April 2020 Week 4
Staying Connected and Creative 
Each Wednesday during the stay-at-home advisory period,
we'll be sending out a variety of art-related links to help keep you connected

8 Ways to Stay Creative in Quarantine

 5 creative ways small businesses are succeeding during the COVID-19 quarantine

The 7 Best Short Films to Come out of Quarantine

Inspiration & Creative Resources While in Quarantine

The Facebook group, Quarantined Cabaret, is inviting singers and dancers and actors from all over the world to post their talents in order to connect, continue to create, and lift everyone's spirits

Keep the Arts Alive in Your Community!

It takes a village of staff and artists to adapt and sustain programming in this  challenging environment we find ourselves in. 
We need your help more than ever to stay afloat, pay our bills, and continue providing meaningful community connections. 

We're seeking people for the following roles...

1.  Our Summer Drama Workshop program is hiring a Music Director, Teaching Artists, and Program Assistants.  Click here  for more info and to apply.

2.  Join our Board of Directors and help deliver high-quality arts programming to the community.  Send an email to bod@upwitharts.org.

Your membership creates a vibrant arts scene!

Become a member  of the Arts Alliance and experience exciting community events  and inspiring educational opportunities year round. Members receive special benefits and help us remain an outlet for creativity and connection for all!
River's Edge Arts Alliance Board and Staff:

2019 - 2020 Board of Directors
Anna Klashka - President
Danielle Neuffer - Vice President
Kevin Santos - Treasurer
Christopher Griffith - Secretary
Julie-Anne Burdick
PJ Mann
Leia Owen
Ron Sorgman
Peter Worrest

Junior BOD members:
Brianna Hamel - Marlborough High School
Lucy McCabe - AMSA
Chief Administrative Officer (on leave)- Danielle Griggs
Interim Chief Administrative Officer- Leah Ambrosino

To learn more about our leadership, please visit our leadership website:  

Current Annual Report:  http://upwitharts.org/annual-report/
The River's Edge Arts Alliance is proud to be a member of the Assabet Valley Chamber of Commerce and the Marlborough Chamber of Commerce .