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Help Us Build the Trails You Love!

Whether you love running, nature, history, biking or other forms of fitness - please join us as members and supporters in building out the Towpath Trail. Let's maximize this local treasure along the Cuyahoga River.

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Introducing Our 2016 RiverSweep Art

This year's RiverSweep frog art is a lovely Cuyahoga mermaid.

RiverSweep is Ohio's largest done-in-a-day cleanup effort. Each year local businesses, schools and individuals team up to clean our shared backyard.

In 2015, 919 RiverSweep volunteers removed over 54 tons of trash, including 389 tires!

Art by George Coghill,

RiverSweep 2016 will happen from 9am to noon on Saturday May 7th.

RiverSweep volunteers receive a t-shirt featuring our mermaid art, and an invite to a RiverSweep after party featuring live music and food. Shirts are reserved for the first 700 volunteers so sign up today! 

RiverSweep 2016 is May 7th RiverSweep

RiverSweep 2015
Video on RiverSweep 2015

Ukrainian Easter Bazaar Easter

Spring is almost here - the season of renewal and rebirth. In the Ukrainian Easter tradition, it is customary to create beautiful art out of eggs - called  Pysanky - that are known all over the world.

You can buy these beautiful and delicate pieces of art as well as other Ukrainian artwork at the 23rd Annual Easter Bazaar hosted by the Ukrainian  Museum-Archives.

Easter Bazaar Hours:
  • March 13 (Sunday)...................12 noon - 4 pm
  • March 14-17 (Mon. - Thur.) .......12 noon - 6 pm
  • March 18 (Friday)......................10 am - 8 pm
  • March 19 (Saturday)..................10 am - 5 pm

New Bike Lanes in Slavic Village Slavic

New bike lanes are coming to Slavic Village as part of the  Warner Road Rehabilitation Project . The Warner Road Project will extend from Grand Division Avenue to Broadway Avenue. The project is scheduled to be finished in December 2016.

Mill Creek Falls

In a piece on  Freshwater Cleveland, Slavic Village Development Corp Executive Director Chris Alvarado said-

"Six-foot-wide bike lanes will replace diagonal parking spots on both sides of the street, stretching from the entrance of the  Mill Creek Falls reservation to Grand Division Avenue on the border of Garfield Heights.

The new bike lanes will create a safe pedestrian passageway, as existing parking spaces are often used as though traffic areas by drivers. Additionally, installation of much-needed biking options is taking place as strategic efforts, like  Mill Creek Trail, aim to connect Cleveland via bike and walking paths.

Eventually, the Warner Road bike trail can be a single link in a five-mile biking and pedestrian access chain that runs all the way downtown. It can also serve as an amenity that helps draw new residents to the community."

Slavic Village is working with the City of Cleveland to link bike lanes to the  Morgana Run Trail, a two-mile bicycling and walking path which connects to the  Towpath Trail and the Cleveland Metroparks Garfield Park Reservation.

Freshwater Cleveland

The Towpath Trilogy Race Series trilogy

Registration is now open for the 2016 Towpath Trilogy.

The Towpath Trilogy consists of the Towpath Half in April, the Towpath Ten-Ten in June and the the Towpath Marathon in October. The Trilogy shows off different sections of the Towpath Trail at different times of the year. 

The Trilogy features a variety of race lengths to accommodate runners (and walkers!) of all experience levels.

Find Your ParkFindyourpark



The Ohio & Erie Canalway is a National Heritage Area, designated by Congress to help preserve and celebrate the rails, trails, landscapes, towns and sites that grew up along the first 110 miles of the canal that helped Ohio and our nation grow.


Explore the Ohio & Erie Canalway National Heritage Area


Check out the National Park Service site, Find Your Park 

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