Special Announcements for
April 7, 2020

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A conversation today with local authorities discussed the current changes to business practices at the campground including those outlined in the April 6th newsletter. The purpose was to make sure we are in compliance with the latest orders and mandates here in Georgia and that we can remain open at this time.

The list of changes were noted as "okay" with one exception. The department was not okay with operation of the Hot Tub under state guidelines for social distancing. It was deemed nonessential to doing business during this covid-19 crisis. We consider this summary fortunate to only note the one exception.

After careful review, the decision was made to close the Hot Tub effective immediately. We apologize for the inconvenience, but appreciate your understanding. We will take this opportunity while it’s closed to get it re-glazed so it will be ready to go when all of this is over.

The update from April 6th is amended below to reflect the Hot Tub change.

To emphasize again, your understanding is most appreciated during this most difficult time for everyone during this crisis. Stay safe!

The River's Edge Calendar is the best place to stay current with the status of events. Guests should anticipate extension of changes and restrictions to continue through the end of April 2020 and note that this date is subject to change.

  1. Effective immediately, all indoor accommodations are closed through the end of April.
  2. Effective immediately, only RV sites and Tent Sites are available for rental.
  3. Annual site holders can continue to use their site accommodations.
  4. Effective immediately, any reservations for indoor accommodations are cancelled. If you have a paid reservation, contact the office by phone during office hours.
  5. The office will be closed to all foot traffic. No exceptions. Contact the office by phone if you need assistance.
  6. Any and all transactions will be handled by credit card. No cash transactions will be accepted at this time.
  7. Ice and wood purchases will be managed as a tab and billed to guest via credit card.
  8. The Game Room is now closed and will remain closed through April.
  9. Guests must continue to practice social distancing and abide by all rules, including those related to Covid-19.
  10. Failure to comply will result in immediate suspension and removal from campground.
  11. Day passes will not be available during the period of restricted use. Use of the campground is available only to those providing their own accommodations (i.e., RV, Tent).
  12. The Hot Tub is now closed through the end of April.

  • All indoor accommodations and facilities will remain closed for at least five (5) days before thorough cleaning and disinfecting procedures are applied. Once cleaned, the facilities will remain off-limits until such time deemed safe to use.
Pool and Pool Deck
will remain closed through April.
This date is subject to change .

The Department of Health and Environmental Control is not certifying any pools to open
in Elbert County prior to April 30, 2020.

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