaker and it came out...in REVERSE! Same rivers, same lakes and same portages means new course and new challenges. The path that you follow never looks the same when you turn around. The same is turn for a river. What was down-river is now up. The current you floated on for a rest will now force you to dig deep. And if you think Mary Lake at night was interesting, wait until you experience Lake of Bays. Teams will start their journey just outside of Huntsville at Hidden Valley Resort, make their way to River Mill park, saying " Hi " to the spectator, and continue on their expedition. With check points at Port Sydney, Bracebridge, and Baysville, teams will finish back at Hidden Valley. A few km shorter for the Sprint and few km longer for the Classic, old becomes new and brings a fresh new race. Just like in the days of rock'n roll albums, we're flipping the vinyl and playing the best kept secret. Race the B-SIDE of the Muskoka River X. Learn more....
All the experience and all the gear you need to get you ready for any River X event. Huge selection of everything on the mandatory gear list and more. Your best place to rent canoes. Locations throughout Muskoka, Haliburton, and Algonquin Park.

This C2 Stock racer is one for the fastest on the water. Made right here in Ontario by Jeff Hill at H20. Buying a tandem this year? 
Buy a Slingshot! 
Also a great tripping boat.
Following in the footsteps of it's bigger sibling, the 202 is a perfect balance for speed and stability when racing in a C1 expedition or stock. Made right here in Ontario by Jeff Hill at H2O. Racing solo this year? Buy a Slingshot.

What is the C2 PRO? Sleek lines, concave hull, low profile and blistering speed. Jeff Hill at H2O not only builds fast boats, he builds them to take the abuse of expedition racing. Racing C2 Marathon in that MRX this year and need a boat?
Talk to Jeff.
First time competing in marathon paddle sport racing? Wanting to improve your stroke? Getting serious about being competitive? With a full roster of qualified coaches, weekend clinics and even private training plans visit OMCKRA and become a member. Your Ontario Marathon Canoe and Kayak Racing Association. 

In our humble opinion, the best jackets on the market. How do we know? After 17 years of adventure racing, back country tripping and epic levels of abuse, River X Mike's Gjoa is still the only jacket he wears! Available at Algonquin Outfitters.
Gemini Lighting Systems
If you are going to race the Muskoka River X or 24 Hours of River X you will need lights. Gemini has you covered. Proven design and functionality. Used by some of the top MRX teams. Available at Algonquin Outfitters.
The North Face
High quality outer wear and gear. You'll need it racing the MRX. Available at Algonquin Outfitters.
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