Thank you for your inquiry and we hope you choose a Riverbend Labradoodle for your newest family member! All of our current puppies are reserved, but if you are interested in a future puppy, we are accepting reservations for puppies available in the future. Although we currently have a list of families waiting, depending upon the number of puppies in these litters listed below and what colors and genders they have, there may be puppies available. The litters listed in this email are litters where matings have occurred and puppies are expected. We will continually add to this list and to our Upcoming Litters page on our website as more matings occur:
  • Noodle and Clark are expecting chocolate and caramel puppies in a variety of patterns around September 26th and these puppies will be around 35-45lbs, and they will be available around November 23rd
  • Violet and Clark are expecting chocolate and caramel puppies in a variety of patterns around November 3rd and these puppies will be around 35-45lbs, and they will be available around January 1st
  • Faith and Forrest are expecting chocolate and caramel puppies in a variety of patterns around November 15th and these puppies will be around 35-45lbs, and they will be available around January 15th.

Any of the above litters may have a blend of solid colors, puppies with white mismarks, and/or parti patterned puppies! If you do not wish to wait, here is a link to our recommended reputable Australian Labradoodle Breed Club (you will be redirected):

Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association: WALA Website
Our babies are released at 8 1/2 - 9 weeks of age and they will be Vet checked, microchipped, and sent home on a strict spay/neuter contract, given two sets of vaccinations, they will be current on deworming, heartworm, flea, and tick prevention, and they will go home with a two year health guarantee, 30 days of free Trupanion Pet Health Insurance, and WALA registration papers (provided after spay/neuter). We raise our puppies in our home for proper handling and socialization from birth. We start their house-training, crate training, and place a solid foundation for good manners. We keep you up to date with frequent puppy update emails and posts to our Riverbend Labradoodles Facebook page.

We have attached some reading information for you to look through. Look at the bottom of this email. It includes a copy of our health guarantee, our vaccination recommendations, and a shopping list. We also will provide copies of both parents' health certifications once you settle on a particular mating, so you can save them or print them for your puppy's records. 

Our puppies are $3000, the Ohio Sales Tax for puppies being picked up in our home will be $217.50, or the flight cost for flying your puppy to you via air will be $400. You will be required to pay one or the other depending upon your method of pickup. In the last year we have made a shift in our spay/neuter policies. We are moving away from the early spay/neuter at 7 weeks and are now sending the puppies home with their families "on contract". We will then reimburse you up to $200 when the spay/neuter is completed at the age recommended by your veterinarian, or by 8 months of age per our contract, whichever comes first. Spaying/neutering is required, it is  Not an option .
We reserve by deposit, and our deposits are Refundable through the age of 4 weeks of whichever litter you ultimately choose, because we want to make sure you are comfortable with the puppy decision you have made for your family. If you would like to place a deposit, you can mail a personal check for $500, made out to Riverbend Labradoodles, to our address below. We  Hold  your check until you have been offered a litter, and accepted that your new family member is going to come from that litter, and until that puppy turns 4 weeks old. We do this because we feel that it is what is fair to our families, but also because we want you to be certain that you have made the right choice for your family, in choosing us, and in choosing that particular litter.  

We work closely with each family to best match your preferences with our availability. Once you say "Yes" to a litter offered to your family, you will receive emailed picture updates of your particular litter, or you can go to the website to see updated pictures of all of the puppies, or you can visit our Riverbend Labradoodles Facebook page to see updates, pictures, updates from our previous families, and videos and photos from our daily Doodle life. In other words, there's lots of cool stuff there to view! :-)
We will schedule visits with our families to meet and greet their puppy litter when the litter is 6-7 weeks old, and will help each family to find the puppy that that they have been dreaming and hoping for. You will also get to meet and greet one or both parents or some of our other dogs while visiting that day. It's a fun day for all and we hope our families enjoy it as much as we do!
We do not offer general visits with the public because we have to be very protective of young, developing immune systems. Our babies are born and raised in our home and our responsibility as puppy parents is to protect them from outside bacteria or viruses being brought in on the general public.

While we can never predict how many puppies a Mom will have, or whether the colors/genders match up with the wants and wishes of our waiting families, here is a brief explanation about the reservation process:
The deposits are placed on our reservation list in the order they are received, not by particular litter. Once the litter arrives, we will give mom and puppies 10-14 days of settling in and growth, then we will contact the families in the order of the deposits. You will have 24 hours to ask questions and make a decision to say "Yes" or "defer". We will tell you what she had total, boys/girls/colors, and what your family will have to choose from if you go ahead with placing your reservation on that litter. For example, if Pearl had 8 puppies, 4 chocolate boys, 2 chocolate girls, and 1 each in caramel. We would email you to tell you what she had (totals), and what your family will have to choose from if you were to reserve from the litter. For example, if the families before you reserved the chocolate girls, and 1 chocolate boy, you would be told that there are 3 chocolate boys and 1 caramel girl/1 caramel boy for your family to reserve. If you were to choose the chocolate boys in Pearl's litter to place your reservation on, there were 4 chocolate boys, and you were the second family to want a chocolate boy, so you would have 3 to choose from at 6-7 weeks of age. 
We hope that helps explain things a bit better. :-) You will receive a notification once your deposit arrives, and then we will email notifications of arriving litters, or of any puppies that become available from an earlier litter. By being on our reservation list, you will have an option on any available puppy before we place an announcement on our Facebook page or our website, and before the general public knows it has become available. This is why our litters on the website always say, ”RESERVED". 
The timeframe for an available puppy will all depend upon Mother Nature and how many puppies each Mommy has, and how many boys/girls/colors she has, and how particular you are in terms of your preferences for size, color, gender, or timeframe, etc. Sometimes your wait is far shorter than anticipated :-) We always hope to get exactly everything that everyone wants, but we just don't know exact information until the babies show their furry little faces. :-)
Please let us know if you have any additional questions. You can also watch Facebook for the impending arrivals, and daily updates of our crazy puppy doodle life! :-) 
If you have any questions, feel free to call or email. We look forward to hearing from you! Take Care!

Chad and Kristi Coopshaw
Riverbend Labradoodles LLC
14949 County Road 19
Fayette, OH 43521

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