A Message from the
River's Edge
Managing Board
August 6, 2020

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A message from the TRE Managing Board

The River’s Edge Board and Management would like to thank members for helping us to get this far as we navigate these extraordinary times. The challenges have been disruptive, disheartening and nearly overwhelming. Getting to the other side of this is still ongoing, but we’re better prepared now to do that and to maybe correct a few issues made along the way.

Unknown to members, there was an issue of major impact unprecedented in the operation of our business. In late June, a River’s Edge member submitted an email of complaints about the campground’s handling of the coronavirus issues and notified state and local health officials.  A representative from Elbert County Department of Public Health (DPH) paid an on-site visit to deliver the anonymous email alleging several complaints against the campground, against management, and against specific members. These circumstances precipitated actions taken by the board to protect the business and its members.

Please note that we inadvertently referenced the wrong organization previously. We apologize for that error and regret any confusion that it may have caused.  With that said, here is a review and an update regarding the current campground rules and guidelines.

DPH of Elbert County did specifically state that social distancing was required while in the pool at all times. To correct and clarify the campground position here, the board made the specific decision to not allow ball playing or pool games to provide the necessary space for the required social distancing. That was a business decision on our part that we continue to stand by. DPH of Elbert County specified the number of people allowed in the pool and pool deck and these rules remain in place.

In light of Georgia Governor Kemp’s executive order regarding face masks, it is strongly suggested that members continue to use them when unable to social distance. The practice of safe, social distancing is everyone’s responsibility. In light of the rule changes, the previous restrictions regarding co-habitants from different households is lifted as well.

TRE will continue to require that a mask be worn when entering the front office.  When interaction with a staff member anywhere is necessary, a mask or social distancing is required.

The board made the decision to cancel all indoor reservations for the months of April and May and to disallow Day Passes in an attempt to be safer for our guests and staff. In June, the board made the decision to begin renting a limited number of indoor accommodations so those could sit empty for 3 days prior to housekeeping entering for cleaning. At this time, the board is slightly increasing the number of indoor accommodations to host additional guests.

The Clubhouse, Game Room and Hot Tub will continue to remain closed.
The River’s Edge Calendar is updated regularly with event information. This web page, not Facebook, is your most reliable and accurate source of event status.  Visit http://www.camptheriversedge.com/Content/pages/calendar/.

All organized events, including Meet and Greet events, for August and September have been cancelled.  All event sponsors have been notified.  As was the case for Memorial Day and 4th of July weekends, Labor Day weekend will not offer meals or events and will not charge holiday rates. Normal rates will apply.

We have directed the office staff to stop using the phrase “sold out” and instead let folk know that the limit has been reached for the dates in question. We have not allowed Day Passes to begin due to the pool limits that were placed upon us. We felt that folk who have rented spots or cabins should get pool access, whereas Day Passes would fill up those slots more quickly.

The board has and will continue to limit the number of reservations and number of members on the campground as smaller crowds are better at self-policing, making it safer for everyone.

We hope this attempt at better clarification is helpful. If anyone has any questions, please reach out to us at feedback@camptheriversedge.com. Any feedback email goes to all board members simultaneously.

Thank you,

TRE Managing Board

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